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This week we’ve been reviewing the following books:


Monday – Robbie reviewed autobiography Heaven’s Rage by Leslie Tate


Tuesday – Cathy reviewed WW2 naval thriller Jonah by Carl Rackman


Wednesday – Lilyn reviewed scifi The Happy Chip by Dennis Meredith


Thursday – I reviewed YA histfic The Tides Between by Elizabeth Jane Corbett


Friday  – I reviewed romantic suspense Baker’s Dozen by Amey Zeigler


Saturday – Terry reviewed cultural fiction Amie: African Adventure by Lucinda E Clarke

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Rosie’s #BookReview Team #RBRT Robbie reviews #Autobiography Heaven’s Rage by @LSTateAuthor

Today’s team review is from Robbie, she blogs here

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Robbie has been reading Heaven’s Rage by Leslie Tate


My review

I reviewed Heaven’s Rage in my capacity as a member of Rosie’s Book Reviewers.

I am a great fan of both biographies and autobiographies of writers and have read quite a number of such books. I love books and reading so an opportunity to peek into the life and writing processes of an author is not something I pass on.

Leslie Tate’s book, Heaven’s Rage, is an insightful window into the mind of this interesting and complicated poet and writer. To me, this is a book about pain, both physical and emotional, endured, overcome and molded to the best advantage of the writer. It is a tale of personal triumph over the difficulties faced by the boy, teenager and man that were, and are, Leslie Tate as he follows his path to acceptance of himself, both in his own mind and in his interactions with the outside world.

I found the beautiful descriptions of Leslie’s journey of discovery and transition from a young boy, terrified of his thoughts, differences and uniqueness, into a man who is happily married and comfortable in his own skin to be very emotionally satisfying.

The style of this book reminds me of the ocean, continuously moving and shifting, changing colour and physical presence continuously. There are conversations, poems, extracts from other novels, reflections and memories which all merge and blend into a well penned story of a fascinating life.

This book is not a novel, or a light read, and is an excellent choice for people who are interested in reading about people and how they overcome obstacles and turn difficulties to their advantage. It is an intense read that absorbs you, body and soul, and you need to apply yourself to reading it in that capacity.

My rating for this book is five out of five stars.

Book description

HEAVEN’S RAGE is an imaginative autobiography. Reporting on feelings people don’t usually own up to, Leslie Tate explores addiction, cross-dressing and the hidden sides of families. Writing lyrically, he brings together stories of bullying, childhood dreams, thwarted creativity and late-life illness, discovering at their core the transformative power of words to rewire the brain and reconnect with life. A Robin Red breast in a Cage / Puts all Heaven in a Rage – William Blake

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