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Delwyn of the Realms (Storming Archives - Book 1)Delwyn of the Realms by Kelly Proudfoot

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Delwyn of the Realms is a fantasy story and book one of the Storming Archives series. Set in Australia the book deals with Delwyn a thirty year old women who suffers from many psychiatric disorders; Narcolepsy – a disease with fits of sleepiness and drowsiness, Hypnopompic and Hypnagogic hallucinations – visual, tactile, auditory, or other sensory events, she also claims to astral travel and have mental splitting issues – where a person can have a personality disorder.

This makes her a complex character and we first meet her as she leaves a two month stay in a psychiatric ward. Her Aunt has agreed she can go and stay with her on her farm. Delwyn has always preferred the dream world as an escape from reality and we learn of a troubled upbringing which may have contributed to her current state.

Whilst at the farm Delwyn discovers a magical mirror which takes her to another realm, a dream world where she meets Varun the guardian of her dreams in a place called Onesol. This is a new secret for Delwyn and she stops taking her medication and thrills at her visits to this world, a place of discovery where she believes she can face her fears.

In the real world Delwyn must still have sessions with a psychiatrist and under hypnosis she reveals too much of her dream realms and others try to take away her chance to become a Portal Stormer.

The psychiatric disorders make Delwyn’s character very hard to relate to, she is full of aggressive anger, fear and her moments of regret are shallow. The book centres around Delwyns dream adventures and the realms she visits will be continued in book two of the series.

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Delwyn of the Realms – Storming Archives – Book 1 by Kelly Proudfoot


Newly released from the psych ward, freshly divorced, haunted by her dreams and mental splintering all Delwyn wants is to head somewhere safe to rebuild her shattered life. She is welcomed with open arms by her Aunt Gwen on her farm, a place that has always invigorated Delwyn, made her soul sing with its fresh clear and clean air and water. She realizes that running away to her Aunt’s was fine when it came to hiding from her earthly problems, but her psychological issues would always find her. She could never escape her destiny.


Delwyn stumbles into dream world and her whole world changes. Trying to keep a balance between normal life on the farm and her escapes through the magic mirror she fights for sanity, healing and acceptance.


Being at odds with reality and venturing further and further into realm of dream world finally pushes her over the edge and she ends up in hospital once again. Her mirror gets smashed and her soul almost destroyed…will she be able to pick up the pieces and return to normal life with her Aunt and Greg or will her destiny forever haunt her…


Not for the faint-hearted – a foray into dreams, realms and astral travelling. Questioning our basis of what is real and acceptable and the lengths our fear will let us go to to maintain normal. Striking, rich analogues, touching on our baser instincts, leaving touches of the knowledge of shared consciousness that we all subconsciously connect with during dream time. The writer forces us to questioning our basis for psychological analysis, labeling personalities, traits and abilities. This tale takes the reader on a scary, eye opening journey through realms with Delwan and Varun, moving three steps forward, two steps back, breaking old patterns, learning to trust her core and accept her being different, all the while seeking her snow capped mountain.


A magnificent tale…warm, heartbreaking, funny and vivid…can’t wait to follow Delwyn and Greg onto the next journey…

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