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A Counterfeit Wife (The Sirens, #1)A Counterfeit Wife by Paullett Golden
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A Counterfeit Wife is book one of The Sirens series of Georgian historical romances.

Set mainly in Yorkshire, this book tells the story of an impoverished Marquis and his rash decision to remedy the problem. The new Lord Pickering has inherited a title but his predecessor left the stately coffers empty. He needs a wife with a large dowry as soon as possible. A swift marriage is arranged with Pickering only meeting Miss Whittington on the eve of their wedding.

Lady Pickering is happy to throw herself into her new life; she’s not what Pickering was expecting at all and she soon wins his heart and is welcomed by the villagers. Repairs to the house, estate and village begin. Lord and Lady Pickering slip into an easy relationship and there is plenty of detail of the era woven cleverly into the plot to keep the reader interested.

Few romances in this genre occur without a problem that needs to be solved and this one is no different; I shan’t say more and spoil the story. However, I just want to say how much I liked this romance, which surprised me in places in the way the characters acted in challenging situations; this made it refreshing to read. Well done!

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Trevor Gaines, the Marquess of Pickering, falls in love with his wife. The catch? The woman is an impostor. Desperate for money, he arranges a fast marriage with the wealthiest dowry in England. Not until after the wedding does he realize he married the wrong woman.

​J’non Butler is a maid accompanying her mistress for an arranged marriage. When her mistress elopes with another man, J’non marries the marquess, posing as the man’s contracted bride.

This is the love story of Trevor and J’non as they defy convention and find passion in their bed of lies.

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