🌷Lots Of Pink And Purple Flowers In My English Country Garden Today. #SixOnSaturday #GardeningTwitter #Flowers 🌺🌼

Welcome to another gardening week from my Hampshire garden. This week temperatures have risen to the mid twenties; any rain we had has long gone and it’s rather dry in the garden once more. Yet there are still plenty of plants flowering.

Six Flowers for July 30th
Six flowers for July 30th

Photo one is of this pretty Fuschia which has come back into bloom after the initial first flush. It was a gift for my husband who likes fuschias, not sure of the name, the label has gone.

Own photo of a pink Fuschia
Pink Fuschia

The second photo is of the Himalayan Honeysuckle. I like the pink, purples and the dark berries that it produces. They always make me think of dangling ear-rings.

Own photo of Himalayan Honeysuckle
Himalayan Honeysuckle

Third photo goes to these Penstemon, grown from seed and now dotted around the garden.

Own photo of Penstemon and Marigolds
Penstemon And Marigolds

Fourth photo is of a Corncockle (I think) from the pack of wild flower seeds that I have grown. There were 26 varieties of wild seed in my pack, but I don’t think the germination rate was very good. If it is a Corncockle then other names for it are: cat’s eyes and kiss-me-quick, corn pink, crown of the field, little and pretty, poppy and Robin Hood.

Own photo of a corncockle wild flower
Wild Flower – Corncockle

Fifth photo goes to these French Marigolds, grown from saved seeds. Last autumn I gathered lots of Marigold seeds and I added them to Christmas cards as a ‘living gift’. They germinate really easily and make a bright show. I plant them in the greenhouse and among the vegetables to deter pets. Not convinced it works!

Own photo of French Marigolds
French Marigolds

Finally a Gladioli, the first one from mixed bulbs planted this year. In fact there should be a whole host of summer bulbs, but it looks like only the glads have come through. Maybe the dry summer hasn’t helped?

Own photo of a purple Gladioli
Purple Gladioli

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Six Flowers for July 30th
Six flowers for July 30th


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🌞Saturday Garden In The Summertime #SixOnSaturday #GardeningTwitter #Gardening

Time to cool down after the high heats of Monday and Tuesday. There’s even been a welcome drop of rain. Let’s take a look and see what’s happening in my English garden this week.

Six photos from my garden
Photos from my garden

The first picture is of one of the ladybirds that I saw ‘hoovering’ up the black-fly on my beans – you go girl! Plenty more to eat ladies – please head to the dahlias next!

A ladybird eating blackfly on my French bean
Ladybird on a French bean

Following on from my ladybird spotting, I also found several ladybird larva, which is all a good sign that the ladybirds are happily breeding in my patch.

A Ladybird Lava on my beans
Ladybird Larva

More happy campers; there’s a bumblebee on this, very out of focus, Button Snakewort (Liatris Spicata – I am so pleased that I labelled these bulbs when planting, it makes writing these posts much easier😜)

A bumblebee feeding of the snakewort in my garden
Liatris Spicata or Button Snakewort

Photo four is of some Laurentia – ‘Blue Stars’ which are just coming into bloom. These were grown from seed this year from a free packet on the front on a gardening magazine. They were really easy to grow too, with good germination rates. A half-hardy annual.

Own photo of Laurentia Blue Star grown from seed
Laurentia Blue Star

The dry weather has made ideal conditions for collecting seeds. I have Gazenia (hoping for more luck this year as I couldn’t get any to germinate from last year’s seeds). Tulip seeds from seed heads quickly gathered a few weeks ago and left to dry out. I also have English Marigolds, some Anemone seeds and some Sweet Williams. SoSer Noelle has also kindly sent me some of her Cyclamen seeds which I am looking forward to growing.

Own photo of the seeds that I am saving
Seeds for next year

Final photo goes to this Grass Emerald Moth which had a rest in my conservatory. The markings are quite interesting. It is blue-green with a distinct black jagged line mid-way across the wings.

Own photo of a Grass Emerald Moth
Grass Emerald Moth

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Six photos from my garden
Photos from my garden


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😎Flaming June Has Arrived In My Hampshire Garden. #SixOnSaturday #GardeningTwitter #Gardens

This week the temperatures have been rising in my corner of England. Friday afternoon reached a hefty 30°c; too hot to be out in the garden working. I’ve been playing with some different photos of the garden, rather than the close up of flowers, I’m showing you a wider picture so you can glimpse more of the plot.

Six Photos of my garden for June 18th
Six Garden Photos For June 18th.

Let’s start with the flower bed which I created in the New Year. Much of our back garden is covered in Astro-Turf. Not a problem when we moved in as it meant no mowing, but now that we have been here three years, I am expanding my gardening plans. So new beds need to be cut out. Adding more areas for plants is a long-term project and one that I need to do in workable chunks. I had a drawn up planting plan for this bed, but some of the plants have done their own thing. For instance the green manure – purple tansy (Phacelia Tanacetifolia) is wildly taking over, but is covered in bees each day.

Own photo of my New Year garden bed.
New Year Bed

Along to the right of the New Year bed, is my Sunflower plot. As you can see, some of them are almost to the top of the fence. Some are in flower (I featured them a couple of weeks ago) The dwarf ones are looking like they will be next to flower.

Own photo of my Sunflower plot.
The Sunflower Plot

Back to the left of the first bed is a bed that was here when we moved in. I think it only had Sedum in it and weeds. I’ve added Marigolds, Foxgloves and Hollyhocks which I try to tie to an old iron gate that we found behind the garden shed. It is now hosting some of my potted Dahlias.

Own photo of a well established flower bed.
Established Flower Bed

Let’s cross the lawn now and this photo is of my current project. The Astro-turf has been laid for several years now and with next door being empty for at least five years, the trees in that garden have been spreading themselves out. There are several fast growing invasive ones and their tree roots are extensive. So much so that they are lifting our ‘lawn’. Although we now have new neighbours, the garden is not their priority and the tree roots are getting worse. So we are rolling back sections of the ‘turf’ and cutting back roots. Eventually I plan to have a lot more flower and vegetable beds, but I need to implement it in ‘doable’ sectors.

Own photo of a tree root project in the lawn
Tree root project

Photo five is of the flower bed I call my Easter project. We cut this one in around Easter. It is very shaded by the overhanging trees from next door. Recently the neighbour on the right had two large Cedar trees cut down and already this bed gets more evening light. I have more Dahlias here and Anemones, plus several more of the wildflowers that I’m growing.

Own photo of a flower bed dug at Easter
Easter Flower Bed

Last photo: There is a bumble bee at about 7 O’clock in the bird box entrance. When I was cutting back the Korean Spice plant in front of the box, a bumblebee was buzzing around, I didn’t take much notice apart from saying ‘hello’, then I noticed another one and I spotted it heading into the bird box. There were also tell-tale signs of yellow pollen dropped down the front of the box. I think they are the Buff-tailed ones which are all around the garden.

Own photo of a bird box which the bumblebees are nesting in.
Bumblebees are nesting in this bird box.

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Six Photos of my garden for June 18th
Six Garden Photos For June 18th.


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8) Lovely Salvia in Granny’s graden.

9) Noelle has been collecting Tulip seeds.

10. Just look at these roses!

What’s Flowering In My Garden This Easter? #SixOnSaturday #GardeningTwitter 🌻🌷🌺

Happy Easter! We have a few warm days this weekend to get us all outside.

First photo shows my sunflower seedlings. This was taken after I read (on twitter) about the #SunflowerChallenge2022 It is being run from April 1st to September 30th. There are 30 categories and lots of prizes, but more importantly it is about having fun. I have several varieties all under way. 🌻

Second photo goes to this lovely Iris. I was given these two years ago. Last year they didn’t flower, so I dried them out and re-potted them. It looks like I will get another flower from the group soon. I don’t know the variety, but they seem to be very late flowering.

Third photo goes to the first flower from my Red Campion which is part of my wild flowers for pollinators scheme. 🐝

Next photo is of the dark pink Tulips which are coming into flower. Such a lovely shade of colour.

Fifth photo is this blue Hydrangea, which I secretly bought this week. It’s my husband’s birthday 🎁 this weekend and guess what he’s getting? Just what he always wanted! 👇

Last photo goes to my onion sets which I planted out this week. I actually remembered to log on for #GardensHour (Twitter: Mondays 9-10pm GMT) where this was first posted. I met another great bunch of gardeners via the hashtag.

Club cricket season starts here this weekend, with a friendly match for my son’s home team, so Saturday’s will now be a little busier for a few months.

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Happy gardening



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  7. Easter is in Autumn in NZ, but Thistles And Kiwis has Camellia in flower.
  8. Sel has an Ajuga which the slugs don’t eat.
  9. The Quilted gardener has a lovely Maurandya.
  10. Granny’s Clematis is flowering.

Some Garden Projects For This Week’s #SixOnSaturday Because My Snowdrops Are Still Not Out! @cavershamjj

Last week on #SixOnSaturday I had snowdrop envy and as mine are still not ready to photograph I have been hunting around the garden for some inspiration. We have been in our current house for two and a half years and it’s the first garden that we’ve had which is large enough to flex our gardening muscles in. Since Covid, our time in the garden has completely changed and my husband has been building things.

The first major project was to replace the original rotting garden shed. He used recycled wood from heavy duty pallets for much of the frame, only buying the wall feather board, timber for the corner uprights and roof felt. We were given the window and found the door in our loft. Eventually the door will be repainted.

Second project were wooden obelisks. I used these last summer for my tomatoes which I grew in the conservatory and later to hold up the dahlias in the autumn. He also made the bird box which is one of a pair. I am happy to say that the birds nested in both but the magpies were clever and sat on the roof of each box at fledgling time and we saw one being taken. So a plan to deter this is needed this year.

The third project was the replacement of the rotten dove cote which we inherited with the garden. He used recycled wood for this one too. It is now a fancy blue-tit des-res and they have been investigating it already. Each hole has its own apartment. I hope that they don’t mind high-rise flats!

Fourth project is my greenhouse. This was a surprise Christmas gift for me which my husband then realised he’d have to add to his building project list. It’s a budget clear Polycarbonate design bought from Amazon and something to start my greenhouse future with. I am aware that in greenhouse etiquette this may feature near the bottom, but it’s mine and I am very excited with it. The instructions said we could build it in three hours. I think it took two of us five days. Now I’m muttering about wanting a wheel barrow to trundle soil, manure and plants up and down to my greenhouse.

Project five is a recently finished cold frame. Again this is made from recycled wood and has a clear plastic lid. Our lawn is covered in Astroturf, which I am slowing removing with my projects, so I have put a double layer of Astroturf under the cold frame for extra warmth.

My sixth photo is from my own small projects. Some of my readers know that I’m a very keen reader, so last year I was inspired to have a go at painting bricks to look like much loved books. This year I got excited by some woodland folk (Becorns) that I saw on David M Birds’s Instagram and wanted to try something similar myself. Check out this post which shows his best from 2021.

Thank you for joining me for this #SixOnSaturday post. I hope that you enjoyed it. If you would like to know more about this hashtag, read founder Mr Propagator’s post here also find him on Twitter here.

Have a great gardening week,