Flawed Perfection by Cassandra Giovanni

Flawed Perfection (Beautifully Broken, #1)Flawed Perfection by Cassandra Giovanni

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is written for the New Adult contemporary Romance market. Adam and Bobby Beckerson are brothers who both love a girl called River. Having been brought up together since childhood the three struggle to deal with the changes from best friends to boyfriend/girlfriend, especially when there is a feisty love triangle going on. All three live in the same apartment block in Boston with the boys sharing.

Bobby is a hockey coach after an injury stopped his sports career. He is the favoured son and can do no wrong in his mother’s eyes. Adam is a musician and gets a job teaching music in a school. His job, music and choice of girlfriend is despised by his mother.

River has been friends with the boys since childhood, she’ll stick up for them, hang out with them and do everything good friends do until love gets in the way.

This book has a lot of dialogue. There are many tears and tantrums, fights and relationship issues. Contemporary fiction often throws you right in to the middle of the characters lives, it’s a chance to compare your own life to those of the people in the book rather than escaping into another world offered by other genres.

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