Rosie’s #BookReview Of #RomanticSuspense AN UNLIKELY GRAVE by @reily_garrett

An Unlikely GraveAn Unlikely Grave by Reily Garrett

4 stars

An Unlikely Grave is book four in the Moonlight and Murder romantic suspense series.

Josh Loughlin has plans to create a refuge for fellow military veterans. This was once a shared dream with Mike, his fellow friend and soldier, but after a roadside bombing, Josh has returned home alone.

Local rumours that the Ferndel place is haunted didn’t deter Josh from buying the plot; however, within days of his purchase, a murder victim is found. With military evidence at the site, Josh becomes the first suspect and his situation becomes worse when another body turns up.

Detective Brooke Bengert grew up in the area and knew Josh from school; he once saved her from bullies. Now she is determined to defend him, with the help of her police dog and friends within the force.

Although this is a gruesome murder mystery, it is well-balanced with some light romance. There are several canine characters which are a delight, and the friendship between them and their owners works well. Josh’s sister Darby, who we met in book three, connects him with her friends who provide much needed back-up; they show him just how loyal friendship can be.

Overall, another good story in this series. They can be read as stand-alone tales, but I believe readers would get much more from reading the books in order.

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Book description

It takes a predator to catch one.

Detective Brooke Bengert’s recent promotion includes a sharp learning curve with the discovery of a bizarre murder scene, a skeleton bound to a mountain treetop in her remote small town in Pennsylvania. Fate forces her to match wits with a clever serial killer, a chameleon who has selected his next victim. Brooke.

Josh Loughlin returns home after his overseas tour, having bought property with single-minded purpose, to build a refuge where veterans can rejoin polite society. Within days, a body is found a stone’s throw from his backyard. All evidence points to Josh.

Resisting their growing attraction, Josh and Brooke pool their resources with local detectives and their K9 partners to prove that determination and strength of will bind a family together.

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Rosie’s #Bookreview Of #RomanticSuspense SEEDS OF MURDER (Moonlight &Murder #3) by @reily_garrett

Seeds of MurderSeeds of Murder by Reily Garrett

4 stars

Seeds Of Murder is book three in the Moonlight And Murder series of romantic suspense stories.

When out hiking, biologist Darby and her mentor Basil are attacked by an artificially seeded cloud which directs skin-burning acid rain on them. Someone has weaponised her mentor’s experiment and used it against him.

clouds and rain

Urged to run for her life, Darby seeks out Private Detective Nick Tucker, a former friend of Basil’s, for help. Together they uncover a plot of evil and greed while Darby becomes a target whom Nick vows to protect.

The concept of seed clouding gives this plot a modern feel, without the science going over the head of the reader. The author uses characters from previous books, both civilian and professional which I enjoyed meeting again. The chemistry between them all works well and they welcome Darby into their friendship group with ease. There are a couple of lovely dogs who hold important roles, which should delight canine fans. The tension is interspersed with lighter moments of teasing and camaraderie, many of which heighten the romantic element in the story. Overall a good addition to this series.

two dogs who are best friends

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Book description

Witness Darby Loughlin shifts from hunted to hunter in this spine-chilling thriller of murder, greed, and romance.

On a secluded mountaintop, Darby Loughlin witnesses her mentor’s death during an afternoon hike. It’s murder. She knows it but has no proof. The killer isn’t present, nor does he leave traceable evidence.
Teaming up with former police officer turned private investigator Nick Tucker is a distraction and unwelcome necessity. Unfortunately, she lacks the skills and tools needed to trace the camouflaged assassin.
Straddling the law has never been a problem since her moral compass points true north. This time, however, she must work with authorities to gain insight into a world to which she doesn’t belong.
As the snarl of lies and deceptions unfold, Darby and her K9 partner struggle to stay ahead of the killer who’s selected her as his next victim.

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