“E” on the AtoZ Challenge

The letter “E” brings us a book written by Brianna McKenzie, Brianna was recently a guest author on the blog http://wp.me/p2Eu3u-l0

Brianna gives us some inside information about her book;

I’d like to tell you a secret about “Enchanted Heart”. This book is very dear to me because, as a child, one of my favourite places to visit was the Enchanted Rock. This pervasive pink, round rock juts out over the landscape of Texas near Fredericksburg. When we were little, we would climb to the top of the rock, shout into the canyon below, and then listen to the chasm yell back at us. I wanted to introduce this same childlike enchantment into one of my books but the perfect story never came to me. But then one night, I had a dream where
nearly the entire story unfolded before me. And one of the scenes was Marty and Caid professing their love for each other on top of the Enchanted Rock. This heart-warming story follows Marty and her twin sister Greta from their native country of Germany to central Texas while tragedy and misery shadow them until Fate brings hope to their Enchanted

Product Details

Hearts. Links to the book are http://amzn.to/EnchantedHeart_US  and http://amzn.to/EnchantedHeart_UK

After emigrating from Germany at the age of seven, Marty Hirsch watched her father die on the arduous journey from the coast of Texas to the new settlement in New Braunfels. While Papa took his final breath, Marty assured him that she would fulfil the dream of owning the land that had been promised to him by the German Immigrant Society. And while she watched her twin sister Greta and Mama trudging the many miles to their new home, Marty vowed right then and there to bring them happiness, no matter the cost to her own contentment. As time passed, she struggled to fulfil that self-assigned task, but more tragedy assailed her in the form of miscarriages with her husband before he was killed in the Civil War. When their cousin convinced her and Greta to move westward to the new German settlement at Fort Concho on the San Saba River, Marty was ready for a change in her life. That change came when she encountered Aiden Kincaid McAllister, the handsome stranger who guided their wagon train to their new home. She found herself falling hopelessly in love with the dark-haired, blue-eyed stranger. But would that love last or would more tragedies cause Marty to give up on love altogether?
About the Author Brianna Lee McKenzie was born in Corpus Christi, Texas where she spent most of her childhood summers listening to Grandma Ruby tell stories of her adventurous life. Having nomadic parents, she never lived in any particular town for very long. Making friends was difficult in this situation, causing her to, at a young age, retreat into her own little world where the characters that she created were her companions. As she grew, she developed her ability to mentally visualize vivid scenes which she revisited later when she learned to take pen into hand. As an adult, she submitted several examples of her work to publishers, but was disappointed by rejection after rejection. But with encouragement from family and friends, she took that giant leap joining her new family at Fantasy Island Book Publishing. Brianna lives on a yacht on the Chesapeake Bay where she finds inspiration in the magnificent sunsets and the romantic gestures of her husband. Her ultimate goal is to make her family proud of her accomplishments. Selling books is just a blissful bi-product.
Here is what one reader thought about the book;
Enchanted Heart takes you on a really emotional journey from start to finish. The twin’s lives wrap themselves around your heart, and you just have to know what happens to them. Brianna builds up the tension slowly to begin with but little by little she leads you along many paths until you ultimately discover whether Marty and Greta find the peace and happiness they so richly deserve.
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