My #BookReview Of #Fantasy BROKEN (#1 The Breach Chronicles) by @Ivyloganauthor

Broken (The Breach Chronicles, #1)Broken by Ivy Logan
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Four Point Five Stars.

Broken is book #1 of the Breach Chronicles YA fantasy series.

The opening prologue sets the scene: The Purge, a great war between humans and supernaturals ended with the supernaturals forced to live in a parallel realm called Htrae. The two worlds are now guarded by members of the Heichi clan, who are powerful sorceresses.

A young human boy was rescued during the war by the sorceress Ava, and taken to a safe place in the future. She didn’t know that this small boy harboured evil which would later threaten their kind.

Years later, Caitlin, a new guardian sorceress, was born from the well of creation; however, her birth was tainted by a prophecy warning her not to fall in love. She shut herself away from her sisterhood, but life was lonely and her gift of pure love led danger to her family and her own downfall.

The sorceresses in this book have vibrant blue hair, it was a bold choice from the author and I loved its various descriptions that were sprinkled throughout the story. Each chapter includes a short letter from a girl called Talia; early on we know she is trapped somewhere. The letters gave me hints and snippets and made me yearn for more details, so kept me engaged; the style worked well for this book. I particularly enjoyed how the author effortless created pictures in my mind of both the characters and the settings. The fantasy world was well thought out and quite believable. A very good start to a series.

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Book description

One sorceress changes the future to save the life of an innocent child.
Another ignores the curse of an ancient prophecy and chooses a forbidden love and a life in the shadows.
One king’s obsession with magic and a time he no longer belongs to will tear a family apart and reshape a young boy’s life.

Obsessed by revenge, Talia escapes a relentless hunt. Reluctant to embrace love she finally has a chance at happiness.

Then the past rears it’s ugly head and it’s secrets begin to unravel.

Now Talia must choose between her happily ever after or righting a wrong. Will she make the ultimate sacrifice?

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Whales and Strange Stars: An Adventure by [Sharp, Kathy]Whales And Strange Stars by Kathy Sharp (currently reading) Historical fiction

A world beyond her own.

A sea captain passes through the forgotten port of Wych Ferry, and whiles away an hour relating his traveller’s tales to young Rosamund Euden. He tells her that the stars are different, if you sail far enough, that the horizon isn’t quite real, not when you get there; he speaks of sea serpents and whales, and mysterious islands.

To an impressionable girl who has never left her home, the whales and strange stars of his stories come to symbolise the great outside world she longs to see. The sea captain moves on, unaware of the dramatic events he has set in action as Rosamund’s search for adventure leads her into a world of dangerous secrets in the marshlands of eighteenth century Kent.

Torn between loyalty to her uncles, and her desire to discover what lies beyond the marshes, Rosamund seeks help from an unexpected source. But who can she really trust? AmazonUk | AmazonUS

36658695Broken by Ivy Logan (recently finished) A Young Adult Fantasy

The dark shadow cast by an ancient prophecy shatters an innocent family, but all that is broken is not lost.
Unaware of her supernatural legacy, half blood sorceress Talia has a unique childhood. Although protected by the love of her parents, Talia is instructed in the art of combat by her mother, Caitlin, a powerful sorceress of the Heichi clan.

When Talia’s family’s worst nightmare comes to pass, her protected life spins out of control. Everything she believes in and everyone she loves is cruelly snatched away and Talia is forced to flee the attentions of a mad king.

Choosing a path of retribution devoid of love and friendship, Talia comes to learn that love can be received even if it is not sought.

‘Broken’ is a tale of Talia’s coming of age, reuniting with her family, and seeking vengeance. Most of all, it chronicles, Talia’s rise from the ashes and how she finds herself again.

Set against a background of time travel and supernatural forces, read Talia’s epic saga of love, sacrifice, and discovering the hero within. AmazonUK | AmazonUS

8302720The Call Of The Canyon by Zane Grey (my next read) Western. This book was mention in another book I recently read and caught my interest.

1924. From the master of the western comes a novel full of romance and adventure. The story begins: What subtle strange message had come to her out of the West? Carley Burch laid the letter in her lap and gazed dreamily through the window. It was a day typical of early April in New York, rather cold and gray, with steely sunlight. Spring breathed in the air, but the women passing along Fifty-seventh Street wore furs and wraps. She heard the distant clatter of an L train and then the hum of a motor car. A hurdy-gurdy jarred into the interval of quiet. Free Download AmazonUK | AmazonUS