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Twin Reflections (The Maze of Mirrors #1)Twin Reflections by Elizabeth R. Joseph
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Twin Reflections is a #YA #Fantasy with a magical element. Two children Vera and Mark live in a children’s shelter and have been looked after by Karrie. However Karrie has recently disappeared and Vera feels duty bound to find her.

Vera discovers a magical portal and her and Mark find themselves in a secret maze where mirrors reflect their inner thoughts and desires. The author has chosen to write the maze storyline with twists, turns and sudden scene changes aligning the action with that of travel through a maze.

The maze poses magical illusions for Vera and Mark to work through, Vera herself possess a magical gene and must use this to help them find their way out. There are other characters Queen Missena who owns a model of the intricate maze, one which has developed and changed over time. She wants to be tied to the maze and so the storyline unfolds.

There is room the tighten the language and writing style this young author uses which will come with experience. With the saturated #YA #Fantasy market this book needs to “Pop” a little more with the characters and the vivid descriptive passages to truly engage the reader. A good start to a writing career.

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