THE GHOST FILES #2 by @AprylBaker #YA #Horror #Bookreview

The Ghost Files 2 (The Ghost Files, #2)The Ghost Files 2 by Apryl Baker
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Ghost Files #2 is book two in this #YA #Horror series. I enjoyed #1 and downloaded this immediately to continue following the life of Mattie Hathaway, a reaper of souls. Mattie has been in the foster care system most of her life. She is just recovering from a violent attack. She is surrounded by friends; Officer Dan Richards, Dr Olivet, Mary, Meg and Eric a ghost.

Mattie can speak to ghosts, in fact she has abilities to help them cross over and she is a beacon to them, but it has its downsides as darker creatures also want her powers. Officer Dan is helping Mattie find out about her mother, he arrives to take her to her birthday party, but they are confronted by a demon. They only just escape in time and the party meal gets abandoned when it shows up again.

Dan and Mattie hole-up in Dan’s flat, but even here Mattie is drawn to dangerous ghostly beings, but its a revelation from reliable Dan which breaks Mattie’s heart and has her running away. She takes off to New Orleans to help Dr Olivet with a haunted house, but the City of the Dead is so full of ghosts who want help that Mattie is overwhelmed and passes out for three days.

Dr Olivet is working with the Malone family and they help Mattie to keep some of the ghosts at bay, but the house they are investigating holds some very strong evil characters who will stop at nothing to get to Mattie and her powers.

This series has a very compelling storyline, I really enjoy Mattie’s sharp witty narration and there were some unexpected twists and turns which I enjoyed. I did want to learn more about some of the twists and storylines introduced and a couple of times I felt lost. For instance friends set up a party for you and you just leave and no one complains for follows it up? Mattie fears flying, yet next day she’s flying to New Orleans? Throw in a handful of typos and this book was good, but not quite good enough. I’m sure more of the storylines I’m interested in will be explored in the next books in the series.

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