Rosie’s #Bookreview Of 13th Century Knights Templar #HistFic #Mystery THE TEMPLAR PITT by Stephen J Phillips

The Templar Pitt (The Pitt Family Saga Book 2)The Templar Pitt by Stephen J. Phillips

3.5 stars

The Templar Pitt  is book two of The Pitt Family saga. This book is set in the 1200s and features The Knights Templar. Gervase, a young French carpenter, lives in England; his skills have secured him specialist work for the Templar monks and now he’s been invited to London to design a new building for them.

During excavations a secret document is discovered along with some aged bones, and, similar to book one in this series, Gervase is asked to help solve a mystery – one which could have complicated royal implications.

The author uses an omnipotent narrator to tell the story; at times I felt that some of the characters saw and knew details which were a little too convenient; however, this is just a minor niggle that others might not notice. The Templars were appealing to me, as they were in the first story, and the era in which the story is set works well with the choice of characters. This series might interest those who want to know more about life in the early medieval period.

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In 1201, a young carpenter discovers something in the foundations of a new building he’s designed for the Knights Templar in London, which could alter the shape of history.

He is subsequently thrown into a series of events which could result in the loss of King John’s throne and threaten the stability of the realm.

His life, and that of his adopted son are at risk. So too is his wife, who is kidnapped by a gang wanting to rob the Templars of a massive loan they are making to the king.

Only a concerted effort can ensure England’s stability – and save the Order from embarrassment.

But there will be a terrible cost.

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Rosie’s #BookReview Of #HistoricalFiction THE FRENCH CARPENTER by Stephen Phillips

The French Carpenter (The Pitt Family Saga Book 1)The French Carpenter by Stephen J. Phillips

3.5 stars

The French Carpenter is historical fiction and is set on the coast of Sussex. Gervase, a young French carpenter, was shipwrecked in a storm. He was discovered half-drowned on the beach and was offered shelter and work by a local family. His skills as a carpenter got him specialist work for the Templar monks and a local Baron, but Gervase got caught up in a dangerous plot to cause trouble for the Templar order.

I liked this story particularly because it was based around several real characters. I also have a fascination with the Templar Knights and I thought that the author made a good attempt at mixing fact with fiction. I would describe the story as slow paced, but I felt that it reflected the era in which the book was set.

Overall, a good start to a series.

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Book description

In AD1200, a young man – Gervase Pitt – is found half drowned on a Sussex beach by the teenaged Joan. Their meeting will lead to an adventure involving lords, clergy, the (so-called heretic) Cathars and infamous Knights Templar.

Together with Nick, the autistic child they adopt, they must discover how the nearby Priory is trying to discredit the Baron for whom Gervase works and, more importantly, prove it is false.

Their investigations cover much of Sussex and Surrey, before Nick’s photographic memory comes to their aid.

The French Carpenter is the first in a series of books covering the Pitt family’s adventures during the first decades of the thirteenth century. It includes many real-life characters, who become embroiled in the machinations of evil-minded and ambitious people.

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