BORN THIS WAY by Sacha Lanvin Baumann #NonFiction about supermodel Gia Carangi @SachaLanvin

Born This Way: Friends, Colleagues, and Coworkers Recall Gia Carangi, the Supermodel Who Defined an EraBorn This Way: Friends, Colleagues, and Coworkers Recall Gia Carangi, the Supermodel Who Defined an Era by Sacha Lanvin Baumann
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Born This Way is a non-fiction book about the life of American supermodel Gia Carangi. It mainly covers the eight years from 1978 until her death that she spent in and around New York modelling.

The book is narrated as a series of memoirs from friends, colleagues and co-workers. Gia came from a broken home in Philadelphia, she was described as; fun, young, needy, shy, shocking and vulnerable. Yet when she stepped in front of the camera she took on a different persona, one which the cameras adored.

Sadly a mix of the industry she was in, her background and her choices led to drugs and then AIDS and she died aged just twenty-six.

I would say this is a niche read for those interested in either the industry or the model herself. I did not know anything about Gia, so was unfamiliar with any of her personal life-story.

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Book description

In February 1978, when the flawless Gia Carangi arrived in New York at the age of barely eighteen, she had already landed a contract with one of the most prestigious modeling agencies in the world. The future that lay before her seemed dazzling. Once on that road, the legendary model began a decline that led to her tragic end.

Born This Way brings to light never-before-heard stories and unusual memories of Gia, offering new perspectives on her life, career, and personality. Through these previously unpublished accounts by those who knew and worked with Gia, Lanvin shines a spotlight on the woman herself, peering beneath the fast-lane glamor and the fame to capture the true essence of a supermodel who continues to mesmerize even decades after her death.

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