Breaking Dawn 2, Twilight Series

This weekend Breaking Dawn 2 is released in cinemas across Britain.

Bella, now a vampire, must find and work on her special vampire skill. Jacob is there to protect baby Renesmee after he “Imprinted” on her. The Voltari find out about the forbidden vampire child and are coming to destroy her. The Cullens must protect their family, they recruit vampires from around the world in preparation for the final battle.

Will it be the end of this series? or will there be an ending from which sequels can be added? I hope the film will not have so many dark and hard to see scenes. I found myself peering at the screen for some of Breaking Dawn part 1 just to make out what was going on. I’ve re-watched the first three films in the series several times, but I must say, splitting the last book into 2 films didn’t encourage me to watch Breaking Dawn 1 over and over. Let’s hope this last film inspires me again.