Altdorf by J.K.Swift

Altdorf (The Forest Knights, #1)Altdorf by J.K. Swift

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

After a slow start and the introduction of lots of characters I began to enjoy the book. Then at the half way point I started to really enjoy it and was disappointed when it ended. Would definitely consider reading the next in the series. Set in the time of the Medieval crusades, the book follows the tale of a group of soldiers returning to their homes in the Alpine mountains. Mystery, magic, fighting Lords and heroes helping the weak and the poor, all good story making material.

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Crusade by Stewart Binns

At the moment I’m reading a thrilling tale of adventure surrounding 1066, the Battle of Hastings and all that follows. The story revolves around Edgar, the child who was true heir to the English Throne when William the Conqueror brought his Normans to England. He collects an unusual band of warriors and they travel together to Sicily and later as part of the Holy Crusades. There is a lot of history and historical characters to read through, but the detail is fascinating. If you like historical novels or want to know more about the Normans or the crusades, then this would be a great read.