Guest Author Mark Richards

Today my guest author is Mark Richards, congratulations on being the first gentleman to brave my questions!

Hi Rosie – hope this is the sort of thing you’re looking for…

Name:              Mark Richards

Live?               By the sea in Yorkshire

When?            Can’t remember a time when I didn’t write

Type?             I write a regular weekly blog at which started as a newspaper column ten years ago. I write about the everyday trivialities of family life, and I hope I give people five minutes’ amusement and a wry smile from time. So my books are an extension of my blog – they’re a funny look at family life from a Dad’s point of view and (hopefully) they strike a chord with parents everywhere.

Tips?              Sit down and write – inspiration, if that’s what you call it, will arrive

Writing a book is only 2% of the work, promoting it is the other 98%

Writing is re-writing. And then more re-writing

Book?             I’m reading the latest – and I suspect the last – Harry Hole book by Jo Nesbo, Phantom. Yep, it’s good but like books that are part of a series if you’re going to read one, start at the beginning of the series. And I’m looking forward to Bring up the Bodies when it’s in paperback, as I thought Wolf Hall was truly excellent.

Sample?         The best introduction to my books is Best Dad I Can Be. All of 77p on your Kindle or Kindle app. Here’s the link

Best regards
Friday’s guest author will be Hope Charles

Congratulations Hilary Mantel


Bring Up the Bodies (Thomas Cromwell, #2)

Last night Hilary Mantel won the 2012 Costa Award with her book “Bring up the Bodies” This prize comes hot on the heals of winning the Man Booker prize last October with the same book. She goes into the record books as the first person to win both awards in the same year. She already hit the record books when she was the first woman to win two Man Booker Awards.

Well Done Hilary!


Man Booker Winner

Hilary Mantel has just won this years Man Booker prize with her book “Bring Up The Bodies” with its prize fund of £50000.

Hilary is also the 1st British woman to win the Man Booker prize twice! She last won it in 2009 with her book “Wolf Hall”.

“Bring Up the Bodies” is about the downfall of Anne Boleyn seen through the eyes of Thomas Cromwell who was Henry VIII’s Chief Minister.

The BBC is planning to adapt both of Hilary’s books into 6 part dramas.

Congratulations Hilary!