Good Deeds Week 9th – 15th February

Welcome to my weekly roundup of my year long challenge to do one Good deed a day for a year. This challenge began back in April 2013 and is still going strong. My inspiration came from reading “A Year of Doing Good” by Judith O’Reilly. Here is what I’ve been up to this week.

Good deeds

February 9th – Gave money to a Pet Rescue charity whilst I was dashing out of the supermarket.

February 10th – I’ve been at school this morning helping out, next week is half term so I’ll have to find a different Good Deed to fill this spot. Added an interactive gif to Rachel Roberts posts and learnt what they were. If, like me it’s new to you, here is what Rachel’s looks like, click on it for a link to her web site. Sorry if I’m showing off, but the fact that I could impress the teenagers in this household by even discussing a gif gives me bragging rights.! To top it off I must tell you that they just can’t get over the fact that I’ve got more twitter followers than them either! Ha ha!

February 11th – Another book to review goes on my list this morning, posted a guest author interview for Susan Buchanan, posted a book review on Goodreads and Amazon for John P. Ford and have begun reading “Dawning” by Olivia Stocum ready for review.

February 12th – We have another massive rain storm today, so its a good job I can claim Good Deeds from inside my warm cosy house. Not a big poetry reader myself I’ve not let it stop me helping out Pamela Beckford who is promoting her book “Dreams of Love” for Valentines Week. While on a poetry theme I’ve also said I’d look at a book of short stories and poems by Susan Koenig  called The Bench which are intriguingly inspired by visitors to a park bench.

February 13th – It’s NOT raining! I plan to squelch my way to the shops and find a Good Deed outside of the house. Yep! There is was litter, not too far and next to a bin as well. Then on my way back from the shops I found some money on the ground, a little reward for my litter picking perhaps? On to better things, Good deeds received; Inspired by Rachel’s interactive gif I’ve gone all out and got one made for me (Thank you lovely ladies, and Rachel’s behind the scenes Tech man!) between them they’ve got me a little “Rosie” button that people can put into a post about me and it will do a little snazzy link back to my blog. I have a little hyperlink for anyone wishing to paste it in to a feature, and just to show off the handy work of some SUPER friends I’ll add the gif below.

February 14th – My chance to do a good deed came via text at 7.30am this morning, I was asked to give a teenager a lift to college along with my own child. They needed to be in earlier than the bus would get them there. We were half way there when college cancelled the event due to the heavy rain forecast! (One months worth of rain is forecast for the next 48 hours) Ho hum! We then spent a lovely time crawling back to Fleet in the rush hour traffic.

Here’s a little tale for you to think about; Every day my hubby walks to the paper shop to get his daily newspaper, the walk is good for him. He recently told me that he too picks up litter on his route. Today I like to think he got his own little reward, he picked up a £10 note, Thank you very much!

February 15th – Picked the winners of my recent competition to win an e-copy of Spirit Warriors by D.E.L Conner, congratulations to Susan and Harula. Wrote 3 more book reviews today and helped promote a Free e-book from friends Andy and Kirsty at Blackfrog Publishing. Their new book Overlanding – How, What, Where and Who with is available in several formats.

Good Deeds week 12th – 18th January

I’m now in to my ninth month of my year of Good Deeds challenge, where I try to do at least one Good Deed a day and I write about them. I find that, for me, this brings their value to the forefront of my thoughts. My inspiration came from reading “A Year of Doing Good” by Judith O’Reilly.

Let’s catch up with my Good deeds for the week.

Good deeds

Sunday 12th – A low profile day today and just 2 book review posts sent out.

Monday 13th – My Good Deed morning at school volunteering didn’t go as planned. I was interrupted by 3 phone calls, now I don’t like to answer my phone in school it’s rude, but since I updated my phone on Saturday the thing hasn’t stopped ringing. (The reason I needed an update being that I got little reception with the old one because it was nearly conked out, I used to have a quiet life, sigh!) Hubby needed me to cut my morning short and race home to sign for a parcel. Then a “Lovely man” from HMRC (Her Majesty’s Customs and Revenue) wanted to arrange a telephone appointment with me to check on my Money Laundering procedures. (Don’t ask! And No! I’m not printing money! It’s because I do a little book keeping.) Agreed he could ring me Wednesday, well I couldn’t actually refuse!

Signed for the parcel. Collected and delivered some farm potatoes for my friend, the ****phone rang again while I was driving to the supermarket. Parked the car and tried to ring the brother-in-law back, played ping pong phoning each other, as his phone kept going to voicemail, finally got through and gave him more computer advice. Did my grocery shopping. Answered the ringing phone again to a little old lady who rang twice, nice to chat to her but I’m not called Barbara! “You’ve go the wrong number, luv”

Posted another book review for Della Connor and her book Spirit Warriors. I’ll be reviewing this on the blog early February along with a lovely guest author post and your chance to win a copy of the book too.

Tuesday 14th- A work morning and I did more than was required because when I spoke to my colleague last evening she was still at work way after her going home time because she had so much to do. (She sounded more stressed than I was. Is that the phone again?) The phone’s ringing again! One of the partners at work rang me twice (Ha! Bad reception and he got cut off) trying to find some paperwork that I’d tidied away, fortunately (Good Deed) I remembered where I’d put it.

The parcel I signed for yesterday turned out to be only one quarter of the full delivery, the parcel tracking service claims it was delivered last Thursday, but to where? Husband set off knocking on doors around the estate last evening to no avail. Then today a lady kindly knocked on our door with a complicated tale about the missing parcels, but we’re still not sure where they are. I’d go and collect the parcels if we knew which house they’d got to.

Good Deeds received, plenty of Good luck wishes for my telephone audit tomorrow, it’s not enjoyable being questioned by Government officials.

Wednesday 15th – Phew! Passed my MLR audit. Have just Okey the proof of February’s edition of my Rosie’s Good Reads for Fleet Life, I always get excited seeing my work in print. 5 more author’s get a bit more publicity, I’ll blog about them when the paper copy arrives through my door in a couple more weeks. finished reading The Dating Game by Susan Buchanan, drafting a post for early February.

Thursday 16th – Gave a money donation to Action for Children, a charity that supports and speaks out for the UK’s most vulnerable and neglected children and young people, for as long as it takes to make a difference in their lives…

Friday 17th – Posted another book review on Goodreads and Amazon for a book which looks like it splits the readers into those that love it and those that hate it. I’ll be posting my own review of Prince of Wolves by Quinn Loftis here on the blog in mid February. Left a tip for my hairdresser in thanks, after she had tamed my wild locks.

Saturday 18th – Made a donation to Helping the Heroes, a UK Military Charity whilst I was in Aldershot, Home of the British Army. Then headed home to do a bit more reading.

Good Deeds Week January 5th – 11th

I’m now in to my ninth month of my year of Good Deeds challenge, where I try to do at least one Good Deed a day and I write about them. I find that, for me, this brings their value to the forefront of my thoughts. My inspiration came from reading “A Year of Doing Good” by Judith O’Reilly. Judith was our guest on the blog last week and if you missed it here is the link.

Good deedsJanuary 5th – What a brilliant day today, Judith O’Reilly was our guest on the blog, fantastic! I’ve volunteered to go and feed the poultry at my parents while they are away overnight on Tuesday. An easy sounding job, but one that puts fear into my heart. I shall be facing the “Killer Geese!” The farm has no need of guard dogs, they have 3 geese. The geese disregard the fact that I’m feeding them and even though I keep a metal feed bucket and the egg collecting basket between us they always viciously attack me and chase me from the premises.

January 6th – School is back today after the holidays, so I’ve been helping out again this morning.

January 7th – Have finished reading another book and written my review of The Medea Complex by Rachel Roberts, a historical thriller which I shall be reviewing here on the blog at the end of January. Great news, I survived the killer geese! I think they were slightly less aggressive because the goose wasn’t in her egg laying season when they are simply vicious! I collected the chicken eggs, fed the farm cats and lit a fire in the farmhouse boiler (tried to get rid of all of the smoke that wafted around the kitchen in my fire making attempts, but as my clothes still smell, I’m not sure, let’s hope there is a cosy kitchen for my parents return, rather than a dead fire and smoke smells.)

January 8th – Have just hand delivered a Christmas gift Thank you note and picked up litter on the way home.

January 9th – It’s a beautiful sunny day outside, so after a quick lunch I made the most of it and went out for a walk. I picked up litter and was rewarded by finding some dropped money along the way. Read and posted 2 more book reviews over the past couple of days.

January 10th – Met someone I haven’t seen for a couple of years in the supermarket, made time to catch up with all her news. Later did some Good Deeds research, had a chat to another person that works in a charity shop, I was asking what books they can use in their shops. We have found quite a few old books, not first editions or anything, just older books that I’m not sure anyone is interested in anymore. But she said they would consider any books that I’d like to take along. She said there is little demand for non-fiction hard backs and no demand at all for Videos. Are Videos now heading for extinction? Posted a book review on Goodreads and Amazon for Cleaver Square by Sean and Daniel Campbell.

January 11th – Good Deeds received; Thanked today for my review of a book that I’d posted on Goodreads and Amazon. Sorted out some books for the charity shop and others for friends who I lend books to. Lastly one more Good Deed just before bed, a late phone call from my brother-in-law needing help with a computer issue, simple for me but a nightmare for him, I talked him through the process and it worked straight away.

Good deeds week 10th – 16th November

This is all about my journey to achieve one Good Deed a day for a year. I was inspired to set myself this challenge when I began reading “A Year of Doing Good” by Judith O’Reilly. Judith undertook some amazing deeds in her year, my own challenge has opened my eyes to opportunities which would previously have passed me by, where I can make a difference to the world, not matter how small.

Good deedsNovember 10th – Face booked a friend to invite her for coffee. Cleared up lots of leaves in the garden and on a shared pathway.

November 11th – My morning helping out at school. Then I bought a plant for a work colleague to thank her for not minding me have 2 weeks off work at a busy time of the month. Found out it was a stressful day doing the wage run for her so added a bar of chocolate to the gift. Left my jam jar of coins at the school to be added to their Children in Need charity collection on Friday.

November 12th – Went for a walk and picked up a load of litter.

November 13th – E-mailed my work colleague with a suggestion to ease some of our workload and make the weeks a little smoother. Invited some friends over for supper in a few weeks, being organised and sending the invite early made me feel good. Good deeds received: A big thanks for the chocolate bar I’d left my colleague, she needed it when she had to stay late to finished some work.

November 14th – Took a big carrier bag with me when I went for my walk today and I filled it with litter, I even went down a busy road picking up litter, I threw away my embarrassment about being seen and concentrated on making the countryside a prettier place. Got home and recycled as much of the litter as possible, it felt really good.

November 15th – Today is the BBC’s Children in Need charity appeal. I’ve sent my son to school with a donation for their collection. I’ve also found items for the “Make a Wish” charity that is doing a door to door collection today. Donated more money to Children in Need whilst out at the shops.

November 16th – It’s my Mum’s birthday this weekend, so I’ve gone over for a visit and to deliver some gifts to a hardworking and very deserving Mum. Thank you Mum, we love you, enjoy your day.

Good Deeds Week 11th – 17th August

Let’s get on with my next round up of Good Deeds from my year long challenge. If you are new to this page, back in April, I started one Good Deed a day on the day I started reading “A Year of Doing Good” by Judith O’Reilly. I’m thrilled to tell you that last week Judith agreed to come and be a guest author on the blog after the school holidays are over. As I’m planning  the Romancing September World Blog Tour for the whole of September, I’ll pencil in her interview for early October.

Good deeds

11th August – Finished reading a book today and posted my review on Goodreads for the author, I needed to finish the book so that I could send a set of questions to the author who is also taking part in our Romancing September tour. Have been really busy promoting the opportunity for authors to promote their work for free in two places across the world on the same day.

12th August – Doing Good Deeds for others is truly amazing my cup is overfloweth, well my inbox is! Romancing September has gone overboard and we’ve been inundated today with requests to join the tour. On top of that I’m sorting out guest posts for authors on my blog  for August  and October. Sent my daughter off to see friends with a box of cakes. Had an appointment at my chiropractor and confessed that my neck and shoulders were a mess due to spending too many hours at the computer. Brought a smile to his face when I told him it was all self inflicted due to this super addictive blog. Suggested he browse his table in the waiting room and pick up copy of Fleet Life to see my page of “Rosie’s Good Reads”, two plugs there, one for Fleet Life and one for me! Have been sending love and support across to America for a blogging friend facing some medical demons.

13th August – Posted a guest author interview for a hugely popular author, at the age of 14 Savannah Grace was taken backpacking for a year with her family, she kept a diary and wrote a book about their adventures, she then got the travel bug and has travelled all over the world. Check out her post here, I was so pleased I could introduce readers to her adventures. A busy day, but I still had time to pick up litter when I went for a walk to post a letter.

14th August – Took my son to the park for a game of tennis, picked up litter on the way out as a thank you for the lovely free facilities. Just had a phone call from my husband’s aunt who wants to pay us a visit on Friday afternoon, so I need to run around like a mad thing tidying the house as we are in school holiday mode. It will give me a great opportunity for a good deed because she wants me to help her find a cottage that her Grandmother used to live in. We laugh that this will be a royal visit! She’s of an era that oozes etiquette and she is a tour guide for Prince Charles’ gardens, so we’re pretty close with our label.

15th August – Did the grocery shopping today and gave a donation to a charity called “Children’s Hope Foundation” a charity for children with special needs.

16th August -Have done the Good Deed for my husband’s Aunt, I took her to visit some houses that her cousins and Grandmother lived in over 50 years ago. Sadly all has changed and there was little left of the places she knew, but she had tied it in with a visit in the morning to a house where her and her husband had once lived. She is 84 and wears me out with all her activities, she plans to fit in trips to Scotland, Anglesey and the gardens of Versailles in Paris all before the end of September!

17th August – Friends dropped by to pick up some books. I was extremely pleased when a conversation I had with the husband on Thursday encouraged him to visit his mother who has Alzheimer’s. She didn’t know who he was, but his guilt and fear had lifted and he was able to face his father once more.

Good Deeds week 7th July – 13th July

I have been working on doing 1 Good Deed a day since the 16th April when I started reading “A Year of Doing Good” by Judith O’Reilly. The book inspired me to try passing on some positive actions through good deeds, sometimes it’s easy and other times it’s really hard to find a deed to do, but the experience makes me think about my own actions and my own role in the world. So enough of the profound talk let’s get the week under way.

Good deeds7th July – The tiniest of Good Deed today, was asked to read and review a book which I accepted.

8th July – The chance for bigger deeds today, my volunteer work at the school this morning followed by litter picking on my way home from posting letters later.

9th July – This morning I found the 10p in my trouser pocket.  I’d found it last evening on the grass at a most enjoyable evening watching cricket. Shame the team lost another match! Anyway popped the money into my collection jam jar. Posted a book review on my blog written by a new up and coming young book reviewer.  I’m hoping she will continue to write reviews for me from the teenage point of view.

10th July -Picked my child and a couple of friends up from a school sports day that they were helping out at. Sadly the volunteering was marred by verbally abusive parents who disagreed with the girls decisions over who won the first 3 places in each race. (This was a sports day for 4-11 year olds and is meant to be fun!) Stayed after the end to help tidy up and put away chairs.

11th July -Added a charity token to the supermarket collection box where they will donate money to the charity depending on the number of tokens. Picked up some litter on my way home, but got all embarrassed again and went past countless pieces before I braved a couple of bits near to home.

12th July – Had a brilliant day today as friends were coming for tea and tonic, we take it in turns to provide a tea for the kids then we settle down for a good gossip. I’d made a cake and then knocked out homemade pizza for the kids. The sun shone and as the evening cooled we sat outside enjoying the summer in my flower filled garden. It’s always good to catch up with friends, we put the world to rights!

13th July – I’m on a mission to get the youngsters involved with my book reviews and helping them with their writing careers. Have been gently pushing, well I think it’s gentle the teenagers are probably rolling their eyes and moaning about me nagging at them!

Have a good week everyone!

May 19th- 25th Week of Good Deeds

Good deedsContinuing my attempts to follow in greater footsteps, by completing one Good Deed a day for a year;

May 19th – Have spent most of my day at a sporting event with my oldest child. Managed to find and keep a parking space for a friend in a very full car park, and it was under a tree for some extra shade. Added money to my jam jar. Found myself a nice little space to sit and do some reading while the athletes all warmed up. Had to do a double check on my location when people descended on my position like sunbathers on a Spanish beach. Someone actually sat on the corner of my coat with me! Talk about invading my personal space.

May 20th – My morning volunteering at school, a shorter one today as a couple of the children were off school today. Bit of a scary moment when the teacher told me she’d had a dream about me having a third baby. I’m going to take that as symbolic because in the words of Mr Olivander the wand maker in Harry Potter a third baby would be “No, no definitely Not!” I love the two I’ve been blessed with and that’s plenty for me. Helped promote a new book launch with a post, tweet etc.

May 21st – Picked up litter on my way to the post box. Considering taking a bag with me when I go out next time because there was so much litter left lying around. Found some competitions and book giveaways for writers, readers and authors and spread the word.

May 22nd – In between providing a free taxi for my kids today I managed to fit in a trip to the opticians, spied some charity boxes in reception and made a donation to the Royal Air Force Benevolent fund. Sneaked in one more good deed, was able to give a friend a lift home. Looking forward to writing a post to promote a new community WordPress blog that a set of friends have launched today.

May 23rd – With the 2nd May Bank Holiday approaching I agreed to change the day I do next weeks work to fit in with the computer access and the wages run. Popped over to see the parents and made sure they were behaving themselves. Did I tell you that I won a whole years worth of rice and pasta the other day? It’s that Karma thingy working for all the cakes I’ve been baking and taking to friends. 64 packs of rice and pasta! I feel a pasta party coming on.

May 24th – Desperately searching for a Good Deed opportunity, did finish reading a book today and sent off the book review to the author. Found the review to be one of my biggest challenges yet, not sure if the author will think it worthy of a Good Deed! Popped in a teeny tiny piece of honest advice which I may get slated for, not everyone is happy to receive improvement suggestions. It’s the end of a gruelling week, it’s freezing cold and chucking it down with rain, I’m just not going to step outside and go in search of another deed today. I’ll strike a deal, I’ll double the amount of money that I add to my jam jar today, deal? Ok that’s 4 whole pence then! I’m so sad, perhaps it’s time for a glass of wine.

May 25th – All sorts today, finished reading a book ready to write a review, downloaded The Unicorn Girl by Melissa LeGette (who featured as my guest author yesterday) which is free this weekend. Provided afternoon tea for relatives and helped them take another step forward in the family quest for the 999 year lease documents (Taken out in 1783 by relatives), by composing and sending an e-mail on their behalf.

2012_0622 rose for rosie  wordpress


My Year of doing good, May 1st

So having managed to complete a couple of weeks of doing good deeds. I head in to May. For those of you who are bamboozled by this post, it all started when I read a book called “A Year of Doing Good” by Judith O’Reilly. It inspired me to start my own attempt to do a good deed a day for the year. Here is a link to my post about her book I’ll be posting my weekly reports on my challenge on Sunday’s, it feels like an appropriate day.

A Year of Doing Good: One Woman, One New Year's Resolution, 365 Good Deeds. by Judith O'Reilly

May 1st – Whilst visiting my Mother I helped her sort out a few snags on her computer. Blogged about the May edition of Fleet Life where I have a monthly page of book reviews, 5 authors got a free promotion for their books today! I know it made at least one of them have an unexpected smile on their face! Made a date to meet up with some of my anti-natal group (No! I don’t have something to tell you!) We’ve been friends now for over 16 years!

May 2nd – After the busy April A to Z Challenge, today I returned with a guest author interview on the blog, Donna Childree, got her moment of fame today. Made lots of new friends during the challenge who I now regularly keep in touch with over the net. Sent a good friend an e-mail to keep in touch.

May 3rd – Instead of procrastinating I actually loaded up my car with filled bags and boxes for the charity shop and delivered them today. Part of me felt relieved that I’d done my good deed, the rest of me squirmed in anguish at my haste to throw things out, what if I need it? Posted another guest author interview, today Melda Beaty got a chance to shine. Signed up for several more blogs in a post AtoZ Challenge day of reflection.

May 4th – With the weekend upon us I didn’t know where I would find the chance to do my good deed today, but I found 2! Firstly I remembered to take a large bag of dead batteries with me when I went out so that I could dispose of them at the supermarket in the special collection unit. (This should mean that they don’t go into landfill waste) Then there was the opportunity to make a donation to the RSPCA who were collecting just outside of the store.

Good deeds

May 5th – Wrote a letter to a friend whom I haven’t caught up with for a while, and visited new friends on the blogging scene.

May 6th – Bank Holiday Monday, and I struggled to find a good deed today. The only things that count are spending an hour with my Mum and popping another coin in to my slowly filling jam jar. Some how it didn’t feel enough.

May 7th – Today I wrote a 5* review of a book called “The Doctor’s Deceit” It’s written by Kathy Steinemann and she’d asked me to review it. It is a sequel to her book “Vanguard of Hope” which started from a set of diaries. The  review was based on what I read and I thought the book was very well written. It deals with rape and sexual abuse victims in America in the 1800’s and also tackles racial abuse. The Sapphire Brigade are a secret society who try to help the victims and deliver justice.  After I’d written the review Kathy told me that she is going to keep writing these books to help support other victims. Her third book is going to involve letters from victims in today’s world which she hopes to incorporate into her book, thus giving them a place to vent their feelings. I’m glad I gave Kathy this review and hope that it will help raise awareness for her books and her cause.

May 8th – Baked cakes to take round to have with coffee at a friend’s house. Still visiting several bloggers everyday and leaving comments.

May 9th – Picked up litter at the park. (realised I often pick up litter without giving it much thought )Posted a book cover release post for an author and a book review for another.

May 10th – Spent the evening getting frozen to the bone, whilst watching my son’s cricket match. Was able to help clear everything away at the end as my good deed today. (Amazing how many people suddenly have something better to do when clearing up need doing!)

May 11th – Made a donation whilst I was out to a charity helping injured troops with prosthetic limbs and high spec wheelchairs.

Inspired to try my own “Year of doing Good”

I started reading “A Year of Doing Good” by Judith O’Reilly, and because I’m known in some circles “As that Mad Blogger!” I thought I’d immediately start my own diary of good deeds. I’m under no illusions that it will be easy or that I’ll make it to the end, but here goes the only rule is that I can’t count helping my husband, daughter or son because I do things for them everyday as part of my wife and mother plan. (Unless I’m giving away a kidney or something!) Here is a link to my review of the book

A Year of Doing Good: One Woman, One New Year's Resolution, 365 Good Deeds. by Judith O'Reilly

16th April – Spoke kind words to a complete stranger in  M&S whilst we both walked round and round because of a shop refit where they’d moved everything. She probably thought I was completely bonkers! Promoted 5 other bloggers on my A to Z Challenge and visited 4 more leaving comments. Said a prayer for those affected by the Boston Marathon bombs.

17th April – Gave my 71-year-old mother 2 hours of my time for a chat and helped dig her garden. Visited 8 blogs and left comments.

18th April – Took a card and present around to my friend’s son and added a box of homemade cakes. Got involved with some work at home and left the visit a bit late. Dodged out in a thunderstorm and arrived with a slightly damp present, good job I’d put a lid over the cakes. Visited 5 bloggers today and left comments.

19th April – Tried all day to e-mail a friend and kept forgetting. Politely allowed other shoppers to go before me in a heaving supermarket, whilst my brain wanted to shout out “Get out of my way”.

20th April – Tea at my mother-in-laws, ( Always an endurance as I object to sharing my cakes with little furry rodents who’ve already tasted the goods) I took along cakes (guaranteed rodent free), emptied the dishwasher, cleared away the tea-things and refilled the dishwasher. I don’t have a dishwasher so the controls always baffle me, turned it on to the wrong setting, tried to change it and messed up the program, left mother-in-law to fix the mess. Went outside to do penance in her garden digging the vegetable plot for an hour. (Got a sore back and little thanks) Finally e-mailed that friend and visited another 8 bloggers today.

21st April – Gave directions to two lost strangers.(Hope it was the right place!) Dropped off a sports shirt to a friend for her son. Left a comment on Judith’s blog re my 5* review of her book which I posted on Goodreads and signed up for her blog.

22nd April – Have started my own collection in a jam jar (You’ll need to read her book to understand this) and added a 2 p coin everyday (don’t laugh! I’m starting small in case it bankrupts me and I can always give bigger amounts later) Today I helped out as a volunteer at a school for an hour and a half, then collected and delivered a large bag of potatoes for a friend. Not much else today as I also had to fit in 4 hours of work. Left comments on more than 5 blogs, just can’t remember them all.

school sign 04 - small

23rd April – A work day today, yet opportunities arose where I could do good deeds. Went out of my way to deliver a phone to my boss who had left it in the office (because I was fed up answering it for him!) Pulled aside for 2 cars to pass on a single track part of the road (thanked by the first driver and ignored by the second, but judging by the way the little old lady was hunched over the steering wheel hanging on for grim life, perhaps not waving to me was the safer option?) Went out of my way to take my post office needs to a small village shop, hoping my money will prevent them closing down.

24th April – Gave a donation to a Youth Cancer organisation which were collecting outside of the supermarket. Visited more bloggers and left comments.

25th April – Added to my charity jar the 10p I found whilst out on my travels. E-mailed a friend who is ill to cheer her up.

26th April – Donated to MacMillan collection whilst at the shops, took around dinner and buns to a great friend who helps me with some of my social networking.

27th April – Caught up with lots of commenting on other people’s blogs, still checking in with bloggers from my AtoZ Challenge.

28th April – Went to work on a Sunday! Just to drop off some work so that a colleague had a clear desk and a head start on Monday morning. Just a bit on fellow blogger interaction today.

29th April – An hour and a half at the local school as a volunteer helper, then back to the bloggers. Wrote a letter to a spritely elderly relative, who has a busier social life than me, to check in with her or more correctly to check on her whereabouts!

30th April – I’ve made it to the end of the month doing a good deed a day, that means readers that I’ve passed my own test and will now have to commit to carrying on. Busy with work and domestic chores today, spent too much time texting a friend when e-mailing would have been more sensible and easier to read because I make up my own texting abbreviations which baffle even me! Arrived to see the second half of my sons cricket match in freezing conditions and spent an hour chatting to a solitary Grandmother of the opposition, with one eye on the game, stopped her from being alone, not thinking she may have chosen that rather than have a complete stranger ramble on at her.

Good deeds

Come back each Sunday for a weekly update on my latest challenge.