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Today’s team review comes from Cathy, she blogs at

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Cathy chose to read and review Full Circle by Terry Tyler

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Full Circle is the follow-up to Dream On, and we catch up with the gang a couple of years later. Ariel is back in London after a stint on the cruise ships and an unsuccessful attempt at stardom in the US. Theodore Purlmutter, who Ariel met on board one of the cruise liners,  believed he could make her a star but died suddenly leaving Ariel at the mercy of his two sons, who are now in charge of their father’s record company. Trying to kick-start her life, she finds her creativity is non-existent and motivation escapes her.

Dave is trying to make his relationship with Isabel work, for the sake of their baby daughter. Isabel, insecure and jealous, is not endearing and her relationship is suffering. Dave is trying desperately to get in touch with Shane, who is avoiding him. The reason and repercussions are totally unexpected and a great twist to the story line. On the up side, the band is doing well and Dave couldn’t be more pleased and proud.

Janice and Max are very happily married until Max has a total relapse and Janice’s love for him is stretched to it’s limit. The distressing reality and effects of alcoholism on family and friends are dealt with convincingly and sympathetically.

Melodie, the wannabe celebrity, is married to a rich property developer with a lavish lifestyle…and is bored. After her very brief time enjoying the highlife, an unfortunate video posted on the internet by an ex lover put paid to any aspirations she might still have held. Getting together with Ariel again is good for both of them.

All these storylines are woven together brilliantly. There are misunderstandings, new and sometimes mysterious characters and at the heart of it all are the relationships, especially the question will Dave and Ariel ever get together since it’s obvious they still love each other. The choices they have to make are never easy and I enjoyed very much how each of the characters evolve, being drawn further into their lives. The hopes, emotions and feelings, captured perfectly, are all relatable.

The strong and passionate characters are people you know, have seen or heard of, they’re so realistic with all the attitudes and defining attributes you would expect. I love the way Terry Tyler is able to write representationally from the perspectives of both men and women and her observations are spot on. The banter between the band members is just one example.

The writing is, as always, skilful and a pleasure to read. Emotions and issues are managed thoughtfully and with insight. And the conclusion is satisfyingly perfect.

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Rosie’s Book Review Team #RBRT Full Circle by @TerryTyler4 #bookreview

Today’s second team review comes from Liz, she blogs at

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Liz chose to read and review Full Circle by Terry Tyler

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“Full Circle” is the sequel to Terry Tyler’s “Dream On”, following the lives of a group of friends from East Anglia who dreamed of making it big in the music world.  But “Full Circle” can be read as a stand-alone novel as the background story of the main characters is incorporated seamlessly into the text.

What makes this book stand out is the characterisation.  As a reader I felt I really knew Ariel Swan, the attractive, talented song writer/singer who was not the arrogant, proud girl you might expect but a kind, honest individual with regrets about past decisions, trying at the age of 32 to start her life again while sleeping on a friend’s bed-settee and working as a waitress in south London.

Meanwhile in a small East Anglian town, Ariel’s first love, Dave, lead singer of rock group, Thor, is living with Isabel and their daughter Mia, regretting that he ever left his partner Janice and their much loved son, Harley.  His group are finding success again, but he misses his mate and former Thor member, Shane, who now sings with a Bon Jovi tribute band and lives with Cecilia and daughter Chloe.

Three years earlier Janice had thrown Dave out of the house when he reunited with Ariel but they maintained a good relationship as parents of Harley and Janice had married her boss Max.  It is easy to warm to Janice, who shows sympathy towards Dave and understanding for Ariel and she is now experiencing marriage problems.

Into the mix it is refreshing to encounter Melodie, one time finalist of TV show, Raw Talent, whose main aim in life had been to become a “celebrity”.  She certainly reached the D list but unfortunately homemade pornographic videos of her appeared on the internet and after a brief interlude of notoriety she was dropped by the media.  Luckily she had met millionaire property developer Nathan Ford and was now living in luxury in a Berkshire mansion but she was bored rigid!

“Full Circle” is about relationships, meeting new people, remembering past loves and working on present partnerships.  There are twists and turns, misunderstanding and exciting revelations.  Ariel’s mysterious new boyfriend Silas is really intriguing and Shane’s meeting with Dave promises fireworks.  It reflects all the concerns of the present day; of hopes and aspirations and the desire for a happy life with the person you love.

For a refreshing, surprising, yet comforting read about real, empathetic people with a delightful sprinkling of humour, I would highly recommend this 5 star novel.

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Rosie’s Book Review Team #RBRT Full Circle by @TerryTyler4 #Bookreview #RockMusic #Drama

Today’s team review comes from Heidi, find her here on Facebook!/heidi.simon.921?ref=bookmark

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Heidi chose to read and review Full Circle by Terry Tyler

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Full Circle (Thor #2)

By Terry Tyler

Review by Heidi Lynn


First, I would like to thank Rosie Amber and Terry Tyler for providing me this book so I may bring you this review.


Full Circle is the second book in Terry Tyler’s Thor series. Her first book in the series is called Dream On. Full Circle can be read as a standalone. This book read like one of my prime time soap operas. I loved it! The book was packed with washed up English musicians, Thor trying to get back together, bad blood, love triangles, secret affairs, destruction of a person due to alcoholism, bad marriages, a singer trying to get back on top, and tons of drama-oh the drama!


I loved Silas Woodrow Wilson’s character. Ariel had felt an immediate and mutual attraction to him when she literally bumped into him at the library. However, as their relationship continued to blossom she could something was off about him. He was mysterious and that is why I liked him. You could tell he was hiding something-but what was he hiding?


I loved the unique names of the characters in the book Arial, Shane, Silas, Boz, Harley, etc. Every time I saw the band name Thor I thought of the 80’s cartoon show He-Man and would laugh.


The Big Brother House, X Factor, and The Jeremy Kyle references in the book had me cracking up laughing.


There was one section of the book that I totally agreed with Ariel on. I thought it was a comical and meaningful as well.


“Ariel gritted her teeth and shoved her hand again. “Why does it always have to be about bloody marketing? Why can’t it just be about the music?”


“Because we’re living in an extremely competitive age, my love,” Glenn said, touching her shoulder for a moment. “Marketing is everything. If you can’t get your head around that, you won’t get anywhere. I mean it. We’ve just signed this bunch of acne-ridden little tossers called Brit Boys, and I can tell you now, they’re gruesome, seriously horrible, but Him Upstairs, Ray Sullivan, thinks we can put them out as a sort of One Direction with more street cred, God help us all! Now you, you’ve got a head start with the way you look-no, don’t glare at me like that! –but FVRG UK will only see you as a prospective product, nothing more. Their one question is, will she make us money? Or see what the punters are going to want not only right now, but next year as well? You can just do it for the music if you want, but you need to take your head out of the clouds and see it as a business, too.”



“Ariel reached over and put her hand over his. Yeah, I know. As long as they don’t want me writhing about on all fours in a G string, in order to flog a few CDs, like bloody Zane Perlmutter did.”


I could see this book be played out as a Where Are They Now episode on VH1. I would totally watch it.

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Romancing September – Terry Tyler (Day 12)

We are now up to day 12 of Romancing September, it is such a fun tour to be part of and our guest today is Terry Tyler. You can also check out her discussion with Stephanie over in Georgia in a few hours time, about writing romance in today’s society.

TerryTwit2Let’s find out more about Terry and her book “Full Circle”

1) Where is your home town?
 I live in the North East of England though am a southerner, from Northampton, and I also lived in Norfolk for 9 years.
2) How long have you been writing?
 I first wrote a novel 20 years ago, though only started writing the novels published on Amazon in 2010.  I didn’t write at all for 10 years previously.
3) Where did the inspiration for “Full Circle” come from?
 Full Circle is the sequel to Dream On.  I got the idea one evening in 1995 when I was sitting in a pub in Northampton with my sister.  We started making up a story about two guys who were standing at the bar; I went home and turned it into a novel, which I re-wrote last year.
4) Tell us about the main characters in “Full Circle”
The main characters in Full Circle are:  1) Shane, a lovable rogue type womaniser.  2) Head in the clouds, wannabe rock star Dave.  3) The love of Dave’s life, singer-songwriter Ariel  3) Janice, who is Dave’s ex and the mother of his son.
5) There’s a love triangle going on in this book, are we likely to be taking sides as readers?
Ooh, there is more than one love triangle….  three and counting, I think!  But there aren’t really any baddies in this book – though obviously everyone has their favourites!
6) I’ve recently heard about the N/A (New adult) reader bracket, what is your target audience for this book?
This book could be and has been read and enjoyed by both sexes, and ages 22 to over 50 – it’s hard to say!  I know we’re all supposed to have target audiences … I’d say my average reader is a pretty groovy sort of woman in her late 30s; but then I could be hopelessly wrong…!
7) One reviewer said your strength is character building, where do you draw the inspiration for your characters from?
My characters all originate from people I have known or observed, I think – I’m not sure.  I don’t really think about it, they just happen.  I’m afraid I’m not very good about discussing the mechanics of how I write, as I just do it and don’t think about it much.  The phrase ‘I don’t know’ tends to feature heavily in all my author interviews.
8) “Full Circle” is set in the modern day, what challenging issues have you included?
 Challenging issues, hmmmmm….  the main one in Full Circle is, I think, alcoholism.  Janice’s husband is an alcoholic.  I have been the partner of one, so I know what it’s like and could draw on my own experiences.  I am sure many who have been in this position will recognise much of Janice’s story!
9) Readers enjoy relating to your characters, how do you make us fall in love with them?
Oh dear, this is another ‘I don’t know’…!!!  I suppose I have to fancy my male characters, or I can’t expect my readers to!  I’ve always fancied Dave, while my sister prefers Shane!  There is always one male character in each of my books who I really fancy – Mel the builder in You Wish, Nick in Nobody’s Fault, etc etc!
10) Does your next novel follow on from “Full Circle!? Or is it something different? This will be your 6th book, when is it due out ?
No, the story of Dave, Shane, Ariel and Janice ends very satisfactorily at the end of Full Circle!  It’s the first time I’ve written a sequel and wouldn’t want to do it again – it’s very hard to make it work as a stand alone, which of course it has to, but without repeating too much of what was in the prequel.  My new book, “What It Takes”, is a family drama – a tale of sibling rivalry, obsession, a bit of stalking, secrets and lies… it’s not as light as Dream On and Full Circle, more in the mode of my earlier novel Nobody’s Fault.  I am pleased to tell you that “What it Takes” was published last Friday.FullCircle_cover-finalFind Full Circle here on or
I’d like you to join with me and Thank Terry for being our guest today and wish her Good Luck with the next book.