Greening of A Heart by Stepheny Houghtlin

Greening of a HeartGreening of a Heart by Stepheny Houghtlin

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Greening of a Heart is a delightful tale of journeys of discovery for many of the characters. The story is set in Burford which sits in the Cotswolds in England. I know the place myself, there is a lovely street lined with buildings made of the delightful pale yellow Cotswold stone, an absolute tourist delight.

Hannah Winchester is the wife of the Vicar of Burford, they live next to the Norman church and have a wonderful garden designed by Robert Myers, a nineteenth century Vicar who once lived there. Hannah wants to return the gardens to their former glory and in so doing finds herself on her own road to discovery. Its going to be a bumpy road, Hannah and Martin are going through a bad patch in their marriage and Martin is struggling with his role as husband and vicar. The Bishop insists that Martin travels to Jerusalem to St George’s College on his own pilgrimage to save himself and those around him.

We meet the delightful Henry Bernard, a gardener from Kew who is researching clerical gardens as well as his own past. He has applied for a job to help Hannah with her garden. There is Christine, Hannah’s neighbour, who has her own reasons for disapproving of Hannah’s garden plans, plus a whole basket of freshly prepared characters waiting in the wings to give you a mouth-watering taste of English plants, gardens and rural village life.

The book is about finding yourself, believing in what you do and living your dream, a gentle easy read and one to put a smile on your face.

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Stepheny returns to the blog tomorrow for a guest author interview.

Calculated by R.S. Novelle

Calculated (Discovered Series, book 1)Calculated by R.S. Novelle

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is a modern day murder mystery. The book opens with a distraught, young broken hearted man and we immediately witness his murder. Ana Meyers is a reporter renown for digging deep to get her story, she’s just recovering from a sensational story about a rogue cop which didn’t go down well with a few influential people and she is being reassigned to the “Weddings” section of the newspaper.

When a frightened witness called Mara forces her way in to see Ana, she nudges Ana’s reporter instincts. Mara has no evidence of her suspicions and Ana is prepared to dismiss her story until a body is found the next day resembling Mara. A taped message sent to Ana sets her reporter nose off sniffing out her next big story and fingers are being pointed at The Living Waters Community Church.

The number of dead is increasing as Ana finds more and more eye opening evidence. Ana is attacked and ends up in hospital but she won’t give up. Daring and foolhardy she forces through her evidence and demands that the police take action.

I really enjoyed this book and didn’t want to put it down, it was well paced and kept me enthralled always willing Ana on from the side-lines.

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The Goddess Workshop by Margaret K Johnson

The Goddess Workshop by Margaret K Johnson

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Signing up for a course at the local Church hall meant different things to one set of ladies.”A Woman’s harvest of delight” meant offering advice for Gwen’s primulas. Kate was there because of a dare, Estelle was attending to discover her own problems, Reenie’s husband had suggested the course and Janet had been pushed in to the course by Gwen’s dominance. When Gwen discovered that it was in fact “An orgasm workshop” she left in disgust, but the others remained to embark on a wild journey not only to find their inner Goddess, but also to resolve their hidden fears. Follow this diverse group as they are led out of their comfort zones and on to a path of hilarious sexual discovery.
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Interestingly this book started out as a stage play. As a play, there were only 6 characters – Janet, Estelle, Reenie and Kate from the workshop, plus Jade the workshop leader and Ray, Janet’s husband/Estelle’s lover. So the story has undergone a lot of changes since then!

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