Rosie’s Book Review Team #RBRT Karen reviews Bound By Blood by Margo Bond Collins

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Karen chose to read and review Bound By Blood by Margo Bond Collins


My Opinion

This book introduces you to Dr. Lili Banta, working for the CDC.

With Bound by Blood, Margo Bond Collins has created a thrilling scenario, raising questions like ‘What if viruses and parasites collaborate?’ or ‘Is it the same epidemic as last time?’ Bound by Blood focuses more on the plot than on the characters. You do not get to know the characters in too much detail; this doesn’t keep you from bonding, though. I was drawn into the story – thankfully more like a ghost or I might have been too close for comfort. This is for you if you like the combination of paranormal fantasy and horror in novella length.

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Rosie’s Book Review Team #RBRT Judith reviews Bound by Blood by Margo Collins

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Judith chose to read and review Bound by Blood by Margo Bond Collins


My Rating 3 out of 5 stars

The cover of this novella is creepy; it says all that the reader needs to know about the genre. This is a horror story – vampires and all. I need to be honest here and admit this is not my kind of book but I chose to review it and so have read it as I would any other kind of genre.

I felt the story was more plot driven than character revealing. Although the protagonist, Lili,a doctor who works for the CDC, was portrayed as courageous and determined to do everything to save humanity, I still felt there was something lacking. Something that didn’t quite make her into a rounded character for me.

The descriptions of the virus in each scene were vivid. But I struggled to get a sense of place – of the hospital the story is set in.

The book’s strength is the dialogue. Sharp and to the point,  much of the back story of all three main characters, Lili,  Will, the doctor – colleague and ex lover, Harry Iverson – uncle of one of the children at the hospital and a detective, is revealed through their speech. And the internal dialogue of the protagonist shows the struggle she is experiencing against the virus.

When I finished my review I looked back on other reviews of BOUND by Blood, just to make sure I was being as fair as I could be. I have to say I am in the minority; there are readers who thoroughly enjoyed this novella. In one of them I read this sentence -“There are graphically violent situations in this book that involve children, so sensitive readers should steer clear”. So there we are – proof that I’m a sensitive soul.

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