Good Deeds Week June23rd – 29th

During this week I will officially pass my 10th week of Good Deeds, I started back on April the 16th, a Tuesday. Now I blog from Sunday to Saturday giving you, my readers, a weekly update on my challenge to follow in the footsteps of Judith O’Reilly author of “A Year of Doing Good”, who inspired this series of posts. If this book is new to you catch up with my review of the book here

My challenge is to complete at least 1 Good Deed a day for a year. I have already inspired others to take up the challenge and to draw on the good effect this can have on their own lives and I am especially thrilled to hear each week of others who are picking up the baton. I hereby invite you to join in too and let me know how you got on and what surprises came to you as a result.

Here’s an example; I have baked cakes and cookies which I take as gifts to friends when I visit, then the good came back to me and I won a years supply of rice and pasta! Which again I turned into a good deed as I have been able to give much of it away after providing free meals for my family.

Friends and family pass on books to me which I read, review and blog about, in turn more people send me books and the cycle continues. I pass on my love of books across the globe and back again.

Good deedsJune 23rd – I now look forward to Sunday posts where I catch up with Harula and we swop our Good Deed posts, they inspire us to continue and it’s so lovely to read what others are doing. Here is a link to Harula’s blog for you to enjoy her posts as much as me. Sent 2 books to my mother-in-law to read and received 3 books back from her for me to read.

June 24th – Drove my daughter and two of her school friends to the Sixth Form College for their taster morning, helped to start some new paperwork checks at work which need implementing. Rang another work colleague and offered some extra help. Found my jam jar of saved coins in the kitchen and realised that I’d not put any money in it for a while. Added some money.

June 25th – Found money on the ground near my car at work, so saved it for my jam jar. I’m the person who goes around looking at the ground, usually to stop myself tripping over invisible objects, but it does mean I have the potential to spot shiny objects on the ground. Over the years I’ve found quite a lot of money; My best was £20 at the Boxing Day races! I certainly came home with more than I won on the horses! I once found £10 on the floor of a charity shop, but I felt I couldn’t pocket that due to the location, I was quite gutted at the time! Anyway back to today, I was going to dodge out of work quickly when my conscious reminded me of a phone call which needed making. I hesitated, should I pretend to forget it and leave it for someone else? No! my “Good Deeds” inner voice shouted! Oh Bother! Took 2 minutes to make the phone call which didn’t make any dent in my time, but meant the job was done. “See, I was right” said my inner Good Deeds voice smugly. Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Replied my inner adolescent child.

June 26th – The July issue of Fleet Life has arrived and I’ve scanned my page of book reviews ready to post on Monday when the online version goes live. Due to the imminent summer holidays, deadlines for the August and September issues all have to be completed by the 19th July, so today I’ve sent off my copy for the August issue. I love doing the “Big Reveal” at the beginning of each month and sometimes surprising authors with the news of their free book promotion.

June 27th – It’s school prom night tonight, so I’m firstly a taxi driver today as the girls get ready. Later tonight they are going to the prom in a horsebox! Which they’ve done up like a party bus. Have bought snacks for any of the pre or post prom parties and I have got flowers and beers for the two wonderful parents who are providing the transport and the after party sleepover. Posted a devilish writing prompt on the community storyboard site involving writing using a dialect.

June 28th – It’s Friday and the evening is warm and sultry, so I’ve decided to go and watch my son play cricket under the false pretences that it will be a lovely way to spend a few hours. However out team’s game has been allocated the pitch in the middle of a field with very little shelter and the black clouds are heading our way. Then it starts to rain! Rain doesn’t stop much play in youth cricket, so I huddled with other mother’s under umbrella’s as we muttered about the umpires and the English weather. My good deed was being their to support the team who played badly in poor conditions, we clapped each lad who bravely faced bowlers who had better luck and sad as it may be us Mum’s were thankful when the game ended early as the opposition walked all over our team. We hurried back to the warmth of our waiting cars and left the menfolk mumbling about the state of play. I gathered are a few pieces of litter and couldn’t wait to get home!

June 29th – Agreed to review 2 more books for authors, finished reading another book and posted my review on the blog and at Goodreads. Will sort out some more books to pass on to my Mother-in-law. Took cakes when we went to tea with the relatives. Did some weeding in the garden and watered some thirsty looking plants for the mother-in-law. Hope this made up for the fact that I had to tell her that the jam was “off”, my son said the pate smelt “funny” and my husband commented on the cracked china – oops!

The Unicorn Girl by Melissa LeGette

The Unicorn GirlThe Unicorn Girl by M.L. LeGette

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A young girl has secrets kept from her, but this only causes her to search harder for answers. A world of magic opens its doors and Leah goes on her own quest, learning more about herself on the way. Witches, monsters, dragons and unicorns all become part of her destiny. I had a few doubts about the book at the beginning, but it soon grew on me and I wanted to race through it to follow the adventure.

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Jubilee Violin By Jenny Worstall

Jubilee ViolinJubilee Violin by Jenny Worstall

My rating: 4 of 5 stars This book featured in the April AtoZ Challenge and I have finally got around to reading it.

A wonderful book containing three short stories. Well written and thought provoking. I know that the first story is written about the authors daughter. The book left me wanting more! I would happily have read longer versions of all of the stories.

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The Goddess Workshop by Margaret K Johnson

The Goddess Workshop by Margaret K Johnson

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Signing up for a course at the local Church hall meant different things to one set of ladies.”A Woman’s harvest of delight” meant offering advice for Gwen’s primulas. Kate was there because of a dare, Estelle was attending to discover her own problems, Reenie’s husband had suggested the course and Janet had been pushed in to the course by Gwen’s dominance. When Gwen discovered that it was in fact “An orgasm workshop” she left in disgust, but the others remained to embark on a wild journey not only to find their inner Goddess, but also to resolve their hidden fears. Follow this diverse group as they are led out of their comfort zones and on to a path of hilarious sexual discovery.
Product Details

Interestingly this book started out as a stage play. As a play, there were only 6 characters – Janet, Estelle, Reenie and Kate from the workshop, plus Jade the workshop leader and Ray, Janet’s husband/Estelle’s lover. So the story has undergone a lot of changes since then!

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Guest Author Niki Barrie

Please join me in welcoming Niki Barrie as today’s guest author;

NAME: Nicoletta (Niki) Barrie
LIVE: Rochester, NY
STARTED WRITING: as a child…maybe 9 years old–poetry and essays
BOOKS I like writing:: I’ve written only one book — children’s fiction and I like it the best of anything I’ve written because I could be so creative. I’ve written a PDF that is a giveaway with my novel called “What You Need to Know before You Adopt a Dog,” available at,

and a chapter of nonfiction book Return to Big Grass, but otherwise my writing has all been for magazines.
THREE TIPS on Writing/Publishing:
1. Know your audience. This is true in the nonfiction market and though I’m new to fiction, I believe it is true there as well.
2. The publishing industry has been and continues to be changing constantly. Be prepared for it.
3. Know the English language (or whatever language you are writing in).
LAST BOOK I read: The Panther by Nelson DeMille; I love his books.. He’s an excellent writer, but this one wasn’t as interesting as the others (I’ve read them all).

Product Details
LINK to my book on Amazon:

The Griffin Cryer by Julia Hughes

The Griffin CryerThe Griffin Cryer by Julia Hughes

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This was a brilliant book for the YA market and very readable as an adult too. If you like dragons then you’ll enjoy the Griffin in this book.  Teenager Frankie, accidently summons a Griffin when whistling for her dog, and must then try to help the Griffin and it’s rider return home to their parallel universe. There is a mix of modern life and very old English Celt history, with the temptation of more books to come in the series. A great book.

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This is the second book that I’ve read written by Julia, they are very well written and good YA stories.

Final Mercy by Frank J. Edwards

Final MercyFinal Mercy by Frank J. Edwards

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Frank kindly asked me to read and review this book. I really enjoyed it! A murder mystery centred around a hospital. There is a lot of excellent medical information and the reader certainly gets to understand the pressures of staff shortages, budgets and the intensity of the emergency department. There are plenty of well written characters who revolve around a serious plot with its own twists. Certainly worth a read.

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Can’t Sell, Won’t Sell by Sean and Daniel Campbell

Can't Sell, Won't SellCan’t Sell, Won’t Sell by Daniel Campbell

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I was gifted a free copy of this book with no obligation to write a review, but it deserves to be talked about. Anyone with the dream to write a book or anyone who has lived that dream and now wants to sell their work should read this book. It’s full of easy to read chapters and sensible advise. It focuses your attention on your work and guides you towards the road to success. Your book may never make the top 10 best sellers, but if you’ve followed the advice in this book I believe you’ll be on your way to more sales.

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“W” Where The Hell is Darcy?

This book entry for the AtoZ Challenge was sent to me by Katty Kitt, there’s a book out there for everyone! This book may contain adult content. It’s Humour, but I wouldn’t pass it on to your granny!

We’re nearly at the end of this brilliant challenge, keep on writing your comments, it’s all part of the challenge theme. Thanks.

The letter W
Title: Where the Hell is Darcy? A Smutty Snorty Guide to Sex, Dating & Relationships
Genre: Humour

This is not a book for incurable romantics, nor any sort of ‘How to Find your Man’ gloop-fest. It’s more about realising your man is a totally hideous disappointment and all dating websites are manifestations of Satan…probably.
After Mr Grey led us all up the garden path of feeble submission, what women really need now is to regain our default setting of glorious superiority and have a few snorty laughs to get us ready for leg shaving season. Just don’t lend it to your granny…

Warning: This book is funny and very filthy- so don’t lend it to your granny…Where the Hell is Darcy? A Smutty Snorty Guide to Sex, Dating & Relationships

Ladies- Admit it. Your love life has as much romance as a George Michael stroll on Hampstead Heath…We know this because ours does too…

There are no solutions to rubbish relationships that don’t involve serious psychotherapy and nipple clamps, so bugger that…..What we need is a smutty guide to understanding men, sex, dating & relationships that deals with real life…in all its spotty-arsed dweebness…. A comedy book that will make us snort while we eat cake, glug wine or shave our le

If you are single, or your man is more Arsey than Darcy and you are stuck with Brian from Cleethorpes, Dan from Accounts or Julian from Brideshead Revisited, then buy this book!

Discover all this and much, much more:

– How to find your own gorgeous hunk of uselessness
– Why dating websites are the Devil’s testicles
– How to diagnose which sort of twat he is
– How to pretend you’re not deranged
– How to relieve the boredom during blow jobs

– What he’s thinking when he does that gormless face
– Why bondage is great if you’re lazy
– How to avoid traumatising him with your period
-Why his exes are deeply weird
– Why his mother hates you
– Why sex is just horizontal Riverdancing without the clogs
– Why weddings relieve the boredom of his Y-Fronts
– Why your bridesmaids need to look like baboons

– How to deal with cheating and getting pissed at Christmas
– Why revenge is fabulous
– How to get over him and how to get the bastard back
– How to grow old and fat with Mr Darcy

Kattykitt doesn’t promise to turn you into a love guru. To be honest, she doesn’t want the competition. Her Darcy is out there somewhere and she doesn’t want him falling for you…
But she does hope the book makes you giggle a bit though, because if your love life is half as dire as hers, that sure beats the hell out of rocking in a dark corner…

Here is what one reader thought of the book, giving a 5* review;

I recognised a number of characters here, and although it made me wince, it also made me laugh out loud, a thing too rare in life! My strong advice is to buy this book, it might just save your life, if only by laughter…..

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“T” Talk of the Playground by Rosie Amber

Letter “T” is ALL MINE! I can’t let the opportunity go by without a small plug for my own book now can I?

Even though I’m telling you about my own writing I’ll still really appreciate your help promoting this post via your social networks because I’m on my own with this one today! Also a comment or 5! below would be really terrific,  thanking you in advance…..

When the police have been seen at school on the second day of term, fighting breaks out amongst parents and gossip about individuals threatens to spiral out of control, can Mrs Hardy, the Headmistress at Moortulk Primary keep control for another school year? Sophie Grey lands a self-made job where she is in a prime position to hunt out the inside story. Is this an idyllic English school?
Talk of the Playground - purple 1563

Here is  a lovely 5* review for my book;

Rosie Ambers first novel is a dry, humorous look into the world of the english school yard – the workings of a school, the children’s antics and also the parents which are considerably funnier – a real life glimpse of the minefield that parents need to cross whilst steering their offspring through their school years punctuated by the english festivals, fetes and fundraisers that make up a school year. Sometimes true life is stranger than fiction! A must read for any mums who navigate the daily trials of junior school life.
If you have enjoyed reading and taking part in my AtoZ Challenge through-out April, My book as a new purchase in your collection would be greatly appreciated! Thank You for your kindness. If you already own a copy then please consider buying a copy of the soon to be released sequel “Talk of the Village school”.
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