🍂Here Comes October In My English Garden. #SixOnSaturday #GardeningTwitter #Autumn

A storm blew in on Friday afternoon, so I took my pictures in advance of the rainy squall. We will have to wait to see what will be left standing after the wind. My tall sunflower has already lost a few branches.

Saturday October 1st

So let’s jump right in with what was flowering on Friday morning.

My pot of Gazania have flowered on and off for most of the summer which has pleased me. I have once again collected the fluffy seed from them. Last Spring I had a zero germination rate from the previous year’s seed. So when I collected the seed a few weeks ago, I planted a late summer test tray. I have one seedling which I now need to keep alive all through winter.


The yellow rose near my front door has done well, it only gets early morning sun, so it has been in the shade during the drought which has kept it from dying back. I have tried soft wood cuttings, but I’m not convinced they are alive. I shall wait a bit longer before a final decision. It is a lovely rose, less thorny than other varieties.

Yellow Rose

The Salvia are coming back for a second flowering now that the temperatures have cooled and we’ve had a few showers of rain. These ones are a hot pink colour, so much so that they haven’t photographed well.


I have two Mahonia in my garden, this one is the soft leaved variety and flowers earlier than my spiky leaved one.

Soft leaved Mahonia

Fifth photo goes to a single Cosmos from left over seeds that I scattered over the ground. That reminds me, I don’t think I’ve gathered any seeds from them for next year. I shall check my envelopes of seeds to make sure.


My final photo goes to the pot of Sweet Alyssum (Lobolaria) which had an early showing, then died back in the drought, but it is now enjoying a second wind. I have other plants of this variety which came in wild seed packs and their honey scent is scattered throughout the garden.

Sweet Alyssum

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🍅🌽Harvest Time In My English Garden. #SixOnSaturday #GardeningTwitter #GrowYourOwnVeg

This week I’ve been helping out on the farm, first off last Saturday afternoon with an emergency caesarean section calving, then a few days later with the corn cart. In my garden I have also been harvesting. The beans have dried up, but the greenhouse is in full swing.

Vegetables and flowers from my garden
August 6th Six On Saturday

First photo is of my tomatoes (S. Pierre). They have been enjoying the heat and are the largest ones I’ve ever grown. Better still, they are very tasty too!


Second photo is of my Sweetcorn (Goldcrest) (the camera didn’t do the green leaves justice) but it is the kernels that are important. I had eight plants which I got in the ground very early.

Sweetcorn from my garden

Third photo goes to some Evening Primrose, these self seed all over. I am trying to grown a pink variety, but they are still seedlings and the pesky white-fly have been feasting on them, so I’m not sure how they will survive.

Evening primrose flowers from my garden
Evening Primrose

Next photo is of some purple Penstemon, last week I featured pink ones, but these are very much a different shade. These are under the sunflowers and have been shaded from the scorching sun.

Purple Penstemon form my garden
Purple Penstemon

The Crocosmia have suffered in the dry, most of their leaves are brown and crisp, but I still have a reasonable amount of flowers despite the lack of rain.

Crocosmia from my garden

Final photo goes to my cucumbers. These are just some of the fruit from this plant, it is enjoying the heat and humidity of the greenhouse, where it can rampage around. Much better than taking over my conservatory where I grew them in the past.

Cucumbers from my garden

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Vegetables and flowers from my garden
August 6th Six On Saturday


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There Are Always Flowers For Those Who Want To See Them. #SixOnSaturday #GardenTwitter

We have had some gloriously sunny days this week. The birds are nesting, the bees are buzzing and the flowers are blooming. All I want to do is spend time outside enjoying it all. Every time I hear a bee I’m chasing it to get a photo. I did manage to sit and watch a miner bee digging in the soil to make a nest, but it was up in the woods rather than in my garden. I posted a video of it on my Instagram page here.

First photo is of the Pulmonaria which has finally flowered. It is enjoying the warmer days.

Second photo is of the flowering currant. I did show it last week, but now the blossoms have opened.

Third photo is of the first Forget-Me-Nots just peeping out. A cheeky plant which will self seed everywhere if left to itself.

Next photo is of the tiny Quince bush, since we moved here it has taken me almost three years to discover what it was. An over enthusiastic pair of secateurs were much to blame, but it valiantly survived and produced fruit last autumn. I’m glad that it showed me what it was.

Fifth photo is of the Grape Hyacinths. A pretty little flower which does its own thing year after year.

Last photo goes to the first of this year’s Rock Roses (Montpellier cistus). I only just spotted this one. I grew them from seed; the first year they didn’t flower, but last year I had a wonderful display in various pastel colours. Great for pollinators.

I am now off to repaint the back porch while we have some sunny dry days.

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Happy gardening


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Becoming Anorak Nid – A Rude Awakening by Alix B Macey

A Rude Awakening (Becoming Anorak Nid Book Two)A Rude Awakening by Alix B. Macey

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is the second book in the adventures of Nid the ant. I thoroughly enjoyed the lessons which the lovely fairy gave Nid in his quest to change his life. At the end of the first book we are left on a cliff hanger as Nid must face his fears and help his friends. Once again the Author’s voice is heard as the narrator and often the voice of reason. Nid and his friends are loveable characters in this children’s book of garden delights.

Find a copy of this book here from Amazon.

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Guest Author Alix B Macey

Today my guest is Alix Macey a local author of “Becoming Anorak Nid” which I reviewed here on the blog yesterday. Follow this link to the review post http://wp.me/p2Eu3u-2MN

Let’s go and meet Alix;

Alix B Macey

1)  Where is your home town?

Oooh now there’s a question!  Hometown? Born in Hampton Court, Middlesex, but we moved around a lot.  I have lived in 27 different places in the UK and 11 of those were before I was 15 years old! ( I have just written them all down so I could count)

Happily, now home is in a little village called Crondall, Nr. Farnham in Surrey. At  6 years, this is the longest place I have ever lived in, so this for me is most definitely “home” (followed very closely by Suffolk, then Kent – if that’s allowed?!)

2) How long have you been writing?

Ever since I was 4 years old and I could hold a pen!
I was full of stories as a child and would write story after story. In adulthood however, I am a relative newcomer to “grown-up” writing. I have written radio programme scripts, children’s animation scripts and website articles.  But my first two books in the Becoming Anorak Nid series began as an idea about 15 years ago and have been finished in the last 6 years. (yes I did say 6 years!)

3) Have you always written children’s books?

Not at all really.  I worked for a presenter for the BBC up until 2005, and so a lot of my writing has been scripts for programmes.  I have written a few scripts for children’s animations, but they were much more serious than I like to be when writing.  I see myself as a bit silly – well my children tell me on a daily basis that I am, and they are such judges of character, so I guess I must be!

4) Your fun book has a lot of subtle play on words with some of the names, can you tempt the readers with one or two examples?

Ha ha…yes,  I love this question.  My favourite is Sile.  He’s an ant who can’t talk so he is Sile-ant.  Being silent he is mute, so he is a mute-ant…mutant! He carries cardboard signs around with him everywhere so he can communicate –  so he uses “sign” language  Hah! Sorry I know I shouldn’t laugh but he just makes me giggle.  Then of course there is our hero; Nid.  He is a spider which of course is an-“arachnid”…an-arachnid. Nid buys a magic coat/anorak and becomes a bit of a superhero and gets known as Anorak Nid (an-arachnid).  Tee hee..can’t stop giggling..there are loads more…

5) You’ve chosen English Garden creatures as the characters, why was that?

I am an out-doorsy kind of girl, so I love nature. But to be honest it was really the way the story unfolded.  Nid, being a spider, could either have been a house or a garden of sorts.  And once he started on his adventure to Mr. Busy’s Bumble sale it took him outside, where he met all manner of wonderfully colourful characters.

6) Poor Nid lost his parents, can you tell us what happened to them?

They unfortunately got trodden on by the SB’s (Shoe Beings). It was a most unfortunate encounter with a sole and the stone tiling on the kitchen floor.  Sniff!

7) You’ve made the author have a voice as a narrator in the story, why?

Do you know; I don’t know why. It wasn’t a conscious effort, and not thought of at all. I just found myself talking to Nid, and he answered me back, so we became sort-of friends and he helped me tell his story.

8) Is there going to be a moral to the story?

Great question.  Oh yes, there are lots of morals – which come in the shape of a fairy with a massive social disorder – and lots of odd ribboned scrolls.  All is revealed in Book Two – A Rude Awakening. Things are not at all what you think they might be.

9) The book, but not the story, ends on a real cliff hanger which the reader can pick up in “Becoming Anorak kid – The rude awakening” what made you choose to make the story into 2 books?

…Shhh , don’t tell anyone but originally it was all one book.

I was told by a book analyser (that story is on my blog www.alixbmacey.com ) that for a paperback version the story was way too long, at over 30,000 words. So I was advised to turn it into two books. There seemed to be a natural split at the da..da..daaaa moment. So there you have it; one becomes two.

10) What are you working on at the moment? Do you have a publication date?

Book 3 in the Becoming anorak Nid series is currently being worked on – sadly in the loosest sense of the word.  I really must get a wriggle on.  Thank you for reminding me.  Names are not forthcoming yet, but it may very well have the word Turd in the title…eeeyeww!

Product DetailsBecoming Anorak Nid available here on Amazon.co.uk

Product DetailsBecoming Anorak Nid – A Rude awakening available here from Amazon.co.uk

Website – www.alixbmacey.com
Twitter – @alixbmacey
Thanks for being our guest today, it’s been great meeting someone local.

Becoming Anorak Nid by Alix B Macey

Becoming Anorak Nid (Book One)Becoming Anorak Nid by Alix B. Macey

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Becoming Anorak Nid was a surprise to me, I envisaged the storyline being about a child, but it was a delight to read about lots of English garden creatures. This children’s book is fun and easy to read and follows the timid character of Nid the spider, in his search for a suitable coat at a garden sale. Nid’s best friend uses sign language and Nid himself suffers at the hand of a garden bully. Nid’s tale has added asides by the narrator and ends with a cliff hanger which leads straight into the second book in the adventure. This book is very suitable for junior school age children or could easily be read to younger children by an adult.

Find a copy of this book here on Amazon.

I am delighted that the author is local to my area and I shall be interviewing Alix tomorrow on the blog, do pop back and check it out.

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