Rosie’s #BookReview Of #RomCom LOVE PRESCRIBED by Laura Buckley

Love, prescribed.Love, prescribed. by Laura Buckley

3 stars

Love prescribed is a romantic comedy set in England. Rosie is a hard-working pharmacist, but she needs a date for an upcoming university reunion. While flatmates Emma and Josie try to find her an ideal man, Emma’s brother steps in to help Rosie at the pharmacy when her delivery boy breaks his leg.

I liked the opening chapter of this book, which threw the reader right into Rosie’s chaotic life. However, this is a dialogue-led story and this is where the book soon fell down for me. Real-life conversations don’t sound right in fiction, they need to be shorter and tighter with less small talk. Also, because the story is dialogue-led I felt that it lost out in character development, so it was harder for me to make connections and feel empathy towards any of the individuals.

I wanted to like tale, but I thought that it needed a lot more work to make this an entertaining and memorable story.

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Book description

Hello! I’m Rosie! Pharmacist, flatmate, foodie extraordinaire and frankly, sick of being single. While all my friends from university are settling down into relationships and popping out almost as many babies as we pop out pills at work, I’m stuck doing all the hours I can to keep the pharmacy going. But the university reunion ball is looming and I might have told a few white lies about the existence of my date, surely I’ll find someone in time?

But when my girls Jess and Emily decide to take control of my dating life, will I actually find a date to the ball? Or will an intruder from the past cause chaos in my dispensary and disrupt life as I know it, in more ways than one?

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Rosie’s Book Review Team #RBRT Kindred Hearts by @GraceLowrie1 #bookreview #wwwblogs

Today’s team review comes from Wendy, she blogs at

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Wendy chose to read and review Kindred Hearts by Grace Lowrie


Kindred Hearts by Grace Lowrie
This was a very interesting read for me. It is a book that takes place in England, so getting used to that vocabulary was quite fun. The story involves Natasha (Tasha), and twins, Celeste and Sebastian Walker.
Tasha initially meets the twins when she is relocated to another school and is instantly befriended by Celeste. Tasha is astonished that someone as sophisticated as Celeste Walker would want to be her friend as Tasha was bullied by other students which lead to her school relocation. Tasha and Celeste become best friends and Tasha and Sebastian secretly have deep conversations during this time. Tragedy strikes for the twins and Tasha is suddenly without her best friend.
Ten years later, Celeste and Sebastian have returned to London and a chance meeting between Tasha and Celeste allows them to reunite. The twins, now have fast paced careers, and Tasha is working her way up on the ladder at a museum. It is as if time has been forgotten and Celeste sweeps up Tasha into her world, and Tasha is soon living with Celeste and Sebastian and the relationships grow deeper between the three of them.
There were a lot of interesting twists and turns throughout this book that I didn’t see coming, but that is for you to discover. I loved the way the author showed how Celeste and Sebastian saw Tasha through their eyes when they first meet, as Tasha thought she didn’t need friends. The Epilogue to the book made it absolutely complete.
Book description
The perfect escape for those who want to be intrigued, seduced and enthralled – gripping bedtime or holiday reading.

Tasha is living the London dream with her job at the V&A museum, but has neglected her social life – until now.

Sebastian and Celeste – the enigmatic twins from Tasha’s childhood – sweep back into town seducing her with their glamorous lifestyle and intense friendship once again. But the twins have changed in the intervening years; they have secrets and everything is not as perfect as it seems.

As the bond between Tasha and Sebastian develops, Celeste grows increasingly possessive of her best friend. Can Tasha make the right choice when it comes to her heart? Or will the past destroy everything worth saving?

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