Good Deeds Week January 26th – February 1st

Welcome to my weekly roundup of my year long challenge to do one Good deed a day for a year. This challenge began back in April 2013 and is still going strong. My inspiration came from reading “A Year of Doing Good” by Judith O’Reilly. Here is what I’ve been up to this week.

Good deeds

January 26th – A Good Deed completed and a Good Deed received all in one today. I was invited to write a post for a new feature on Words Unlimited called High Five, where guests talk about their top 5 in any subject. I’ve just sent off a draft all about books I’ve recently read, and of course they get a mention here on the blog. Good Deeds all around.

January 27th – My morning helping out at school today, Good Deed ticked off.

January 28th – Whilst at work this morning a friendly young man came in to the office. He represented an animal feed merchant. He explained he’d been to agricultural college, graduated,this was his first job and he was driving around his patch looking for new business. I gave him the contact details of the relevant farm partners rather that brushing him off because he was one of the lucky ones and had a job, so I wanted to give him a chance.

January 29th – Met a friend for coffee and treated us both. Stopped off at the charity shops on the way home and bought some books.

January 30th – Here in the UK some supermarkets use a system for the trolleys (carts) where you need a £1 coin or similar sized token to release the trolley for use. As I was returning my trolley to the trolley bay I was able to help an elderly gentlemen release his £1 coin which was stuck in the lock, a quick tweak and the coin was released.

Good Deeds received had an amazing write up from John Howell on his blog as a thank you for hosting his new book promotion “My GLR“. Here is a link to his post

January 31st – The February Issue of Fleet Life is online today with my page of book reviews. This months books and authors are; “The Omega Paradox” by Richard Kellier, “Nine Lives” by Terry Tyler, “The Hitman’s Guide to Housecleaning” by Hallgrimur Helgason, “The New Granny’s Survival Guide” by Gransnet and “Twelve Days” by Jade Reyner. Go to, click on the online directory and find my reviews on page 26.

February 1st – I can’t believe it’s February already. I have 14 confirmed letters booked in my A to Z Challenge and 2 more that may get booked by the end of the weekend. Many of the harder letters are left to fill. If you know someone who may have a book I could use please get them to contact me. Today I’ve accepted 3 more books to read and review. I shall start on them once I’ve finished my little self indulgent re-read of Twilight.

Today I met up with a lady that I last saw 6 months ago. At that time she had just had a grand-daughter born, who was very ill in hospital undergoing major surgery after just a few days of being born. I didn’t know if the baby had survived, and it was a difficult question to ask, but I’m glad I did. The baby survived.

Bless you all.

Good Deeds Week June23rd – 29th

During this week I will officially pass my 10th week of Good Deeds, I started back on April the 16th, a Tuesday. Now I blog from Sunday to Saturday giving you, my readers, a weekly update on my challenge to follow in the footsteps of Judith O’Reilly author of “A Year of Doing Good”, who inspired this series of posts. If this book is new to you catch up with my review of the book here

My challenge is to complete at least 1 Good Deed a day for a year. I have already inspired others to take up the challenge and to draw on the good effect this can have on their own lives and I am especially thrilled to hear each week of others who are picking up the baton. I hereby invite you to join in too and let me know how you got on and what surprises came to you as a result.

Here’s an example; I have baked cakes and cookies which I take as gifts to friends when I visit, then the good came back to me and I won a years supply of rice and pasta! Which again I turned into a good deed as I have been able to give much of it away after providing free meals for my family.

Friends and family pass on books to me which I read, review and blog about, in turn more people send me books and the cycle continues. I pass on my love of books across the globe and back again.

Good deedsJune 23rd – I now look forward to Sunday posts where I catch up with Harula and we swop our Good Deed posts, they inspire us to continue and it’s so lovely to read what others are doing. Here is a link to Harula’s blog for you to enjoy her posts as much as me. Sent 2 books to my mother-in-law to read and received 3 books back from her for me to read.

June 24th – Drove my daughter and two of her school friends to the Sixth Form College for their taster morning, helped to start some new paperwork checks at work which need implementing. Rang another work colleague and offered some extra help. Found my jam jar of saved coins in the kitchen and realised that I’d not put any money in it for a while. Added some money.

June 25th – Found money on the ground near my car at work, so saved it for my jam jar. I’m the person who goes around looking at the ground, usually to stop myself tripping over invisible objects, but it does mean I have the potential to spot shiny objects on the ground. Over the years I’ve found quite a lot of money; My best was £20 at the Boxing Day races! I certainly came home with more than I won on the horses! I once found £10 on the floor of a charity shop, but I felt I couldn’t pocket that due to the location, I was quite gutted at the time! Anyway back to today, I was going to dodge out of work quickly when my conscious reminded me of a phone call which needed making. I hesitated, should I pretend to forget it and leave it for someone else? No! my “Good Deeds” inner voice shouted! Oh Bother! Took 2 minutes to make the phone call which didn’t make any dent in my time, but meant the job was done. “See, I was right” said my inner Good Deeds voice smugly. Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Replied my inner adolescent child.

June 26th – The July issue of Fleet Life has arrived and I’ve scanned my page of book reviews ready to post on Monday when the online version goes live. Due to the imminent summer holidays, deadlines for the August and September issues all have to be completed by the 19th July, so today I’ve sent off my copy for the August issue. I love doing the “Big Reveal” at the beginning of each month and sometimes surprising authors with the news of their free book promotion.

June 27th – It’s school prom night tonight, so I’m firstly a taxi driver today as the girls get ready. Later tonight they are going to the prom in a horsebox! Which they’ve done up like a party bus. Have bought snacks for any of the pre or post prom parties and I have got flowers and beers for the two wonderful parents who are providing the transport and the after party sleepover. Posted a devilish writing prompt on the community storyboard site involving writing using a dialect.

June 28th – It’s Friday and the evening is warm and sultry, so I’ve decided to go and watch my son play cricket under the false pretences that it will be a lovely way to spend a few hours. However out team’s game has been allocated the pitch in the middle of a field with very little shelter and the black clouds are heading our way. Then it starts to rain! Rain doesn’t stop much play in youth cricket, so I huddled with other mother’s under umbrella’s as we muttered about the umpires and the English weather. My good deed was being their to support the team who played badly in poor conditions, we clapped each lad who bravely faced bowlers who had better luck and sad as it may be us Mum’s were thankful when the game ended early as the opposition walked all over our team. We hurried back to the warmth of our waiting cars and left the menfolk mumbling about the state of play. I gathered are a few pieces of litter and couldn’t wait to get home!

June 29th – Agreed to review 2 more books for authors, finished reading another book and posted my review on the blog and at Goodreads. Will sort out some more books to pass on to my Mother-in-law. Took cakes when we went to tea with the relatives. Did some weeding in the garden and watered some thirsty looking plants for the mother-in-law. Hope this made up for the fact that I had to tell her that the jam was “off”, my son said the pate smelt “funny” and my husband commented on the cracked china – oops!

Good Deeds week 26th May – 1st June.

Good deedsMay 26th – Doing the rounds of blogs and Tweets. Proud to support Harula who has taken up the challenge to do a Good Deed a day with me.

May 27th – Spring Bank Holiday here in the UK today, it’s been a pretty lazy day filled with book reading! (My perfect type of day!) Just e-mailed a friend to offer to be the driver on our night out at a show on Tuesday.

May 28th – Bit of a strange day today. Tried to make the girls at work tea or coffee before I left, but they declined my offer. Was able to give away some of my rice that I had won to a friend as payment for a dress alteration, but then she felt unqualified to alter the dress, left her the rice anyway. Took another friend out to see a show, but she became ill and left half way through. Stayed up until 2am with my son as he had a bad cold and couldn’t settle. I think the universe was testing my resolve today.

May 29th – Had a good clean and tidy up around the house today. Emptied out all my copper coins from pots and purses and added to my jam jar. Set up a book review and posted to Goodreads and Amazon.

May 30th – Started reading a new book ready to review for an author. The children are on half term school holiday so my usual routine is different. I’m not out and about so much this week. Days at home mean that I need to search out different ways to do Good deeds. A late trip to the supermarket allowed me to have a friendly chat with the lady at the till.

May 31st – Editing, editing, editing, Oh I hate editing! Ploughing my way through painful editing of my second book. Popped out for an hour to drop off some items to my Mum. The June issue of Fleet Life dropped through the door today, so I scanned it in to my blog and set up a post ready to publish when the on line version goes live. Hopefully tomorrow! 5 more authors get a bit of free publicity.

June 1st –  Publication day for the on line version of Fleet Life. Was eager to get my post out, but they hit an upload problem which wasn’t sorted until this afternoon, featured authors were Jean Fullerton with “Call Nurse Millie”, Julia Hughes with “The Griffin Cryer”, Dan and Sean Campbell with “Can’t Sell, Won’t Sell”, Alan Titchmarsh with “The Haunting” and Judith O’Reilly with the book which inspired these weekly posts “A Year of Doing Good”.

June Fleet News

Guest Author Rosie Amber

Today I’m a guest author over at Melissa LeGette’s blog. Please go and check it out, if you are an author and want some more publicity for your hard work, then Melissa is looking for you to appear on her blog. The link below will take you straight to Melissa’s blog.

Thanks Melissa.

Guest Author Rosie Amber.

2013 A to Z Blog Challenge

I’m going to take part in the 2013 A to Z Blog Challenge for the month of April. Each day of the month except for Sundays, I’ll write a post using the letter of the day. My theme for the blog will be books and I’ll need 26 books for the challenge. There will be over 1000 bloggers taking up the challenge this year and blogging about anything and everything.

To all you lovely hard-working authors who would like to help me and have their books written about each day? Send me a message, you can submit as many books as you like, but if there are several book titles for one particular letter of the alphabet then I will have overall decision as to which book I include that day.

Priority will be given to any author who has recently been a guest author on this blog, there is still plenty of time during March to become a guest It’s not a closed case.

The letter “T” has already been taken by my own book, but the rest of the alphabet is FREE!

Here’s what I’d like;

Send me the letter of the alphabet which you would like the book submitted under.

The book title.

A short link to where it can be purchased.

A  3 – 4 sentence book summary. As the challenge is about blogging and not just advertising please add something individual about each book entry. For instance; what inspired you to write this book, have you had a special interview regarding the book, what is unique about one of the characters, have you recently improved the cover or launched it as an audio book, that sort of thing.

The last few letters left to fill are; K,Q,U and X. Any help will be much appreciated. (26/03/13)

Thanks for taking part,


A very British Blog Tour- 2013


Welcome to A VERY BRITISH BLOG TOUR 2013 – a collection of blogs, books and authors who are surprisingly very British.

Author Paul Anthony began the tour with the help of Clive Eaton and they have invited me, and a hand-picked group of British authors, to take part in ‘A Very British Blog’ by visiting and supporting the websites of authors involved in the tour, and who are dedicated to turning out some of the finest books available in Britain today. Each author, has been asked the same questions, but their answers will obviously all be different.

jpeg GB doorA Very British Blog Tour 2013.

It began as follows; We British have certain conventions, traditions and procedures that are expected. There is a dress code in the reading of this British blog and you are expected to comply with it. For example… Gentlemen will wear suits, white shirts and dark ties (military ties are expected where possible). Ladies will wear dresses (one inch above the knee, no higher, no lower) and floral summer hats. A break for tea and cucumber sandwiches is expected at some stage, and is permissible. The list at the bottom of the page is not a queue! We British hate queues, and will accept them no longer. It is an invitation, and you are expected to accept that invitation and support the home-grown product. Now then, let us proceed in an orderly fashion. As you know, we are all very boring and staid in Britain, aren’t we?jpeg typhoo teapot Well, there’s a myth about the British and your starter for ten is stuffy, class conscious, boring, staid! But is this still relevant in today’s world? Let’s find out from our wonderful writers what they feel about it.

jpeg GB flag

I’d like to thank Rachel Amphlett who is my host for the tour, please check out her answers to the tour

The Very British Blog Tour Questions;

Q. Where were you born and where do you live now?

I was born in Hampshire and still live in Hampshire, it’s a lovely county.

Q. Have you always lived and worked in Britain or are you based elsewhere at the moment?

Yes I’ve always lived and worked in Britain. I’m a true Brit!

Q. Which is your favourite part of Britain?

I love the county of Dorset with it beaches, rural villages and Jurassic coastline.

Q. Have you “highlighted”, or “showcased”, any particular part of Britain in your books? For example, a town or city, a county, a monument or some well-known place or event?

My first book is based around a fictional English Village and pulls in traditional events like harvest festival, Shrove Tuesday and Maypole dancing, plus the children go on a school trip to Derbyshire. The sequel which will be published soon continues with some English traditions and the children set off to Dorset. I’m also in the process of writing a farming related book which is set in Devon.

jpeg sandGB

Q. There is an illusion – or myth if you wish- about British people that I would like to discuss. Many see the “Brits” as having a “Stiff upper lip” is this correct?

Oh there are all sorts of characters out there and I’m sure I know several who show signs of that, doesn’t it add to the humour of life?

Q. Do any of the characters in your books carry the “Stiff Upper Lip” or are they all “British Bulldog” and unique in their own way?

I love making making my characters have names which hint at their character. For instance I have Pru and Patrick Plimpton-Smythe (Stiff Upper lip) and Glenda Glossop (British bulldog).

Q. Tell us about one of your recent books.

I self published my first book in July 2012 it called “Talk of the Playground” and is a humourous book about life in an English village school. There is gossip and mayhem in the playground which threatens to spiral out of control.

Q. What are you currently working on?

I’m writing a book which revolves around this question; Are you a farmer’s wife or the wife of a farmer? There is a difference for the British farmer and my book is a year in the life of that wife.

Q. How do you spend your leisure time?

I love reading! Last year I joined the Goodreads site and smashed my reading goal. This year I have set a goal to read 100 books. I think I might have to up that number as I’m 22 books ahead of my schedule at the moment!

Q. Do you write for a local audience or a global audience?

Originally I wrote for the British school Mum market, but I can see the appeal of the British scene to a wider market.

Q. Can you provide links to your work?

Here we are;

Talk of the Playground - purple 1563      


Authors joining the tour are;

Jenny Worstall

Diem Burden

Friday Fiction

I love these Friday Fiction pieces by elappleby, check out her blog at

EL Appleby: Brain Fragments

I think I’m at risk of imploding in a giggle of silliness this week. I’ll try to regain my sanity next week (no promises, though) but for this week all I can do is apologise profusely. Especially to Rich who provided this week’s photo.

For those who don’t know, Friday Fictioneers is a challenge to write a 100 word story from a picture prompt. It’s hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields, and anyone can play. Thanks for hosting, Rochelle! Check out the link at the end of my story to see what other fictioneers did with this week’s prompt.


The Seller Reserves The Right To Withdraw This Item From Sale

Rich had another money-making scheme up his sleeve.

‘It’s no good being called Rich, if I’m not actually rich,’ he explained to Rochelle, showing her his eBay page.

‘You can’t sell an airplane on eBay!’ Rochelle exclaimed. ‘It’s not even yours!’

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