The Broken Angel by Monica La Porta

The Broken Angel (The Immortals, #3)The Broken Angel by Monica La Porta

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The Broken Angel is book three in the Immortal series, a stand alone novel it was still lovely to re-acquaint myself with some of the characters from the first two books. The books are set in and around Rome and combine chic modern Italy, romantic scenery and a paranormal world.

Book three is about Samuel, a fallen Angel who gave up his responsibility for the souls on new-borns in their journey from the womb to mortal life, all because he fell in love with a human. A Human who rejected him once he’d made his decision and left Samuel shunned for all eternity. Now Samuel is a liaison officer between the paranormal species working at the Immortal Council Headquarters in Rome.

Given a new assignment Samuel must look into Vampire blood-dealing issues. He runs into trouble on the streets where he comes across youngsters high on vampire blood. Disguised as a cripple Samuel is rescued from the fight by Martina Colonna, a human and a lawyer who knows Samuel from her local gym. They are often sparring partners and Samuel has a secret crush on Martina. She’s called the police and they both end up in hospital.

Struggling not to reveal his true identity Samuel is desperate to protect Martina from her violent ex-husband who turns up to discharge Martina, more problems at work pull Samuel away, but he is determined to keep Martina as safe as he possibly can as events in the paranormal world begin to spiral out of control and old adversaries rise again.

I really like this series and Monica writes with finesse from the freshly baked pastries to the La Perla lingerie and the romantic Umbrian countryside. Another winner in my eyes.

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