Meet the Plimpton – Smythes

Come and meet Pru and Patrick Plimpton-Smythe, who are parents at Moortulk Primary School.

Here comes Pru Plimpton-Smythe; face like thunder, and it’s only day one! With her severe hair cut and sharp business suit, Pru has the most up to date Smart-phone clamped permanently to her ear. She makes it known to everyone in the near vicinity that she has more important things to do and places to be than picking up from school. She clock watches and tongue clicks if her kids are late out and frog marches them off to a tight schedule of after school clubs and classes. Of course Pru makes large sacrifices for her kids (whom she never listens to) and constantly reminds them of this matter as she sweeps them out of the playground. Pru is secretary for the PTA

Pru’s husband Patrick (very intelligent, but lacks common sense) is a school Governor and is a complete nightmare! Each year he tries to push through the “No Homework” rule, so that he can get more time on the golf course, as Pru insists he has “Quality Time” with the kids whilst they do their homework at the weekends.

Pru and Patrick represent parents who volunteer their time and support for the school, some sadly cause more hindrance than help, find out what the parents at Moortulk bring to the playground with them.

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