Romancing September #RomancingSeptember – Day 18


Welcome to Day 18 of Romancing September Across The World Tour. Today our guest is E.L. Lindley. Catch up with more from E.L in a few hours with the second part of our tour when Stephanie chats to her.

Dare to Lose


Where is your home town? 

Sheffield – it’s where I was born and grew up and then I returned to live here about 10 years ago and I’m really glad I did.

How long have you been writing romance? 

I’ve been writing officially for about five years. I published my first book, Business As Usual in 2011. I don’t really consider myself a writer of romance per se although my books do have lots of romance in them. However, they could also be categorised as thrillers or mysteries or family drama. One of the nicest things a reader has ever said about my books is in a good reads review, where a lovely lady wrote, “She’s a very versatile author and seems to write very different books each time.” And this is really what I try to achieve, I hope readers get whatever it is they are looking for within my books, be that romance, drama, mystery or whatever.

What is your favourite sub-genre of romance? 

As a writer, I tend to veer towards mysteries and these are the kinds of books I enjoy reading as well. I don’t mind if they are light-hearted fun mysteries in say the Janet Evanovich style or more serious, gritty thrillers but, I do like there to be at least a hint of some romance in there as well. Don’t we all?

Where is Dare to Lose set? 

Dare To Lose is set in Brighton, which is a place very dear to my heart because I lived there very happily for a number of years. It’s a wonderful place to live or visit as it has something for everyone. It’s on the coast but it has a vibrant city life as well. It’s got culture, countryside, family fun and best of all the sea – what more could anyone want?

What are Nicola’s dreams? 

Nicola’s dream is to be in control of her own destiny. She has worked hard in her career as a teacher and always done the right thing but she finds herself at odds with the modern world of education. She has a passion for cooking and always wanted to own her own cafe but never had the confidence to go after what she wanted. When she loses her job, it sort of galvanises her into following her dreams. Part of the appeal for Nicola in owning her business is so that she can be control of her own life. She had a chaotic childhood being moved around at the whim of her mother, who is a bit of a wild one even in her 70s. Nicola just wants a calm ordered life but fate, as is often the case, has other ideas.

Who goes missing? 

Nicola is a very caring person and when she employs a student to work as a waitress, the young woman quickly becomes like part of her family. Jessica disappears and Nicola feels duty-bound to look for her, especially as she’s an overseas student and all of her family live in the USA.

Tell us about the love interest for Nicola.

Eventually Jessica’s father, Jack, arrives in Brighton to search for his daughter. He is a police detective so he knows what he’s doing but, he’s obviously at a disadvantage in a strange country, so he needs Nicola to help him navigate his way around both physically and culturally. He’s divorced from Jessica’s mum and not in the market for romance but, as he stays in Nicola’s home; they inevitably become closer and closer.

Tell us about the criminals that she finds herself involved with.

Nicola has no experience of the seedier side Brighton and finding herself in the company of gangsters is a bit of a shock. Brighton, like all cities, has areas where social deprivation and drugs are massive problems and, in Dare To Lose, criminals from Albania have joined forces with local gangsters to control the drug flow and prostitution. In their search for Jessica, Nicola and Jack find themselves plunged into this world, which proves very dangerous for both of them.

Tell us what you are working on at the moment. 

I’m currently working on the fifth novel in my Georgie Connelly series. It’s proving to be great fun to write and I’m hoping that it will provide just as much entertainment for readers.

Where can readers find out more about you?

E. L. Lindley Author

All of my books are available on Amazon where I have an author page (for UK readers)I’m also on Twitter @LindleyE

and Facebook

And (for US readers)

If readers want to find out more they can visit my website at where there‘s lots of information about all of my books and I also have a blog.

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Letter G on the A to Z April Challenge 2014


Today is the letter G on the A to Z Challenge. My books today are, The Georgie Connelly Series by E. L. Lindley. Genre: Crime

ellindly books

The Georgie Connelly Stories by E. L. Lindley

Georgie Connelly is pure wish fulfilment and we could all use a friend just like her. Georgie is the fearless heroine of a series of novels, who manages to find trouble wherever she goes. She’s loudmouthed, infuriating and irresponsible but she has a heart as big as a house. The series begins when Georgie, a documentary film maker based in LA, finds herself the target of one of her subjects. Her best friends, Callie and Eric Delaney, recruit ex-Marine James Finn to protect Georgie and fireworks follow. All of the novels feature James, Callie and Eric as well as other recurring characters including Georgie’s man-eating mother.

Business Us Usual is; A thrilling crime novel, introducing Georgie Connelly a feisty protagonist along with a cast of loyal and likeable characters who surround her. If you enjoy novels that have heart and humour why not give it a try.

The Ties that Bind Us; After a harrowing couple of months, Georgie and James Finn prepare to take their relationship to the next level, only to find their plans scuppered by the
arrival of Georgie’s estranged mother, Marilyn, who is accused of murdering her husband. Suddenly Georgie has to deal with issues that resonate back to her troubled childhood.

The Righteous Path; In between projects and waiting for James to return from the Gulf, Georgie is excited when her old friend Sean Collins asks her for help in finding a missing
girl. Little do they realise where their digging will lead and before too long they are caught up in the sinister world of a religious cult.

False Allegiance; When a grieving mother asks Georgie to look into the death of her daughter, she finds herself becoming entangled with a college fraternity and its sister sorority. As she strips away the tradition and elitism, she uncovers a dark core which suggests that the death of the young woman may not have been an accident.

The stories are in the following order although they can also be enjoyed as standalone reads. Business As Usual, The Ties That Bind, The Righteous Path, False Allegiance.

Find out more at



Or visit E. L. Lindley’s website at

You can catch up with more of E. L Lindley’s books by clicking over to a previous post when we discussed some of her other books and writing.

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Guest Author E.L. Lindley

Please Welcome E. L. Lindley to the Guest Author spot.E. L. Lindley Author

I recently read my first book by this author, here is my book review;

Don’t Look Back by E.L. Lindley

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is the first book that I have read by the author, a romance which also deals with adoption, broken marriages and teenagers. The book is set in Sheffield and Los Angeles, mixing up the cultures and different life styles of the characters. There is a lot of anger and strong emotions throughout the book for several of the characters and I particularly wanted to throttle Catherine at times. Catherine has a hard time dealing with many issues in her life and consequently hides from decision making or acts rashly then regrets it afterwards. I’m glad she saw sense in the very end.

See the book here on and here on Don't Look Back

Now let’s find out more about our guest;

1) Where is your home town?

My home town is Sheffield in the UK, which is where Don’t Look Back is partly set. I left Sheffield to go to university in 1980 and didn’t move back until I was in my 40s. It’s a nice place to live because, although it’s the UKs fourth largest city, it doesn’t really have that big city feel. It’s been described as the UK’s largest village which I think sort of captures its essence perfectly.

2) This was the first book that I’d read of yours, how many other books have you written? Are they all romances?

I’ve written seven books in total and they all have an element of romance in them although they might not strictly be classed as romances. Apart from “Don’t Look Back”, I have written another romance called “Family Ties”, which is about a woman whose mother dies and her grief leads her to try and find her birth father whom she’s never met. I’ve written a thriller called “Dare To Lose” which is set in Brighton and is about an ordinary woman who finds herself making a stand against crime when one of her employees goes missing. It’s got a fair sprinkling of romance in it as well because she is thrown together with the missing girl’s father. I’ve also written a series of books called The Georgie Connelly Stories which are light hearted crime capers with lots of fun and romance. Georgie Connelly is a bit of a madcap heroine and she’s great fun to write.

3) What inspires you to write? Is it people you know? Situations you’ve been in or something else?

It’s definitely people who inspire me. I’m an avid people watcher and I’m always making up lives and stories for people. Sometimes I base my stories on people that I know or things that have happened to me but it’s usually exaggerated to such a degree that it becomes unrecognisable. At least I hope so – I’d hate to be sued for libel.

4) Do you carry out research into any of the situations that your characters go through?

I don’t do a lot of research because most of my stories are based around pretty universal issues such as love, grief, family etc which we all understand. For any factual information I tend to rely on good old Google.

5) In “Don’t Look Back” some of your characters visit a psychologist, was that hard to write or did you know how she would get the characters to open up to their deep issues?

Funnily enough, there’s a bit of a story here. I used the idea of a therapist in “Don’t Look back” as a plot device because I had to think of a way to try and break down Catherine and Bill’s barriers. However, it had quite an impact on my life as I became very interested in the idea of it. I have revisited the theme in the novel I am currently working on by making the main character, Maggie, a psychotherapist. I did quite a bit of research on it and ended up applying to study psychotherapy myself. I start my course in September so how’s that for life imitating art? (I’m very impressed! Good Luck with the course)

6) I particularly liked Catherine’s friend Jenny, she was always there for Catherine, yet she stepped in and contacted Bill behind Catherine’s back, was it for self preservation or friendship?

I think Jenny is probably the character most of us can relate to and the friend we would all like to have. She’s been with Catherine every step of the way and seen her make some disastrous choices. She knew that Catherine wasn’t happy and I think intervened out of love for her friend. We’ve all probably been in situations where we’ve agonised over whether we should interfere in our loved ones’ lives for the greater good. In real life, it’s often a disaster when we interfere but I think Jenny did the right thing. Having said that, she has her own family to think about so maybe part of her motivation for wanting to see Catherine and Bill sort out their problems was self preservation.

7) We never met Catherine’s father, was that deliberate? Or could Catherine have put one more ghost to bed if we had? 

I was very lucky in that I had settled childhood and a father who was dependable and supportive but I have friends who didn’t have father figures growing up and it’s had a huge impact on their lives. I’ve also worked with young people for a lot of years and seen situations where dads have gone off and had new families, leaving the old family behind. It’s almost like they want a fresh start and in order to do so have to somehow erase their old lives. The children left behind have so many unanswered questions and often end up feeling not good enough and adrift. I thought to have Catherine resolve her issues with her father would have been almost too neat and perfect. In real life, people more often than not, don’t get the answers they need or the sense of closure that Catherine might have had if her father had featured in the novel.

8) One reviewer suggested a sequel for us to see how the characters developed in their new life, have you considered writing that book?

I’d not considered writing a sequel until I read the review suggesting one. I didn’t want to make everything end perfectly because I didn’t think that would be in keeping with the characters. I suspect Catherine and Bill’s relationship is never going to be problem free but I sort of wanted readers to make their own minds up about what their future may be. Maybe I should just write the sequel though – who knows?

9) “Don’t look back”, is a popular title for a book, when I looked it up there were many other books with the same or similar title, how do you choose titles for your books?

In all honesty, I find thinking of titles harder than actually writing the books. I have no idea as I’m writing them what they will be called and tend to refer to them by the name of the lead character. So far a long time “Don’t Look Back” was simply called Catherine. Once they’re finished it’s never easy to come up with ideas and typically I try lots of titles out on friends. They hoot with laughter at my suggestions and the one that gets the least ridicule heaped on it is usually the one that sticks.

10) Are you writing anything at the moment for your fans?

I’m writing a novel about a woman whose sister goes missing. She’s a psychotherapist and she retraces her sister’s footsteps, so to speak, in the hope of finding her. It’s a thriller with lots of romance in there as well. My friend reads my novels as I write them, acting as my proof-reader, and she claims to have fallen in love with the leading man, who is a private investigator hired by Maggie to find her sister.

Brilliant! thank you so much for being my guest today, good luck with the new book, we look forward to reading it when it comes out.