Rosie’s #Bookreview of #RomanticSuspense TEMPESTUOUS TAURUS by Trish Jackson

Tempestuous Taurus (Zodiac Series)Tempestuous Taurus by Trish Jackson

3 stars

Tempestuous Taurus is a romantic suspense novel set in Texas. Tara has inherited her parent’s equine therapy centre along with her siblings, but her sister is missing and her brother isn’t interested in being a part of it.

The centre has recently been run by Tara’s aunt after her parents were viciously murdered, but now her aunt has passed away too and Tara must come back and face some emotional hurdles. One of those is renewed acquaintance with her childhood sweetheart Jared; the man that was once accused of killing her parents.

The story starts well and I enjoyed the first half of the book, with chapters mainly alternating between Tara and Jared. Then suddenly there is a chapter from Tara’s missing sister, for me this jarred the flow of the story and I didn’t think it added anything to the main theme at this point. Later chapters contained a mix of paragraphs from different characters with no indication that the narrator had changed, which was confusing to the extent that it felt as though the editing had ended at the half way point.

I liked Tara and Jared when I first met them, but I thought that the author missed opportunities to develop them into rounded and believable personalities as the story developed. Tara’s sister is described as being autistic, but sadly I was never convinced of this in any of her characteristics or actions. Overall, I liked the idea of the story but it lost its way after a good start.

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Book description

A gruesome murder, a loved-one’s betrayal, and her missing sister are more than enough for Tara-Grace to contend with. Now she’s forced to come back to her hometown to claim her inheritance―the family home and equine therapy business.

Bizarre and disturbing events, a child who can’t talk, and the threat of imminent danger are enough to push anyone over the edge.

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