What book have you read multiple times? Features “The Eagle Has Landed” by Jack Higgens

“What book have you read multiple times?” has become a really popular feature

Today author Rachel Amphlett tells us about her favourite book.


A book I’m always drawn back to is a thriller – “The Eagle Has Landed” by Jack Higgins. There’s something about the way he gets under the skin of his characters which makes me want to read it every few years – none of his other books have done that for me.

Here is the book description.

Desperate Adolf Hitler orders the impossible: kidnap or kill Winston Churchill. A disgraced war hero receives the suicidal mission for a commando squad. In a quiet seaside village, a beautiful widow and a cultured IRA assassin set the groundwork for the ultimate act of treachery. On 6 November 1943, Berlin gets the coded message “The Eagle has landed”.

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