Friday Challenge – Could You Adopt Better Habits?

Friday Challenge – Week 3

Welcome to week 3 of the Friday Challenge where we are joined Shelley Wilson, author of How I Changed My Life In A Year.

Shelley is sharing with us easy ideas about how we can make our lives better and also the lives of those around us.

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Shelley Wilson

Could You Adopt Better Habits?


We could all benefit from changing our routines once in a while. Simply choosing to drive a different route to work can do wonders for your well-being. For my book How I Changed My Life in a Year, I spent month six adopting better habits by growing vegetables, eating a vegetarian diet and de-cluttering.


When I teach my personal development workshops I inevitably touch on the topic of de-cluttering as it is one of the simplest ways to feel lighter and brighter. Clearing your personal space can have a profound effect on body and mind. A clear canvas is the perfect starting point for any new venture, creative idea or period of recovery.


Using my simple four-step process, you can quench your craving for a little inner peace and maybe find the odd fiver tucked away in an old coat pocket!


  1. Take responsibility. Are you surrounded by magazines, CDs or twelve glass vases? Does your wardrobe contain ‘thin’ clothes and ‘fat’ clothes? Is your cupboard under the stairs full to the brim with shoes, coats and bespectacled wizards? Decide to do something about it now.
  2. Take it slowly. When faced with a mountain of ‘stuff,’ don’t panic. It may look overwhelming but it doesn’t have to be. Take it one room at a time. When you look around the room you have chosen, break it down even further, and take it one piece of furniture at a time. Clear a desk drawer or one shelf on the bookcase and then build up to the entire desk.
  3. Tools to help. All you’ll need are three cardboard boxes. Label the boxes: Donate, Bin and Sell. Take all your unwanted items that are still in good condition to a charity shop. Throw out all the broken items or anything that no longer has value. Sell as much as you can at a car boot, your rubbish is someone else’s treasure.
  4. Completion. You’ve done a car boot and transferred all the unsold items into your donate box; you’ve driven to the local refuse centre and dropped off your bin box now you need to deliver your charity box. DON’T leave it by your front door or in the boot of your car, you’ve done so well, don’t stop now.


Challenge accepted and achieved. A clutter-free home makes for a clutter-free mind and can help you feel better about yourself and your environment. With the clean slate you are ready to tackle anything that comes your way, so I extend my challenge to you – adopt a better habit, change an overused routine or tidy up your writing desk.

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