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Amanda has been reading Vincent Crow: Export by DCJ Wardle for Brook Cottage Books




Vincent’s unique but ad-hoc approach to self-improvement has inspired him to journey east. He has the chance for a completely new beginning as he throws himself in to the unexplored depths of the Asian business world. The cascade of disaster that permeates Vince’s haphazard approach to personal advancement means that this new chapter of his life in a foreign country is anything but straightforward.  However, Vince has the added complication of bringing his nan along for the adventure, which may not be the most astute decision he has ever made…


I loved this book it the second book all about the adventures or I should say mishaps of Vincent Cow you will just love him he so funny I enjoyed all the humour in this wonderful book it so much fun to read it just hooks you

I felt Vincent was a great character I could so easy connect to him i just love him so much he always got to do the best thing he was now trying to set up a chain of hotel in the far east but could he keep up with the local regulations i just loved his way       of getting around things but sometimes he uses one or two  bribe these just make me smile it a real eye opener this fun tale the disaster are so silly but so real to read about

Vincent nana was my favourite character she was so lovely her ways made me laugh i loved her rants she was so quirky so full of life just a brilliant character

This story just pulls  you into it you will not want to stop till you finished it i just loved the whole concept of the book i bet you like me will be able to relate to the characters i like them all it a great book to read so funny

Please check it out you will love it

I like to thank Brooks cottage tours for letting me read and review for this tour i am also part of Rosie  Amber book review team






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Letter V April A to Z Challenge #AtoZChallenge

Day 22 April A to Z Challenge my theme is characters from books I’ve read plus some audience participation.

Letter V is for Vince Crow from Trading Vincent Crow by D. C. J Wardle


Trading Vincent Crow is a book of British dark humour. Don’t let the title put you off. We first meet Vincent Crow employed in a lowly job as kitchen pot-washer in a pub called “The Carrot and Jam Kettle” in the Midlands of England; it’s New Year’s Eve. Vowing not to be stuck in this job forever Vince decides it’s time to aim higher, he’s got a trade-up plan to better himself in life.

Through luck and keeping his eyes open to opportunities, his head on his shoulders and his strict three month trade-up rule Vince finds himself as; a bar-man, a factory worker, a London hotel receptionist, a temporary hotel manager, a London cabbie, a Porsche driving Chauffeur, a Pub manager and ends his year with an offer to run a business in Asia.

I did find the first part of the book a bit slow, it pre-dates the internet boom and the social networking of today, but once Vince got to London, the book picked up and had me chuckling along. The black-market world of the foreign Europeans and their scheming hard-working ways to make money poked fun at the more gullible Westerners. I particularly warmed to Vince’s Nan when he came home and her colourful language, plus there is a delightful episode with a Tiger in Asia.

A quick read and definitely one with a few giggles along the way.

Find a copy here from or

For my audience participation I’m asking readers to create book titles using the letter V for the picture below.

A book title and cover picture can often make or break a book sale. Is a book cover eye-catching? Does the book title appeal to the reader?

Have fun creating book titles from my own pictures, you might even think about a genre they could fit.

Toronto Train

Leave your answers below in the comments and I’ll choose my favourites.

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April Editions Of Magazines Which Feature My Book Reviews

Movers and shakers for April editions of Fleet Life and Elvetham Heath Directory the magazines which feature my book reviews.

This month Fleet Life has featured the following books, for the online version go to, load the online directory and turn to page 42;

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The Serenity Stone Murder by Marianne Jones

Sea Witch by Helen Hollick

Walking On The Edge by Zee Monodee

Trading Vincent Crow by DJG Wardle

The Cheesemaker’s House by Jane Cable

Elvetham Heath Directory has featured the following books, for the online version go to, load the online directory

and turn to page 28;

EHD blog April

Chasing The Devil by Tim Butcher

The Devil, The Diva and The Deep Blue Sea by Margaret Langstaff

Yesterday’s News by Sam Cheever

How To Complain by Helen Dewdney

Seventh Mark by W.J. May