HAIL MARY by @cmalbrecht FUN, short #Contemporary read, a tale of hell raising Grandmas

Albrecht_HailMary1jpgHail Mary is a fun contemporary quick read. It revolves around Cray Drummond. The tale really begins a little way into the book when Cray is fired from his job as an accountant, he returns home to more sad new, the death of his father “Bulldog Drummond” a retired police officer.
Doing the right thing, Cray and his wife offer Cray’s mother, sixty eight year old Mary, a room in their home for a few days, so she can be with close family at this sad time. Mary invites her old friends Gracie  and Maude to the funeral, but neither can make it on time. Instead Gracie arrives a day late and it’s from this point that the book really takes off. Mary and Gracie head off for a night out at the local Bingo rooms, they sneak in liquor and get invited to an illegal casino out back, where they end up in a police raid.
Next day they “borrow” Cray’s car and swing by to pick up Maude, their long-time friend and Marijuana seller. Living out the adage “you’re only as old as you feel” they set off running a real riot, the three leave debris and destruction in their wake as they take on leather clad bikers, an aeroplane and a dangerous storm.
I won’t tell you more, as it will spoil your read, but the characters were great fun, even the family dog called Rowlf whose bit part consisted mainly of him sleeping.
I’ve read several books by this author and this is his best work yet. My only complaint, was the slow start, it was very well written, just too slow for me.
Soon to be released

Paper ISBN 978-1-61386-369-5
e-book ISBN 978-1-61386-370-1