The Inheritance by Elaine Jeremiah

The InheritanceThe Inheritance by Elaine Jeremiah

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Inheritance has two main settings, a farm in Cornwall and London. The story includes sibling rivalry and secrets amongst them. Emma is the daughter whose story is similar to a modern day prodigal son. She longs to escape the back water of Cornwall and the hard graft life on the farm. She is easily led and rather innocent, finding herself amongst selfish friends and finds out the hard way what she values most in life.

Kate is Emma’s sister she currently works on the farm having given up sixth form college after the shocking disappearance of her boyfriend. Hiding away on the farm doesn’t have all the answers for Kate either, so it was good to see her return to her studies.

There is a mystery surrounding the death of the girl’s mother whom they both call “Meredith” because she failed to live up to the maternal needs of the girls. Their father was forced to lie about Meredith’s death in order to protect his children.

Secrets; Kate doesn’t tell her family about Steven, Steven doesn’t tell Kate the truth about his family. The past catches up with Kate soon enough when she returns to college to study evening classes. She meets Steven’s Guardian and soon fears she is being stalked.

This book sprinkles a little mystery, a first romance, a moral story and a big happy ever after ending.

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Guest author Jordan Kinsley

Please welcome today’s guest author Jordan Kinsley to the blog. I Love that pen name!
1) What is your name? Jordan Kinsley (My penname is Random Jordan)
2) Where do you live? Boise, Idaho in the US
3) When did you start writing? Since I was around twelve I had been writing short stories.
4) What do you like writing about most? Fantasy and sometimes Sci-fi tie-ins, but mostly Fantasy of any kind, though I’ve been getting into steampunk too. Plus I’m always doing faerie tale remakes.
5) Give us 3 tips about writing; Tip 1 – Learn to step outside your comfort zone when it comes to phrases, don’t just sit on a cliche and expect that to work, come up with something creative.
Tip 2 – Don’t be lazy and don’t psyche yourself out. Every day you should write, no matter how terrible it may be, or who may ever see it. Write.
Tip 3 – Cut out all the nonsense. Avoid excessive words like too much description, adverbs, or adjectives. Learn to let the reader imagine for themselves.
6) What was the last book that you read? The Bloody Chamber by Angela Carter – I rather enjoyed it, though it had some slow areas, it was still quite different in terms of straight up retellings of fairy tales.
The Real Folktale Blues (Beyond Ever After, #1)
Gnidori has not always been a bounty hunter; in fact her first job was as a simple delivery girl wearing her trademark hooded red cloak. However, after her choice surrender of her former position as a Faerie Godmother, she was left with a young girl she had very nearly married to Prince Charming, and an entirely new life filled with simple quietness. That is, after she sealed away her magical talents. Why was her magic sealed away? Well, as she would put it: nothing is ever simple when magic is involved. Years with her magic stripped from her, and Gnidori is drawn into a plot spurred on by Prince Charming once more. She finds herself seeking the Big Bad Wolf, who has returned from death and comes to realize there is more to what is going on than she was told. Before long she encounters a tower fuming yellow smoke and a baby fox born from a human heart. But that’s only the beginning. Can Gnidori survive pirates, faeries, dragons, mirror spirits, time spells, gnomes; and even the most sinister of all: Bluebeard’s Tower? And all without access to her magic?… or maybe she does have it? Beyond Ever After is a series following the chronicles of Red Riding Hood with countless other Faerie and Folktale characters long after or even before their happily ever after. This is not a faerie tale retelling; it asks the great question: What happens beyond the happily ever after?