Guest author William J Crisel

Today our guest is William J Crisel author of yesterday’s book Fairy and Blood: Lilac. Here is a link to the post if you missed it.

William J Crisel

Let’s find out more about William.

1) Where is your home town?
I was born in Charleston, South Carolina.

2) How long have you been writing? What is your favourite genre?
I have been writing since I was a teen, although I didn’t get around to publishing until 2013. My favourite genre has to be fantasy or dark fantasy. Though I’m not opposed to other genres.

3) What was the one idea behind Fairy and Blood which sparked the book?
The idea behind the book was actually a simple one. To take an unlikely character who is seen in different respects or roles and put them in another that might be unexpected. I also like the concept of struggle, often I see a good book that tells a creative and compelling tale but puts the issue of struggle on the side as more of an inconvenience.
4) Why did you use a fairy as your heroine?
I point you to the last question and my response but I suppose giving more detail on it doesn’t hurt. I chose a fairy because they always seemed innocent. They have been portrayed as healers, guides, omens or voices of wisdom. I haven’t seen one take a heroic lead unless you count on tales that still sugar coat their nature. I wanted a fairy that was strong. I wanted a tale of a fairy that was willing to put her life on the line for something greater then she or something she believed was worth putting herself in dangerous situations over. I wanted a no-nonsense character that while acting on her ideals held onto not just a physical struggle but an inner struggle as well. I wanted a fairy that wasn’t just a fairy but a heroine.
5) Why was Lilac all alone?
She was alone because of her characteristics. She is generally stubborn and I suppose because of that trait would be unwilling to seek out help. There is also the issue that her kind had been scattered from so long ago and had a general distrust of others.
6) Which was your favourite seasonal sprite and why?
I would have to say Fall. He had the ability to communicate with all living things but was so desperately craving companionship. The character was pretty much a villain but all that villain wanted was love.
7) Can you briefly tell the readers about the star?
The living star. Without giving to much away about her, I will say she was the catalyst to the fairies difficult lifestyles. I would also say she could be misunderstood in what it was that she did or was trying to do. Her appearance is brought forth by Lilac taking on more struggle than that of any other of her kind.
8) How would you describe your target audience for this book?
This book was targeting in my view, teens to young adults, as well as adults. It does have words that aren’t often seen or used. But I feel it doesn’t hurt to discover a new word that could expand your vocabulary. Words can be beautiful wondrous things and deserve to be seen and used.
9) What are you working on at the moment?
I’m working on the sequel to this book. I want to expand upon this world and answer a few questions that are left with the audience after reading the first book. I want to show the aftermath of Lilac’s actions from the view of another, although the character in the sequel has his own issues he must discover and deal with.
10) Where can readers find out more about you?
Well if they are willing to put up with my odd sense of humour, they can find me on G+ under the name william crisel. Or if they want to know more they can always email me directly and ask me questions. My email is
Fairy and Blood: Lilac
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Fairy and Blood: Lilac by William J Crisel

Fairy and Blood: LilacFairy and Blood: Lilac by William J. Crisel

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Fairy and blood is a dark tale of pain and struggle. We meet the fairy Lilac resting in the woods. She’s a hunter and fighter and wants to put the world back in balance. A quest follows, but first we see first hand how ruthless Lilac is when she takes on a badger to the death.

She seeks out the sprites who have taken on the powers of the four seasons, but have grown corrupt with their powers. Spring has become a growth of wickedness. Summer is filled with rage and fire, whilst autumn lives in a black void. The sprite who is winter is just sad and lonely wanting an escape from the cruel world.

As the tale unfolds we learn how Lilac removes the powers from the sprites as well as the story of a star who gifted these powers to greedy fairies long ago. In a final battle with a powerful foe Lilac returns the balance of power to earth.

The story is very well written, there are lots of passages full of eloquent words, Lilac’s quest is a lonely one with very few opportunities for dialogue with other characters. At times I struggled to pick up the flow of the storyline as I stopped to check out words from my dictionary.

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