Rosie’s #Bookreview Set in Slovenia #UrbanFantasy WHO BY WATER by Victoria Raschke

Who by Water (Voices of the Dead, #1)Who by Water by Victoria Raschke

3 stars

Who By Water is an urban fantasy set in Slovenia and is book one of a series. It features Jo Wiley, an American who has recently developed the ability to speak to ghosts. Jo runs a tea house and lives a bohemian lifestyle with a lively collection of friends and lovers.

The death of a close friend triggers her psychic abilities, but a stolen museum artefact poses a worse threat; a demon has been released and it is likely to be after Jo.

I enjoyed the unusual setting for this story; the author shows her love for Ljubljana (Slovenia’s capital city). There were a lot a characters, which was a drawback as I often found it difficult to remember who they all were. The plot had a promising start, but as the story progressed it became overpowered by too much mundane detail; nothing really happened until half way through the book. I also thought that other significant characters could have been made more three-dimensional; most had such minor roles that I was left wondering who they really were. I understand that I might learn more about them in the next books in the series, but the first book in the series needs enough spark to compel you to read on, and, sadly, I found this lacking.

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Book description

Jo Wiley thinks she has everything she needs in her quirky but tidy life in Ljubljana. Her teahouse is thriving. She’s surrounded herself with chosen family and her friends, well… several of them come with benefits.

When a body is discovered at a glitzy party, Jo’s carefully constructed reality starts to unravel. Her lover’s murder lifts a veil on a hidden world of ghosts, demons, and forgotten gods where Jo is the link between this reality and the next. She may also be the reason her friends are turning up dead.

Jo has to use her new gift to find the killer, and fast, because there are much worse things than dying.

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