Spirit Warriors by D.E.L.Connor (Feb 6th)

Spirit Warriors: The Concealing (Volume 1)Spirit Warriors: The Concealing by D E L Connor

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Spirit Warriors is a Young Adult story set in Montana, USA. It is an extremely well written tale about a group of friends growing up in the freedom of the wild landscape. The group have grown up re-enacting battle scenes with General Custer and Chief Crazy Horse. The story is narrated by 16 year old Emme, the daughter of a Montana Rancher. Her group of friends include Charlie the love of her life and the descendant of local Native Americans. Under the watchful eye of Archie, the foreman on the Flying A Ranch and Charlie’s Grandpa, the teenagers camp out in Tepees and learn the stories of The Native American ancestors.

Charlie believes his destiny is to protect Emme and that all the teenagers will need to join together as spirit warriors to fight an evil spirit. Machayiwiw will come soon and threaten the lives of the group, to be at their strongest for battle they must join with animal spirits and use their strengths for the coming battle.

Lilly is Emme’s best friend, but she spends her time with her friends, avoiding going home to a father who constantly abuses her. She is thrown a life line by Oscar Hines who leaves his ranch to her upon his death. She is wiser to her own destiny than Emme can believe, and her cheerful character humbles those who know her.

When Jack Arrington arrives to live with his uncle on the Flying A Ranch he befriends the group instantly. They must trust him and let him in on their secret lives. The group have a very close and supportive friendship which would be the envy of many teenagers, their dress code for the school prom is a prime example. Meanwhile the evil is drawing closer.

The author captures some great emotional moments between the teenagers and the events which surround Lilly. It brought tears to my own eyes on more than one occasion. This book deals with social issues which face many teenagers in todays society. I liked the setting where the children grew up in the countryside with horses, farms and native traditions. The historical lessons involving the spirits of the ancestors brought great meaning to the story and the interactions with the adults in the story worked well. I know I’ve read a good book when it stays with me for several days and I keep thinking about it. This book is not just for the YA market, adults can enjoy it too.

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Just for laughs…

This is from “Over The Farmer’s Gate” by Roger Evans. It did make me laugh..

Imagine a couple of “weekenders” who have bought a house in the countryside, the house has a septic tank situated down the field and has a pipe running back to the house. The pipe gets blocked, drain rods won’t clear the pipe and toilet arrangements have become difficult.

So they ask a local farmer for help who quotes a high price, but they agree in order to solve the problem. The farmer, using his mini digger can’t find the cause of the problem, so calls in a friend with his slurry tanker. He asks him to fill the tanker with water to see if they can “ease” the blockage. Slurry tankers usually fill by vacuum, so what can suck can blow.

They took 1500 gallons of water and fitted the pipe to the blocked pipe by the septic tank. The plan was for the farmer to go to the bathroom in the house and his friend to send some water up the pipe, as soon as there was some clearance the farmer would phone his friend on his mobile phone to tell him to stop.

The first visible clearance of liquid came up through the toilet so fast that it hit the ceiling, the farmer tried to phone his friend but couldn’t get a signal! So he put the toilet seat down and stood on it, only to be thrown across the bathroom. He ran outside, but not before 1500 gallons of dirty water had gone right through the house. But to be fair, they had cleared the blockage!

Over The Farmer’s Gate by Roger Evans a collection of thoughts and tales from a popular English Dairy Farmer.