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Into the Black [Remastered Edition] (Odyssey One Book 1)

Evan Currie

Kindle edition

My rating: 3 out of 5 stars

I had not read an Evan Currie book before this one, with my tastes being usually more to the Iain M. Banks, Peter F. Hamilton and Neal Asher series. The blurb had all the right words – space opera, military science fiction and described the book as epic. I also felt a resonance with Star Trek – something confirmed by the off-the-cuff mention of the USS Enterprise towards the end of the book.

With a similar mission to explore, the start was as to be expected: new ship, new technologies and new frontiers. The back story of central character Captain Eric Weston leads nicely into the fighter pilot theme which runs strongly throughout much of the book. The contrast between the camaraderie of Archangels and the stiff formality of the Captain’s superiors helps to build many of the characters.

I also liked the submarine-like space battle which is described as having huge periods of waiting and then a few seconds of action. The strategy and tactics of the battle bring real tension to the storyline and echo well with the struggles of the ground forces.

I can see how the story can be continued but I am not sure this book can be described as epic. I enjoyed meeting the characters and I would be interested in learning more about Eric Weston’s universe but in this book I did not get the feel for the vastness of space which I imagine must face any galactic explorer.

Book Description

This edition of Odyssey One has been completely edited and remastered to correct the typos and content issues that reviewers commented on in the original edition.

Beyond the confines of our small world, far from the glow of our star, lies a galaxy and universe much larger and more varied than anyone on Earth can possibly imagine. For the new NAC spacecraft Odyssey and her crew, the unimaginable facets of this untouched world are about to become reality.

The Odyssey’s maiden voyage is an epic adventure destined to make history. Captain Eric Weston and his crew, pushing past the boundaries of security, encounter horrors, wonders, monsters, and people, all of which will test their resolve, challenge their abilities, and put in sharp relief what is necessary to be a hero.

A first-rate military science fiction epic that combines old-school space opera and modern storytelling, Into the Black: Odyssey One is a riveting, exhilarating adventure with vivid details, rich mythology, and relentless pacing that will leave you breathlessly awaiting book two.

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