‘A contemporary story about family and life.’ Rosie’s #Bookreview of Shoot The Moon by Bella Cassidy.

SHOOT THE MOON: An alternative game of heartsSHOOT THE MOON: An alternative game of hearts by Bella Cassidy

3.5 stars

Shoot The Moon is a contemporary story about family and life. Tassie is a magazine wedding photographer who loves to travel. Although she is surrounded by couples in love, Tassie is still single, mainly because she struggles with relationships.

A cheese theme runs through the book and I enjoyed the direction that it took. There’s a troubled romance too, but it’s complex. Tassie has some deep emotions that she needs to work through with her family and well kept secrets get revealed. I also liked the minor supernatural theme which softened a harsh medical scenario. I don’t want to say too much and reveal spoilers.

This is a quick read and would suit those who enjoy contemporary relationship tales. It has several settings around Britain; I particularly enjoyed the parts on the Isle Of Skye and the characters at the Hotel Eilean.

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Desc 1

When the love you miss the most is the one you’ve always had.

Tassie loves many things: her friends, her job, her garden. Even her first boyfriend. But there’s a kind of love she just can’t find.

Until, in losing everything, she sees what she needed most was there all along.

Sometimes it’s not the person you need to forget, but the person you need to forgive.

Shoot the Moon is the sweetest of bittersweet novels, combining two very different love stories. One of which will probably make you cry.

Tassie Morris is everyone’s favourite wedding photographer, famous for her photos of offbeat ceremonies and alternative brides. Yet commitment is proving impossible for Tassie herself, who cannot forget her first love.

When she’s sent to photograph a ceremony on Schiehallion – the Fairy Hill of the Scottish Caledonians – she meets Dan, who might be the one to make her forget her past. That is, until a family crisis begins a chain of events that threaten to destroy not only Tassie’s love life, but her entire career.

Set in a colourful world of extraordinary weddings, Shoot the Moon explores the complexities of different kinds of love: romantic love, mother love, friendship. And, ultimately, the importance of loving yourself.

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My review of #contemporary Let Me Be Like Water by @_sarah_perry @NikkiTGriffiths #TuesdayBookBlog

Let Me Be Like WaterLet Me Be Like Water by S. K. Perry
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Let Me Feel Like Water is a contemporary novel that celebrates friendship found after a young woman reaches great depths of despair.

Holly escapes her life in London to live in Brighton. She is surviving hour by hour, wracked by grief over the death of her boyfriend.

Seventy year old Frank is an ex-magician and a collector of broken people. He befriends Holly, gives her something else to think about, offers an easy friendship and invites her to his book club. Here she meets the other members, each with their own story to tell.

This is Holly’s journey; some days she’s lonely, other days she prefers solitude. Sometimes she can’t stay still, running to the point of exhaustion. Another day she swims in the cold sea where she considers ending it all. Life in Brighton offers escape, anonymity and time to heal. The narrative is raw and, at times, haunting and sad.

This is a captivating story. The author does a good job drip-feeding information in the beginning, reeling in her audience. As the story continues, we’re given just enough information to form our own pictures, but it kept me guessing and wanting to turn the pages; the technique is clever and works well. When I think back I have loads of questions about the secondary characters, but this is Holly’s story. She has experienced much tragedy; for her there is no happy-ever-after but perhaps a distant glow of hope.

A book about the gritty side of real life, this book may leave you with questions, but it gave me a lot to think about.

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Book description

Holly moved to Brighton to escape her grief over the death of her boyfriend, Sam. But now she is here, sitting on a bench, listening to the sea sway… what is supposed to happen next?

She had thought she d want to be on her own. Wrecked. Stranded. But after she meets Frank, the tide begins to shift. Frank, a retired magician who has experienced his own loss but manages to be there for everyone else. Gradually, as he introduces Holly to a circle of new friends, young and old, all with their own stories of love and grief to share, she begins to learn to live again.

A moving and powerful debut which combines the emotional pull of Maggie O’Farrell with the lyrical beauty of Sarah Perry, Let Me Be Like Water is a book simultaneously about nothing and everything: about the humdrum yet extraordinariness of everyday life; of lost and new connections; of loneliness and friendship.

About the author

S.K. PERRY was shortlisted for the Mslexia Award and longlisted for London’s Young Poet Laureate, and was a resident artist at the Roundhouse in Camden and a Cityread Young Writer in Residence. She runs creative writing projects that develop emotional literacy, and explore mental health, memory, and healing from violence and she set up the Great Men project, which trains men to talk to teenage boys about gender equality and healthy relationships inschool workshops. She lives in Brixton, London. This is her debut novel.

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