Me and Billy The Kid by Briana Vedsted

Me and Billy the KidMe and Billy the Kid by Briana Vedsted

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What do people know about Billy the Kid? The name alone is famous in history and from the silver screen. But what was he really like? Briana has written a book around the stories and tales which abound about this historical character. She has tried to provide possible answers to such questions as; “Why was Sheriff Pat Garrett so bent on catching Billy?”, “Why did Pete Maxwell betray Billy?” and “Was Billy really murdered in 1881?”

Briana introduces Angel Garther to the scene, a women could well had been associated with Billy and his gang. This book is Angel’s tale, the story from her possible eyes. Eyes that saw the reality behind some of famous shootouts, like The Lincoln County War and Gunfight at Blazer’s Mill. Angel is portrayed as a strong women and one who would go to lengths to stay with Billy because she knew that William H Bonney (Billy the Kid) was not a monster, just a kid who’s been hurt a long time ago.

I liked the story, as a kid I loved watching Westerns on a Saturday afternoon. The scenery, the gunfights, the heroes, the goodies and the baddies. It was good to think about what life was more likely to have been, how raw life was, full of hot emotions, where nearly everyone had a gun and men shot first and asked questions second. It certainly was a part of history which shouldn’t be forgotten.

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Good Deeds Week 9th – 15th March

Welcome to my weekly roundup of my year long challenge to do one Good deed a day for a year. This challenge began back in April 2013 and is still going strong. My inspiration came from reading “A Year of Doing Good” by Judith O’Reilly. Here is what I’ve been up to this week.

Good deeds

March 9th – Making afternoon tea for the in-laws today and catching up with all their news.

March 10th – Had a lovely morning helping out at school. Posted my book review of The Royal Descendant by local author John P Ford  on the blog today and was delighted for him when he told me he’s going to be promoting his book at Costa Coffee in Fleet on Saturday 22nd March 10.00am – 2.00pm.

March 11th – Sent out an invite to a friend to come for a coffee next week. Did a little job for someone else at work this morning, who was busy elsewhere. Invited author Roy Dimond for a virtual coffee after finishing reading his book The Singing Bowl and thoroughly enjoying it, we had a lovely chat about his writing across the Universe. Roy will be a guest here on the blog on March 27th along with his co-author of Saving Our Pennys, Jeff Lietch.

March 12th – Good Deeds received, had a lovely gift in the post, Derek’s Revenge sent to me by the lovely Mac Black. Look out for a review of this book in May. Invited friends over for tea next Wednesday.

March 13th – Found that my neighbours had left their back gate wide open and then gone away for a few days, so I shut it for them making the garden less exposed. This isn’t the first, over the years I’ve shut neighbours garage doors and even a front door when people have rushed off leaving them wide open for days at a time. Finished reading three books today; Key of Valour by Nora Roberts, Me and Billy the Kid by Briana Vedsted and X by Jack Croxall.

March 14th – Tidied up the blogs that I follow in the reader section of WordPress, followed some new bloggers. Started reading Blackwater by Alison Willams. Good Deeds received, a friend has organised a girls night out for us in a couple of weeks time.

March 15th – Sue Koenig author of The Bench, let me know her book was now up on Amazon and Goodreads, I have previously read and reviewed it and have now posted my reviews. Her book is poetry and short stories. Sue is also a fellow A to Z challenger.

Good Deeds Week 2nd – 8th March

Welcome to my weekly roundup of my year long challenge to do one Good deed a day for a year. This challenge began back in April 2013 and is still going strong. My inspiration came from reading “A Year of Doing Good” by Judith O’Reilly. Here is what I’ve been up to this week.

Good deedsMarch 2nd – Helped a fellow author out, Rachel Roberts, promote her book in a Kindle Countdown Deal, she was at no.27 in the top 100, with her book Medea Complex.

March 3rd – Helped out at school this morning. Had some wonderful help from fellow bloggers with some of the last letters on my A to Z Challenge. Volunteered to read and review Me and Billy The Kid for author Briana Vedsted.

March 4th – Got up seriously early this morning so that I could get my social networking done before sitting in traffic jams with the kids and finally getting to work. After this morning I really appreciate the fact that usually, I can avoid rush hour. Have been promoting The Griffin’s Boy and author Julia Hughes over the last 2 days. Julia’s been busy herself helping out a fellow author who is fighting cancer. Author Stephen C Spencer writes the Paul Mallory series, America’s answer to James Bond. Julia and Sean Campbell (who was our guest a few weeks ago with his book Cleaver Square) are helping Stephen to re-launch his books. I’ll be helping out on the blog with the re-launch in a few weeks and will appreciate help from you all to spread the word where possible during that time.

March 5th – Bought Land of the Painted Caves by Jean M. Auel book 6 in the Earth’s Children series, for my Mum ready for Mother’s Day. We’ve both enjoyed the series and Mum has been looking for a copy for a while. Started reading The Singing Bowl by Roy Dimond. Good Deeds received; Today I was a guest author over at fellow book reviewer A Woman’s Wisdom.

March 6th – Made a charity donation whilst out shopping today in one of my favourite stores, Lush.

March 7th – Posted my review of Flawed Perfection by Cassandra Giovanni on Goodreads and Amazon inline with the book launch today. Dropped off a birthday gift for a very good friend.

March 8th – Today’s book on the blog is a FREE travel download available from my friends at Blackfrog Publishing. “Overlanding- How, What, Where and Who with…”  by Andy Robinson and Kirsty McGregor. Check out the link to the post here

I’m ploughing my way through The Singing Bowl by Roy Dimond it really is an brilliantly epic book full of amazing characters and places, it is about a Tibetan Monk who is given a mystery to solve and a lost book to find as he flees from Chinese communists who want to destroy the ancient religion. It spans many cultures and travels through The Ancient World, The Old World and will end in The New World. The monk learns so much from inspiring people, I feel that I am travelling along with him. My deed today is to spread news of this book to you. May you too, find time to read this book and enjoy it as much as me.

Romancing September – Briana Vedsted (Day 6)

It’s Day 6 of Romancing September and our guest today is Briana Vedsted, in a few hours you can hear more from Briana over with Stephanie.  Where you can read Briana’s views on writing romance in today’s society.

Briana Vedsted

1) Where is your home town?
Pleasant View, Colorado
2) How long have you been writing?
Roughly seven years. The year I turned thirteen is when I became serious about devoting my time to writing. Before that, I just doodled mostly.
3) “The untold Story of Margaret Hearst” is a short story, was it your first published work?
Yes, it was my first, and I recently updated the ending.   
4) I know that you have now published several books, would you ever consider revising this into a longer romance?
Yes. I really would like to lengthen it into a full size novel, at least 40K. That is my plan, anyway. The ending and main idea would stay the same, but I would like to add more action, extended scenes, and a little more about Margaret and her two love interests, Matthew and L.J.  
5) “The Untold Story of Margaret Hearst” is a historical piece, do you enjoy the research involved in writing a historical piece? Was Margaret Hearst a real person?
I do like the research. I’ve always loved old west history, and I think that shows in my work. But no, Margaret was not a real person. Her parents and brother are real, however. I loved reading about her father, who practically fell into a fortune. I imagined that all rich, upper class families had that one relative that they are ashamed of, and that’s how Margaret was born.  
6) Your writing has a Western theme related to your life, can you tell us a little about your home life?
My parents farm over 1000 acres of alfalfa hay and have a mountain permit with 200 cows. I’ve helped them for the past six years or so. Personally, I like the winter time, when the cows are on the home range and I get to check them on a four-wheeler, opposed to horseback. I’ve got my own little herd and am doing my best to keep expanding. I’m also trying my hand at raising sheep and goats.  
7) I know you also write for a local magazine, writers need all the exposure they can get, who do you write articles for?
I’m a monthly columnist for The Fence Post, but only during the winter when they have more room in their magazine.
8) There’s a big Western writing community out there, would you like to get more involved with it to help promote your work?
Yes, I’d love to have that kind of opportunity. Ok readers I need your help here, can anyone supply links to any Western writing communities?
9) You have another book which intrigues me, “Me and Billy the Kid” is a tale taken from a new angle about a famous outlaw, tell us more.
“Me and Billy the Kid” is about William H. Bonney, alias Billy the Kid. There are so many ‘gaps’ in the history books about his life, so I decided to fill them in with a woman. Her name is Angel. With her being added to the plot, I was able to find answers to the questions “Why Sheriff Pat Garrett was so bent on catching Billy?”, “Why Billy’s friend, Pete Maxwell, betrayed him?”, and “If Billy really was murdered in 1881?” Also, I sought to show people that Billy was not a monster, just a kid who’d been hurt.
10) I know you’ve just released your latest book, “A Girl Named Cord”, I helped promote it here on the blog, but I have a question; your heroine is a “Cow puncher”, don’t laugh at me, but what on earth is one of those?
‘Cow puncher’ is another term for a cowboy, used mostly in Texas a long time ago. Cowboys have other names, like rancher, cowmen, cowpoke, cowhand, buckaroo or vaquero (in Spanish).  
theuntoldstoryofmargarethearstCheck out Briana’s book on or
Thanks for being my guest today Briana, I love that tale about Billy the Kid, I want the answers too!

Good Deeds week 28th July – 3rd August

Welcome to my weekly updates on my challenge to do at least one Good Deed a day for a year. This has been inspired by Judith O’Reilly and her book “A Year of Doing Good”

A Year of Doing Good: One Woman, One New Year's Resolution, 365 Good Deeds. by Judith O'Reilly

See the book here on Amazon

28th July – Have been doing some work over the weekend so that we are ahead as we go into the working week. Dropped the work off this afternoon and cleared the desk ready for my colleague who works on Mondays.

29th July – Agreed to do another book review today for an author. Launched my competition to win a Kindle Cover from Joules Clothing, it’s not a massive prize like a car or a holiday, but it’s a start.

30th July – Posted a Guest Author post for Charles Yallowitz here on the blog in preparation for his new book launch tomorrow. Drafted up another post for Briana Vedsted who is also doing a book launch tomorrow.

31th July – It’s book launch day for the two authors mentioned above, so I’ve sent out my posts. Finished 2 books today and will be sorting out reviews.

1st August – Sent birthday wishes to one of my book reviewers. Had a child over to play for the day, took us all out to the park for some cricket, then dropped the child home again. The August Issue of Fleet Life goes online today, check out my book reviews for some lucky authors on page 18., click on the online directory and go to p.18

2nd August – Shopping for birthday presents today, then out to tea with friends, taking homemade cookies with us. Also gave out some of my rice and pasta winnings.

3rd August – Came down with a stiff shoulder last evening, spent hours trying to get comfy during the night. Lack of sleep makes me a grumpy bear! Had an early appointment at the hair dressers, but still made sure I left the girls a tip. (Tipping is a hardship for some Brits!) Spent a couple of hours reading, could really do with a nap!

Good deeds

A Girl Named Cord By Briana Vedsted Book Launch

A Girl Named Cord by Briana Vedsted will be published on July 31st, 2013 as both a paperback and an eBook.

A Girl Named Cord

Cover art by: Dirk Porsche at link here
Book description: Cord had to work hard to earn her living as a cow puncher, and she was getting along just fine until a wealthy rancher moves into the county and threatens the lives of her and her friends. Cord rises up to meet every challenge, but the death of friends, both old and new, plague her at every turn. And just when everything seems like it is going to go back to being peacefully normal, a secret comes to light, putting Cord and her future family in danger. Will Cord let go of her sorrow filled past and revengeful wishes long enough to save her loved ones and pull her life back out of the bottomless pit it seems to be stuck in? “But let me tell you this: peace in the heart is much more comforting than blood in the sand.
Find out more about Briana on her blog,
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