The Gift Horse by Leslie Stilton

The Gift HorseThe Gift Horse by Leslie Silton

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Gift Horse is a book about artist Maggie Malone and her ultimate desire to become a famous artist. However she is the victim of a group of people who recognised her talent from a very young age and they manipulated her life for their own benefit.

This group are not human and are part of an experiment to restore culture to their homeland. With the help of Maggie’s best friend Parker, she finally sees and recognises the similarities of the Greek Trojan Horse and her own life.

The book is deeply set in New York and Fleetwater a town easily reached by train. I’m not a follower of art, so much of the artist details of the book flowed over me, I did understand Maggie’s passion and frustration when doors closed to her in the art world. This is a long book filled with many characters. The style of writing is very eloquent showing that the author has a mastery of the written word, the pace of the book is very relaxed, for me the real mystery began to unfold in the last quarter of the read. I would have liked to have seen more drama earlier on in the tale and more action to evoke my emotions as a reader to keep me hooked and engaged in the whole story.


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