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Take Me Home (Last Frontier Lodge, #1)Take Me Home by J.H. Croix
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Take Me Home is book one of The Last Frontier Lodge series of contemporary romances set in Alaska.

After being robbed and assaulted in Seattle, Marley has returned to her childhood home in the hopes of putting the past behind her. She wants to use her technology know-how to start a new job.

Gage has recently been left an old ski resort by his grandmother; after leaving his life as a Navy SEAL, he decides to put his energies into re-opening the once popular winter sports area. Gage might be good with the practical work, but he needs help setting up the website. Marley is just the person he needs.

This is a lovely small town setting with good community spirit; people are excited about the ski resort plans and are happy to help get the place running in time for the post-Christmas season. I particularly liked the wild Alaskan setting.

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Orange rose book description
Book description

A sexy Christmas romance set against the wilderness and beauty of small-town Alaska. Gage Hamilton is a smoldering Navy SEAL and a man on a mission. He’s returning to Diamond Creek, Alaska to resurrect his dream of reopening Last Frontier Lodge. Marley Adams moves back home hoping to find a sense of security and safety after it was stolen from her.

Gage has spent many years successfully avoiding emotional entanglements. He is looking for nothing more than peace and sanctuary at his family’s old ski lodge. His new neighbor, Marley, was definitely not part of his plans. Marley is a brainy computer whiz and way too sexy for Gage’s own good. A man who prides himself on always being in control, Gage finds that he has little when it comes to Marley.

Marley only wants to get her feet back under her after her world was turned upside down in Seattle. She’s been focused on little else beyond her work and is seriously out of practice with anything resembling romance…including the scorching hot attraction that sizzles anytime Gage crosses her path.

Gage and Marley are powerless against the magnetic pull between them. Steamy and snowy nights weave a spell around them. While Marley thought she escaped whoever set out to hurt her in Seattle, she finds the threat of danger has followed her to Diamond Creek. Gage must face the depth of his feelings for Marley when he realizes he will do anything to protect her. Can Marley and Gage discover love in time for Christmas? The magic of a white Christmas is right around the corner.

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💕Book #1 of a #ContemporaryRomance series. Rosie’s #Bookreview of Irrevocable by A J Reid

Irrevocable (Guardians Book 1)Irrevocable by A.J. Reid
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

3.5 stars

Irrevocable is the first book in the Guardians series of contemporary military romances.

Tess, a nurse in a neonatal unit, has sworn off men. However, her friends take her out for the evening to a popular nightclub where she trips and falls into Ethan, a good looking guy, but he accuses Tess of deliberately throwing herself at him and they separate after their disagreement.

They meet a second time at a charity event when Tess sneaks to the stables for a glimpse of a famous race horse. Ethan’s on guard duty to prevent guests from wandering, and once again the pair argue.

This is an enemies-to-lovers style story with a Texas setting which also squeezes in a good dose of secondary themes, all of which vied for attention. I did enjoy the story to a point, but it tried too hard to cover all the points where more depth could have worked just as well with fewer plot ideas.

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Orange rose book description
Book description

When Tess nosedives into Ethan, it’s a genuine accident. But when she trespasses? Maybe not so much.

When Tess Williams, a neonatal intensive care unit nurse, finds her fiancé in bed with another woman, she is done with dating. Even if it means she won’t have a family of her own, because trust and honesty are that important to her. Hellbent on avoiding any temptation of the male kind, she makes one devastating mistake: nosediving into the solid chest of a Delta Force operator.

Her second far-reaching mistake? Trespassing.

Ethan Mitchell, only son of a Texas billionaire, joined the Army to turn his life around. Adamant all women are only after money and can’t be trusted, and to keep his past secret, he is only interested in casual flings. Until a stubborn and infuriating five-foot-seven firecracker crashes into him, insisting he is mistaken, and he needs to apologize.

Sure. Like hell he is. And like hell he will.

Ethan may admit he is wrong (about one woman specifically), but will he risk exposing his secrets to keep her in his life? And Tess may give in to the attraction between them, but will she risk her heart for someone who, all too often, is sent on life-threatening missions?

Content warning: This novel contains realistic neonatal experiences.

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Rosie’s #Bookreview Team #RBRT #Contemporary #Romance IRRESISTIBLE (CLOVERLEIGH FARMS #1) by Melanie Harlow

Irresistible (Cloverleigh Farms, #1)Irresistible by Melanie Harlow

4 stars

Irresistible is book one of Cloverleigh Farms contemporary romances.

Mack is a single father of three young daughters who struggles with the demands of parenthood. Frannie is his part-time nanny and the daughter of his employer, but he can’t help his romantic thoughts for her when she is around.

Frannie adores Mack and his children and has been harbouring a secret crush on him for ages. There’s definitely a spark of feeling between them, but Mack is adamant, with his complicated and demanding homelife, that nothing permanent can come from it.

This is a fun and sweet romance with some heated romantic scenes. I particularly liked Mack’s children, especially when they called him out on his swearing and his bad behaviour. Ideal for a quick afternoon piece of escapism reading.

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Book description

I’m a full-time single dad to three daughters and CFO at Cloverleigh Farms. I don’t have time to fall in love—I’m too busy trying to run a business, keep the red socks out of the white laundry, and get the damn pillowcases on without owing a dollar to the swear jar.

Sure, Frannie Sawyer is beautiful and sweet, but she’s twenty-seven, the boss’s daughter, and my new part-time nanny—which means she’s completely off-limits. It’s bad enough I can’t stop fantasizing about her, what kind of jerk would I be if I acted on the impulse to kiss her?

(Exactly the kind of jerk you’re thinking.)

Actually, I’m worse than that—because I didn’t stop with a kiss, and now I can’t stay away.  She makes me feel like myself again. She reminds me what it’s like to want something just for me. She’s everything I ever needed, but nothing I ever imagined.

I’m a former Marine. I should have had the strength to resist her from the start.

But I didn’t. And now I have to choose between the life I want and the life she deserves.

Even if it means giving her up.

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