What book have you read multiple time? Features Uncle Wiggly Longears by Howard R Garis

Earlier this week I threw out the question “What book have you read multiple times and why?” http://wp.me/p2Eu3u-5zp

Author Susan Nicholls chose Uncle Wiggly Longears by Howard R Garis

Uncle Wiggly

Uncle Wiggly in the Country by Howard R. Garis is one collection of many Uncle Wiggly stories. The stories appeared originally in the Evening News, of Newark, N.J. where they gave pleasure to a number of little folks and grown-ups also.

My family has passed on the Uncle Wiggly books for generations. My book is copyrighted originally in 1916. I did a post about it here: http://redclayandroses1.wordpress.com/2014/03/03/what-is-your-most-beloved-book/

1) A children’s book with no pictures, it stimulates imagination with vivid word pictures.

2) Uncle Wiggly has to use common sense and luck to get out of precarious situations in real life adventures.

3) He is loyal to his friends and even compassionate toward his enemies.

4) I like that the nephew rabbit looks up to and respects his Uncle, while also taking some responsibility to see after him.

5) Each little story has a fable-like lesson to learn.

6) Each chapter is ended with a funny little nonsensical cliffhanger that introduces the next chapter.


My great grandmother read these stories to my grandmother who read them to my mother who read them  to us children. I read them to my children and am reading them to my grandchildren. The most important reason of all for it being so popular. It encourages lap time. Something children and parents/grandparents need more of.


What Book Have You Read Multiple Times?

I was chatting to a friend about books yesterday and we discussed books that we have read multiple times. My friend has read “The Go Between” by L.P. Hartley many times, reading it from the points of view of different characters and finding lots of new points and enjoyment from the reading.


The Go Between by LP Hartley – the first line is “The past is another country, they do things differently there”.  My friend first studied it for her A level course and loved it – She has revisited it four or five times since then and sympathised with different characters each time.  “It perfectly captures the carefree days of summer, the loss of innocence, the British class system, the rising temperatures and building tensions of a doomed love affair.  Read it.  It’s one of my favourites.”
My friend has also read “The Diary of a Provincial Lady” by E. M Delafield.  Screamingly funny.  Written in a diary format for a magazine originally (like Bridget Jones).  All about keeping up appearances – it is a glimpse of life for a middle class woman in the 1930s.  She has bought it for lots of friends. How about you? Have you a book that you have bought for friends because it was so good?

I’ve read the Harry Potter series numerous times and I always find something I’ve forgotten or a detail I remember enjoying.

Diagon Alley, Warner Bros. Studio Tour, London.

Diagon Alley, Warner Bros. Studio Tour, London.

Why don’t you tell me about a book or series that you have read multiple times and we will feature it here on the blog. I’ll let you take the floor and tell the readers about the book and what it is that has made you go back and re-read the book or books.

Artists drawing of Dobby at the Warner Bros Studio Tour, London.

Artists drawing of Dobby at the Warner Bros Studio Tour, London.

Fill in the form below, telling me the Title and Author of your favourite book that you’ve read multiple times and briefly explain why, add your contact details and I’ll come back to you and we can feature the book as long as it is suitable for the blog. No cheating and promoting your own books though!

This has been a great feature, I have now removed the form to reduce my spam mail, you can still contact me via the contact tab at the top of the blog if you have a book you’d like to tell us about. Or just post a comment below. Thanks.