🌳’Monsters in the wood nip at the edges of her thoughts.’🌳Rosie’s #Bookreview of #urbanfantasy The Forest Of Forgotten Vows by Grace Carlisle.

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The Forest Of Forgotten Vows by Grace Carlisle

Forest of Forgotten Vows by Grace Carlisle

3.5 stars

Forest of Forgotten Vows is an urban fantasy tale. It has an American setting in a deep woodland. Tamsin, a young adult, has returned to her grandmother’s home to help care for her. She left when she was a teenager but now memories of monsters in the wood nip at the edges of her thoughts.

Tamsin is about to dismiss any thought of monsters as silly and childish when a tiny man, a brownie, sprints out from under the doorsteps. Then there’s the cat who doesn’t speak, but wants Tamsin to follow it into the woods. Grandma doesn’t want Tamsin to wander about; her ventures have ended badly in the past. Perhaps Zach, Tamsin’s childhood friend, can help her remember what happened when they were children.

This story ventures into the world of Faerie and a mystery surrounding a prison. Tamsin has been on a quest since her childhood, but she cannot remember the details. Now as an adult she must once more tread through the complexities of Faerie and those who live there, to try and fulfil her quest and the vows she has made.

I liked the little brownie called Creeps and the characters from Faerie. However, the twists of the tale weren’t always easy to follow and I wasn’t a fan of the extended time spent in visions and dreams, which took me away from the story.  Just a suggestion here and there would have worked better for me with more interaction in real time to keep this firmly in the urban fantasy genre.

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Orange rose book description

Book description

After returning to her isolated childhood home to care for her aging grandmother, Tamsin thinks the make-believe games and imaginary friends of her youth are far behind her. But she soon discovers the past has been waiting, and that the dangerous and enigmatic world of Faerie is bleeding into her world, forcing Tamsin to contend with forgotten friends, foes, and creatures pulled from deepest nightmares in order to reclaim what she didn’t know she’d lost.

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