A Punctual Paymaster by Dan Groat

A Punctual PaymasterA Punctual Paymaster by Dan Groat

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I had forgotten why I down loaded this book and it sat on my kindle for a long time, but once I began reading it I was drawn straight in to the world of Cousin and the town of Delphi. We follow an intricately woven trail through the lives of the generations of people who are split into the “North” side of town and the “South” side. I’m talking about segregation and all that comes with the times and the territory, but there is such a deeper side to the book. Cousin instils a proud set of rules through an old family name with a meaning “Walk with Strength” which his grandson continues to live by, years later. The book title does not become apparent until the very last line of the book. If you read “The Help” by Kathryn Stockett and found it moving, then I believe this book will have a similar effect.
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