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Cathy has been reading A little Sugar, A lot of love by Linn B Halton

Katie has achieved her dream and Sweet Occasions, her bakery, is up and running. She is a skilled cake maker and specialises in amazing celebration cakes and delicious cupcakes. Katie and her partner, Steve, have been through a rough patch and Steve’s brush with death has changed him, their relationship is still on shaky ground. When Katie finds herself struggling to keep Sweet Occasions afloat, Steve comes to what he believes is the rescue with a business plan, taking the shop in a completely different, and not altogether welcome, direction. Katie is not motivated by money, enjoys being her own boss, loves her bakery and what she is doing. As long as she can make ends meet she’s happy.

‘I didn’t mean to be tough on you,’ he whispers, ‘but you worry me sometimes. I meant what I said this morning. I earn enough to keep us both. You don’t need to work and you certainly don’t need to work such long hours just to cover the overheads of that shop.’

I look up at him, trying my best not to let him see how his words hurt. Whether it’s the harsh appraisal of my ‘dream’, or the thought of being a kept woman, I’m not sure. What would I do at home all day? Sensing the emotions welling up inside me, Steve wraps his arms around my shoulders and gives me a gentle squeeze. 

Katie begins to question what it is she actually wants and the direction her life is taking. When a cold and wet refugee from the storm comes into the shop one day, Katie takes pity on him and offers dry clothes and food. He buys a Christmas cake for his grandmother which begins a couple of years of visits for special occasion cakes. Although each feel an attraction to the other neither believes it will lead anywhere even though there is a developing friendship.

Told mostly from the perspectives of the two main protagonists, whose stories invite you into their lives to share the highs and lows, thoughts and feelings, while getting to know and like them as the layers of their personalities are revealed. Two caring, thoughtful people trying to change their lives to bring in more happiness. The secondary characters have depth and are well-formed. Grace is fabulous, I love her strength and compassion, and the way the paranormal is incorporated. 

The story deals with life issues, not least learning that guilt and a feeling of obligation is not a good basis for a relationship. The results of a life threatening illness on that relationship, and the difficulties and loneliness of being a single dad after the end of a marriage, are also explored sympathetically. The writing has the warmth, emotion and feel good factor I’ve come to expect from Linn Halton. 

A very enjoyable, deliciously warm read.

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Please Release Me by @RhodaBaxter @ChocLituk #Bookreview #wwwblogs

Please Release Me (Choc Lit)Please Release Me by Rhoda Baxter
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Please Release Me is a contemporary romance with a paranormal element from ChocLit author Rhoda Baxter. The book opens at the wedding scene of Peter and Sally which turns to a tragedy in the blink of an eye.

Ten months later and Peter visits Sally everyday, she’s in a coma. Another daily visitor to the hospice is Grace. She’s lost both her parents and now visits a close friend of her mother. Grace is lonely and alone and fears making a new start.

Peter is consumed with guilt, existing day to day, fearing a life without Sally and fearing a life with Sally should she recover. Peter and Grace find comfort in each other.

In her hospital bed, Sally can hear the voices, but she can’t communicate until one stormy night an electrical fault grants her wish. She latches onto Grace, who seems to be the only one who can help her. They form a friendship which has highs and lows and go on a journey of discovery for more than one person.

This book has a slow start and I didn’t connect to the characters until the night of the storm, when for me the book took off in an entertaining angle. The relationship between Grace and Sally worked well and was a delight to read.

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