Busy Busy Busy

Saturday night; popcorn and X-Factor!

Finished reading “She’s Gotta Be Mine” by Jasmine Haynes and Jennifer Skully. Great book, it really was Sexy, fun and Mysterious. Will definitely get more from this pair of Authors.

Have just discovered Author Stephanie Hurt and am planning to start “Tender Flames”.

Promising myself that I will read “The Water-Babies” by Charles Kingsley. First had this read to me as a child and can’t remember much about it, but Charles lived only a few miles from here, so he is a local author! Downloaded it for free on Kindle!

She’s Gotta Be Mine by Jasmine Haynes and Jennifer Skully

She’s Gotta Be Mine by Jasmine Haynes and Jennifer Skully.

Started to read this lovely chic lit last evening and am really enjoying it. Picked it up as a “free book” for Kindle. Roberta’s husband has left her for an old school heart-throb, she bravely sets out to give him a run for his money and re-asserts herself with a funky new hair cut and clothes. She moves house, changes her car, her job and her life. Now she is racy Bobby… You Go girl!!!!