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Dear Anyone by Sue Whitaker
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Three Point Five Stars

Dear Anyone is a story written in the form of letters between Ava Cunningham, a woman with pancreatic cancer who lives in Swanage in England and a prisoner in the Florida state prison. They are both suffering for very different reasons and find comfort in reaching out and bearing their souls to a complete stranger rather than those closer to home.

Throughout their correspondence their friendship grows ending in them finally meeting and getting a happy ever after ending.

I would have liked to see a wider difference in the writing styles of both characters for this book to work better for me, the prisoner was surprisingly very eloquent for one whose earlier life lacked much education.

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REMEMBER REMEMBER by Sue Whitaker @etabookclub @ETAPublishing Bonfire Safety Message

Remember Remember 2nd Edition by Sue Whitaker
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Remember, Remember is an ideal book to read to a group of children, perhaps in junior school, senior school or a youth group as part of a topical firework theme. It is a short story, set in London around fourteen year old Carla Robinson.

Carla is a typical teenager, part of a group of cool friends, who are into make-up, hair and following trends which make them fit in with the popular crowd. This all changes for Carla on the night of November 5th when she is victim of a cruel accident.

She awakes two days later in the burns unit of the local hospital with memory loss, intense pain and a radically changed future. This book reaches out with its safety message to all on bonfire night.

Book Description

Imagine your life being rudely and dramatically changed… It’s the 5th of November and a firework in the wrong hands spells trouble for Carla and changes her life for ever. Read this inspirational story of one girl’s fight to overcome the stigma of disfigurement and how a few kind words from an unexpected source, turned thoughts of revenge into a passion to help others. This book is a book with a message, it will entertain, it will provoke thought and it will also educate young people to be responsible with Fireworks. Schools will find this book a valuable tool to use when teaching on the dangers of Fireworks.

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