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Georgia has been reading Dark Magic by Tom Williams

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Dark Magic is a short book at around 96 pages and has a terrific hook right from the first line.

The Maestros of Magic are rightly envious to see that a rival group of magicians have sold out at a theatre in the West End, for three solid months, and are no longer on the road as a touring group like the Maestros still were. They are also deeply suspicious about their freakily good magic… it’s almost like real magic…

 I thoroughly enjoyed this read. I liked all the information about the different forms of tricks and loved how slightly sniffy each magician was for other forms of the art.

For me this is a book about consequences. About contracts and deals and what happens when you don’t fulfil them. And there are deep consequences when the Maestros interfere too.

I thought there was an unanswered question that stemmed right from the opening hook but as I rescanned a couple of pages searching for a detail to write this review the answer was right there. Good job.

Well written, this is a terrific story for anyone but if you are interested in magic too then that’s even better.

Book description

Baby’s blood… Virgin’s tears… Chainsaws… It’s remarkable what some magicians keep back-stage.

Two magic shows: the Maestros of Magic touring the country, playing provincial theatres; the Carnival of Conjurors successful in the West End. When the Maestros learn that the Conjurors are using real magic – Black Magic – to do their tricks they decide that they must use their own, distinctly unmagical, stage skills to stop them. Soon people are dying on stage – but can the Maestros really beat a team that has the devil on their side?

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48649806. sy475