Good Deeds week 4th – 10th August

Continuing my challenge to do a Good Deed every day for a year, I began back in April when I started to read “A Year of Doing Good” by Judith O’Reilly. This is a weekly update on my own progress and you can catch up with previous weeks from the link on my Home page. I have already inspired others to take up the baton and run with the challenge too, which is really exciting.

Good deeds4th August – Decided on a BIG re-vamp of my guest author posts today, where by I make them individual and specific to the book that an author has written. Have spent several hours writing out guest author questions and sending them out to authors. Let’s hope they want to get involved and send me back their replies! Some brilliant friends have helped me get some new profile pictures, have you spotted them?

5th August – Took the children to visit their grandparents and we all spent some family time catching up, although we took goodies with us Mum came back with lots of fresh vegetables for us to bring home. Had a mad plan to launch a Trans Atlantic author blog thingy for September, contacted a friend who agreed to join the madness.

6th August – A work morning today. They are planning to overhaul the farm Granary where our office is, they started cleaning out the loft today and lots of muck and dust began falling on the computer, so before I left I covered up the electrics as best I could. Drafting guest author posts for you as the replies come in, look out for the new version of posts. Am very excited Judith O’Reilly agreed to do a guest author post for us in September, Yay!

7th August – Have signed up to follow Project Light of Life , a bucket list blog exploring happiness, growth and the world. If you live in the US enter the fab competition to win some books on the site. Do read Christine’s bucket list of kind acts and volunteering, it is truly inspiring. Have a child visiting today, so am off to the park for some more cricket! (Gotta wear them out!)

8th August – My blog is 1 year old today! Thank you to everyone who has signed up and supports my posts. I’ve had a real blast and I love my blog. Launched our Romancing September blog tour across the world, looking for romance authors who want to promote their work during September. Lent a friend a book.

9th August – Filled in a on-line survey, used the staff members details who served me so they get a pat on the back. Am extremely busy liaising all the authors who are signing up for Romancing September the World Blog Tour.

10th August – Been down to the cricket club for the annual awards morning for the junior members, took a bottle of wine for my son’s team coach who does the job unpaid in his own time. Having my mother-in-law over for tea this afternoon. Sent out a load of thank you e-mails to people who have been doing a grand job for me recently.

Review of Magic by Rhonda Byrne

The MagicThe Magic by Rhonda Byrne

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

For me this book had lots of meaning, I understood where it was coming from and I liked its messages. The book gives you lots of positive methods of improving your life and your out look on your surroundings.Why not take a look and spread a little bit of your own magic on the world.

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