Dial L for Latch-Key by Scott Fivelson

Dial L for Latch-KeyDial L for Latch-Key by Scott Fivelson

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This review is based upon a free copy sent to me by the writer in return for a review. I have never reviewed a play before but was happy to try a new avenue. The play is well set out with lots of easy to imagine descriptions for the stage setting and the characters. This is a satirical comedy with deliberate inferences to Alfred Hitchcock, The Birds and Dial M for Murder. I have never seen any Hitchcock films but this didn’t stop me from really enjoying the play. This play has already been performed in London and San Francisco and I wish it further success in the future. I recommend it to lovers of plays.

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Two Thursdays (A Hitchcock Brown Adventure) by C. Martin Stepp

Two Thursdays (Another Hitchcock Brown Adventure)Two Thursdays by C. Martin Stepp

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Two Thursdays is the second book in the Hitchcock Brown Adventures, with a third book currently being written. Hitchcock Brown is a Private Investigator in Cincinnati. His case involves working for his friend Grildpork, our hero must don a disguise to penetrate the music business and save a cop from going bad. Hitchcock narrates the book in a simple real life style.


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