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Three Weddings and a ProposalThree Weddings and a Proposal by Sheila O’Flanagan

4 stars

Three Weddings And A Proposal is a contemporary story set in Ireland in a post-pandemic time. Delphie is the personal assistant of a successful businessman and the story opens with her being in charge of buying a very expensive bracelet for her boss’s girlfriend.

In her personal life Delphie needs a plus-one partner for her brother’s wedding; she’s running out of time to find a single man. Luckily, while returning from a business trip she bumps into an ex-boyfriend who kindly agrees to attend the wedding with her.

Fast forward a few weeks and Delphie’s life has been turned upside down, both on the work and domestic front. She has a lot of decisions to make and while her family think they know what she wants, Delphie needs to discover where her true feelings lie.

This was an easy read in a popular genre; much of the story was quite predictable, though, so some readers may be a little disappointed. I particularly enjoyed the Irish setting, and Delphie’s organisational skills were quite inspiring. I also liked how this was set just after the current pandemic, giving me some hope for a return to normality.

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Desc 1

At the first wedding, there‘s a shock

The second wedding is unexpected

By the third, Delphie thinks nothing could surprise her. But she’s wrong . . .

Delphie is enjoying her brother’s wedding. Her surprise last-minute Plus One has stunned her family – and it’s also stopped any of them asking again why she’s still single. But when she sees all the missed calls that evening, she knows it can’t be good news. And she’s right.

Delphie has been living her best life, loving her job, her friends, her no-strings relationships and her dream house by the sea. Now she has to question everything she believed about who she is and what she wants. Is her mum right – is it time to settle down? Or does she want to keep on trying to have it all?

Each wedding of a glorious summer brings a new surprise. And as everything Delphie thought she had is threatened, she has the chance to reshape her future.

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SECOND HELPINGS by Kristen Bailey book #2 in series of #Contemporary #WomensFiction @baileyforce6

Second Helpings (Souper Mum Series Book 2)Second Helpings by Kristen Bailey
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Second Helpings is book 2 in the Souper Mum series of contemporary women’s fiction for fans of book one Souper Mum. This book is best read as part of the series to keep up with the full cast of characters.

Housewife and mother of four, Jools Campbell shot to media fame in book one when she took on celebrity chef Tommy McCoy and stood up for everyday mums. In this book she’s been asked to judge a kids reality TV cooking show called “Little Chefs”. After she signs the contract she finds out that her co-host will also be Tommy McCoy.

Jools must juggle family life, new family roles and the celebrity life with all the back stabbing it embroils.

Once again this book is written in a high-speed dialogue lead style and offers a window from which to watch the goings on of a mother’s rise to fame.

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Book Description

Exactly eighteen months after her dramatic cook-off against nemesis Tommy McCoy, Jools Campbell’s down-to-earth approach to cooking and family life has won her many fans. But when the roof of her house caves in she is desperate for cash and finds herself agreeing to be a judge on a kids’ cooking show called Little Chefs. 

She is soon horrified to find that her co-star and fellow judge is none other than Tommy McCoy, on a mission to save his reputation. The audience loves the abrasive chemistry between Jools and McCoy – whose style involves making the child-contestants cry – and soon the show is hugely popular. Behind the scenes, Jools is juggling all the relationships in her life with being a working mum. Will she succeed? Will she ever work out what quinoa is? Can she deal with Second Helpings of McCoy and the all too familiar media intrusion into her life?

About the author

Kristen Bailey

Mother-of-four, gin-drinker, binge-watcher, receipt hoarder, hapless dog owner, enthusiastic but terrible cook. Kristen also writes. She has had short fiction published in several publications including Mslexia & Riptide. Her novels are her own take on contemporary women’s fiction and are published by the very excellent Accent Press.

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Rosie’s #BookReview Team #RBRT GOOGLE YOUR HUSBAND BACK by Julie Butterfield #SundayBlogShare

Today’s second Team review is from Luccia, she blogs at

#RBRT Review Team

Luccia has been reading Google You Husband Back by Julie Butterfield


Humorous and feel good contemporary women’s fiction.

Kate is a busy, young mother. Her daughter, Millie, takes up all her time and energy. She neglects her own need and her husband’s too. Alex feels ignored and unloved by his wife, so he falls into the arms of a colleague and leaves a devastated Kate, without any type of explanation.

As her life falls to pieces, Kate spends most of the novel figuring out why he left, because her only aim is to get him back, in spite of the reason and the way in which he left. She has the help of Google’s search engine for suggestions, as well as her friend Fiona and her mother’s advice. Kate gradually gets her life back on track thanks to their support, her salsa classes, and Josh, her salsa partner.

Fortunately, Kate meets Josh, another, more mature type of man. We’ve all come across immature and selfish men like Alex and sensitive and understanding men like Josh, although both extremes did seem at times a little stereotyped.

Kate eventually realises she needs to take charge of her life, get a job, ask her mother for help and support with Millie, and stand on her own two feet before she can decide what she really wants out of life. Does she want her husband back, does she need to move forward into another relationship, or does she need to get on with her life on her own?

Kate’s story is narrated in the third person, mostly from her point of view. It’s told with a great deal of humour and feeling. It’s a well written, easy and quick to read. I’m sure most women can relate to Kate and her predicament. I enjoyed reading this novel very much. It was mostly funny and poignant a times. The ending is satisfactory and hopeful, although the best part of the conclusion is Kate’s own journey to empowerment and self-discovery.

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Walking In The Rain by Julia Ibbotson @JuliaIbbotson @BrookCottageBks #bookreview

Walking in the Rain (Drumbeats 2)Walking in the Rain by Julia Ibbotson

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Walking In the Rain is the second book in the Drumbeats Trilogy. It follows the life of Jess. In the first book she has taken a gap year in Ghana. This book is about what happens when she gets back. In the beginning Jess wants to return to Ghana after University and I was looking forward to some African adventures, but the story veers away from this.

This book deals with Simon, Jess’s boyfriend, who finished with her when she returned from Ghana. But then had a turn-around of thoughts once he saw others interested in her. He then diligently pursued her, rushing an engagement and marriage while Jess was still studying.

The book is written from the POV of Jess looking back at her life with Simon, and pursuing her ultimate dream to become an author by writing down her life story. Her marriage to Simon was a constant struggle because he suffered from mental illness which was treated as manic depression and later diagnosed as bi-polar. Jess dealt with all the abuse and hardships from both Simon, his parents and even the rejection from the Quaker community she’d grown up in.

This is a sad book dealing with the darker sides of human life.

This review is based on a free copy of the book given to me by the author.

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Genre: Contemporary women’s romance fiction

Release Date: 30th March 2015


How do you cope when your worst nightmare comes true?

Jess happily marries the love of her life. She wants to feel safe, secure and loved. But gradually it becomes clear that her beloved husband is not the man she thought him to be. She survived civil war and injury in Africa, but can she now survive the biggest trauma of her life?


This is the second novel in the Drumbeats trilogy but can be read as a standalone. However, Drumbeats is so amazing you should just read it too!


Walking in the Rain

Before I Die

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Julia Ibbotson is an author and academic, and lives in the middle of the English countryside in a renovated Victorian rectory with her husband, an orchard, a kitchen garden and far too many moles. Their four children are now grown up and they have four gorgeous grandchildren. She was a school teacher for many years before becoming a senior university lecturer, researcher and writer. She loves reading, travelling, choral singing, theatre, walking, swimming and gardening, as well as cooking for family and friends. Her books include a memoir/recipe book, The Old Rectory: escape to a country kitchen, and a children’s book (9-14 year olds),S.C.A.R.S, a fantasy story of dragons, knights and a boy who slips through the fabric of the universe into a parallel medieval world threatened by the evil Myrthor, the heart of darkness.


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Pinterest page: includes boards with pics and images that inspired each book

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